RIGHT NOW Spotlight: Luke Negron

NRN’s Mary Freeman Sits Down With Candidate Luke Negron

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Luke Negron is the US House District 18 (PA) Republican candidate. Recently, our own Mary Freeman interviewed the nominee. Negron, a member of the US Air Force, had much to say. Chiefly, he provided us with an update on his 2020 campaign, though he touched on a host of other issues.

Mary does not throw the nominee any softballs. Nor did Negron shy away from his opinions. Naturally, being 27, he has an ambitious approach. Thus, the topics of conversation were endless. One notable subject is that conservatives need more appeal to younger voters. The ball had dropped, but Negron sees it as an opportunity.

The two reviewed COVID-19 and its impact, touching on the media and their propaganda campaign. Thankfully, Negron spoke of how he believes we best combat it. They also converse on religious freedom in the wake of the pandemic. Moreover, the young candidate exuded readiness. I highly recommend watching this. It is informative and fast paced, but also comforting, especially considering a 27-year-old is so staunchly conservative. The right fight needs more individuals like Luke Negron.

Watch the full interview here:

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