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How You Can Make a Difference by Volunteering at NRN

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There’s a huge difference between the Left and the Right, beyond the obvious political views. The Left has no shortage of enthusiasm or a sense of volunteerism to try to make a difference. The Left is not looking to better themselves or their economic situation but rather to further their cause as a greater team. If there is one thing the Right needs to learn, it is to come together as one team and one voice.

This message is for the people whose hearts are in the fight.

Twitter has been monitoring Conservatives since Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Jack Dorsey acknowledged tracking political affiliations and user patterns. Cortico of MIT’s Media Lab also followed Twitter analytics and Vice News reported that verified journalists were “mostly disconnected from Trump supporters” and Trump supporters “formed a particularly insular group.” Most Conservatives active on Twitter and even Facebook can attest that this is absolutely true. Staying within a Conservative cocoon gives a similance of activity yet it’s more like a busy ant farm that’s oblivious of the huge world around it.

New Right Network’s (NRN) leadership helped define the online MAGA movement during President Trump’s 2016 campaign and has been in strategy mode ever since, determining ways to increase the voice and impact of the Right despite Twitter and Facebook hindrances. This is why New Right Network exists, to give a winning solution to Conservatives who want to get their message out.

America Depends on Conservatives Getting it Right

On the eve of what will certainly be the greatest political battle in the history of the United States – the presidential election of 2020 – there are many Conservative voices out there that would like to be heard as citizen journalists and video streamers. It is possible to make a difference in today’s online environment. How? Collectively, volunteer time with New Right Network to create the best, accurate, enthusiastic, and inspiring content – so that we, as a political movement, can get where we need to be.

Some people’s hearts are not in it and some people’s hearts are. This message is for the people whose hearts are in the fight – those who want to cover every spectrum of politics and make things happen. If you feel that is you, you have a home here at NRN. We are looking for people who are dedicated, fair-minded, and ready to make a difference.

Apply HERE to volunteer and tell us you’d like to help the MAGA movement. We look forward to talking to you and seeing how we can not only Make America Great Again but also Keep America Great.

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