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Is Trump Derangement Syndrome a Mental Illness?

Trump Derangement Syndrome, (TDS) arguably started with Hillary Clinton. It has since morphed into a common affliction among die-hard leftists.

Mariel Boat Landing Revisited

In the tragedy of what became known as the Mariel Boat Landing in 1980, thousands of Cubans risked their lives to escape Communism and reach our shores.

The Joy of Getting Involved in Politics

Mark Gonsalves is a candidate for the House of Representatives' GA7 district. He is a President Donald Trump supporter and also a businessman who understands ...

Psych Drugs Don’t Work—Going Within Does

Anxiety and depression are real, but normal mental responses to events in our lives. There are ways of managing and overcoming these which do not include ...

New on Netflix: Messiah (Season 1)

If you're interested in a Netflix original propaganda infomercial from the Left, Messiah might be your next binge series.

Near Death Experience: A different angle on Abortion, and The Case for Adoption

A researcher remembers her near death experience, and makes a compelling case for adoption over abortion. A must read!

How Medicinal Marijuana Works

Medicinal marijuana is coming to your state, if it hasn't arrived already. Here's what you need to know about this increasingly prescribed compound.

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