The Joy of Getting Involved in Politics

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I happened to be in Florida visiting my children and grandchildren during the presidential primary 4 years ago. I voted using my absentee ballot in Georgia, so I wouldn’t miss my vote. We met for dinner and spontaneously went around the table disclosing who we voted for. Every nominee whose name we heard was Democratic. This group of us, all tied together by our DNA, were age 21 to 50. I was the last to announce and when I said, “Donald J. Trump” there was a roar of laughter.

This laughter would rule over and over again as I made my way around my friends. They were all voting Democrat. Thank heavens my husband voted for Trump. We aren’t laughing.

The Life of a Politician on the Campaign Trail

It felt really lonely during the campaign. Then the wonder of wonders happened when Trump shocked all of our friends and family as he won. We decided to hang our Trump 2020 banner on our back deck, not our front lawn, because 4 years later we still don’t know how are neighbors feel about all this. That’s kind of sad, but having our cars keyed is a threat we don’t need.

The division in America and other places on Earth right now is sad

My husband and I have a medical/psych practice in Atlanta helping people get off of opiates and psych drugs. Being in our late 70s+, we’ve seen a lot of elections. The division in America and other places around the world right now is sad. I don’t remember it ever being this divisive. We are bestselling authors in the addiction and recovery genre with 24 books between us. The two of us have been practicing psychiatry and internal medicine for a combined 90 years. This experience has helped us be a very good judge of character.

Politically Lonely? Not Anymore!

A few weeks ago, I was flipping channels when this man caught my eyes and ears — I listened and agreed with so much of what he was saying I called the number at the bottom of the screen to donate a small amount to his campaign. HE actually answered and we talked and talked until he suggested we meet for coffee. I invited him and his wife here and the next day they came. The four of us talked for three and a half hours. It was like meeting old friends for the first time. After they left we donated $500 to his campaign, which is something we have NEVER before done. We are donating another $25 a month through the campaign.

His name is Mark Gonsalves. He is like President Trump, a businessman who gets things DONE. The only reason he is running for the House of Representatives’ GA7 is to help our President fix the mess in DC. The personal price he would pay switching from a prosperous businessman, like Trump, to fighting for all Americans is worth it to him. He sees what’s wrong and has the guts to take on the issues that need solving like healthcare, the border, trade, education, and spending.

Trump needs him in the House!

It is only logical people who have been successful in business would know better how to run a country than politicians who are only out for themselves i.e. Pelosi ripping up the best SOTU address – ever. She tells us she is prayerful. I think we need to stop believing politicians and start helping more business people to run for office.

My husband and I don’t feel politically isolated anymore. Mark and his wonderful wife Donna keep us in the loop of where the next political meeting for us “Deplorables” is. In fact, we had a casual dinner with them last evening and know that we have met “old friends” for the second time.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Mark’s comment:
Funny how it can seem lonely when up against dark forces.
I certainly can feel that way when thinking about how some of my competitors have all the “insiders” behind them or have more money to blow (yes, they are blowing a lot of cash).
But, we must persevere with our convictions. They hope we’ll just give up and get in line. It’s worked for many years now, but people are waking up and feel it in their gut; “this just isn’t right anymore.”
So, the four of us will soldier on, knowing we must because sitting on the sidelines just isn’t an option now. We are part of a greater awakening and it’s incredible to see.
God bless you and Charlie! We had a great time with you both last night! Mark

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