Special invitation to join our alternative economy community called ‘Join The Lifeboat’, and why we’re doing it

Why and How the ‘Join The Lifeboat’ community is building an alternative economy together

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We have a plan to survive together. Get on the lifeboat.

We have a cool story behind an even more compelling initiative that we have just launched called ‘Join The Lifeboat’ (JTL). We, at New Right Network, wanted to reach out to our audience to discuss the challenges Americans currently face. What we have in mind goes way beyond talking and in the direction of creating an alternative, mutually supportive economy.

You can expect bad, unpopular politicians do their fair of damage, but what’s happening right now in regards to the economy, degradation, and beyond is negatively effecting everyone right now. We’ve found that most people in our community are ready to make personal changes – together.

We actually started writing this important announcement two weeks ago. No, it didn’t take two weeks to write this; we were pleasantly “interrupted” two sentences in.

“We have a plan to survive together. Get on the lifeboat.”

“Get on the lifeboat” became ‘Join The Lifeboat’ for brevity and to our shock the website url and social media handles were available everywhere, which is incredible in its own right. This initiative was meant to happen here and now and I’m personally inviting you to take part in it! We’ve grabbed the main social media and website is coming soon, you can check out and, right now, you can follow all our links on our Linktr.ee/JoinTheLifeboat.

JTL was born out of simplicity and great necessity. As a network of patriots, we’re taking a journey of sustainability and decentralization together. We’re making personal change – together. Where will we shop for food and necessities when the big box stores go cashless? How do you quit shopping on Amazon when it seems like all the things you need are on the site? What are the best replacements for Gmail and iPhones? We know of replacements for all these and more, and what we don’t already collectively know we’ll solve together. We’re calling it a BUYCOTT, to defund corporations that don’t share our values and/or don’t protect our privacy.

Here’s how you can join us today:

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Where: We chat in the ‘Join The Lifeboat’ Telegram group and go in Telegram voice every Monday night; here’s the invite to the group and here’s our announcements channel. If you get a Safari browser error, just search @JoinTheLifeboat in the Telegram app

When: Every Monday 9pm ET

This Monday’s topic: ‘How To Ditch Amazon’

Spread the word to your friends by retweeting us here:

Our goal is to become a force multiplier. We’re on the side of the righteous; we win on the issues.

We can’t hide or escape it the disastrous policies our government has handed us. The answer is to band with others who are like-minded and STAND UP! God has a plan. We’re in a period of a redemption ark.

Hope to see you in the Telegram chat group and also in our Monday voice meetings as often as you’re available. If you need assistance with getting in the group contact us at newrightnetwork@gmail.com

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