Why Former Liberals Support MAGA

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This is why former liberals support MAGA. An America-first strategy is better than hate, division, and virtue signaling.

Trump Trains Everywhere!

Across Texas, Trump supporters are gathering for weekly Trump Trains and the events are catching on around the country.

A Reflection of 7/4/20: Time to be American Again!

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There is an evil spirit in the air of our great nation and it stinks of Lenin and Marx. This is a call to action! Patriots rise! At this time of anarchy in city streets, protests and accusations, cops in a bad light, we have to re-familiarize ourselves with how the rest of the country feels. We have to believe in light not darkness, embrace the good in America for all Americans!

COVID-19: Time to Revisit Globalization?

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While there have been concerns about the effects of globalization, COVID-19 has clarified its many failures. The time to revisit globalization is now!

Will You Take the #MAGACHALLENGE?

President Trump tweeted he would be announcing winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE, where his biggest fans competed by dropping a beat in lyrical support for MAGA.

MAGA Marchers “Welcome” Socialists to Atlanta

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A crowd of freedom-loving Conservatives organized a gathering to counter the National Convention of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), hosted in the heart of the south, Atlanta!

We Want You to MAGA With Us

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Join the NRN team and let's MAGA together. Time to think outside of the (Twitter and Facebook) box. Get your message out in a wider way through NRN.

Happy Birthday FLOTUS Melania Trump

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Melania Trump believes it is our responsibility as adults to educate and reinforce the BE BEST life. Wish our beautiful FLOTUS Happy Birthday!

The War On Youth: The Social Media Phenomenon

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Twitter can be a good thing. It can also have devastating consequences. We explore the phenomenon here in the third instalment of TWOY.

The War on Youth: The Media Lynch Mob

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Did the Mainstream Media learn anything useful to society after they botched the Covington Catholic High incident? Let's take a look and find out.