New on Netflix: Messiah (Season 1)

A Netflix Propaganda Infomercial?

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The new controversial Netflix series Messiah created by Michael Petroni has 10 episodes. They haven’t committed to a second season yet.

Captivating as the story is, the surrounding “facts” politically are totally Far Left leaning. Watching it leaves the viewer wide open to the propaganda of the Left because the series is presented as though viewers are watching a documentary based on current facts. The three countries it shows in breathtaking panoramas are Syria, Israel and the US.  

This is not an innocent practice Hollywood has only recently developed. Unless the viewer is wary of the Left’s propaganda, documentary type filming is a direct line into ones subliminal consciousness. As a consciousness researcher, I believe this is a dangerous way to present fiction. There is, however, one mention in small print at the beginning of the series that says it is fictitious.

Examples Of Distortions

Here are just a few examples of how reality is twisted to show a distorted account of what is actually going on:

  1. The refugees being held at our southern border: families, mothers with babies, etc. are shown sitting on concrete floors with no blankets or anything. Our Hero, the Messiah, is in a chain link “cage” next to the masses on the floor. Remember it was President Obama who built and put children in chain link cages long before Trump.
  2. Over 2,000 Syrian refugees are on the ground by a fence border to Israel and Israel won’t let them in. The Israeli army is standing by watching them with rifles up while they are starving.
  3. The only Israeli cop so far  in the story is shown as a bad cop and mistreats refugees while drinking alcohol at work. He is estranged from his wife and acts like a “loose canon.” His character has an STE (Spiritually transformative experience) when he confronts the Messiah with a gun planning to kill him. He looks into the Messiah’s eyes and without words he begins to spiritually awaken.
  4. A minister in Texas, Felix has a wife who is drinking alcohol behind his back. They have a teen daughter who is smoking pot and wants to run away. 
  5. A manipulative politician in Washington DC who works for Trump is advising the Texas local judge to rule on his case to send the man who is the Messiah back to Syria. 
  6. The Texas judge defies the Trump politician and the Messiah is free to live in the US because he will be attacked if he goes back to Syria.
  7. The intelligence agencies are identifying this questionable Messiah as having a Jewish father. With the level of Anti-semitism on the Left there is really no telling where they going to go with this.

Where Will Netflix Go Next With This?

It’s questionable where the producers are going with this plot. I enjoyed the acting though. The man playing the Messiah is a fine actor and the story around him is engaging. But this Netflix Original presents a fictitious world which is uncomfortable to the viewers whose politics are Right, Conservative and/or Republican. This is another “Hollywood Hit” that ruthlessly lies while viewers take in the otherwise compelling drama. I can’t begin to imagine what a left-leaning viewer feels from all the side stories added into the script! I believe this panorama of politics – from the bad cops, bad Israel, bad border situation, bad, bad, bad – will incite rage in anyone leaning Left.

Such propaganda is not limited to Hollywood. The Far Left had inundated our country from our educational system to the Mainstream Media. The Left is trying to force legally elected President Trump out of office. This series is supporting the Far Left and denigrating the values and people of the Right. Their dishonest approach is to give the viewer a tantalizing plot about a man who may be the Second Coming of Christ while quietly surrounding him with “Anti-Trump” propaganda.

I will add more after I watch the last two episodes even though this is not easy viewing for me.

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