The War on Youth: The Media Lynch Mob

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MSM Trots Out the Boogieman… Err… Boy

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According to Kat Timpf, the first thing you learn in journalism school is that it is always better to be correct than to be first. The second is to be very careful with events involving children. It makes one wonder if the media skipped class those days. The import of these two journalism rules was brought home during the Covington Catholic fiasco.

Even Greg Gutfeld admits to being fooled. Greg Gutfeld does not get fooled. I was on twitter that day, and I watched the whole thing blossom out like some freak death flower blooming. One could see it mushrooming into an all devouring gossip cloud. I am glad now that I made the decision to sit and wait.

What a Mess

The race for first place in Covington reporting (sort of) was won by NBC, according to The Washington Examiner. From the Examiner: “On Wednesday, the network’s social media team tweeted a headline that read, “A gay student who was barred by the Covington diocese from speaking at his 2018 graduation, is ‘not surprised’ by the Covington Catholic High School video.”

It would seem the only impetus for this salacious and frankly libelous smear campaign is a red hat on white skin.

A point the Examiner brings up highlights the tragedy NBC and others set in motion: ”Missing from these headlines: The fact that the valedictorian, Christian Bales, never attended Covington Catholic.” Another real fact about Christian Bales is that he was denied a speaking engagement because he turned his speech in too late to be considered.

NBC’s only mission then was to bring the LGBT community into the fracas. One is hard pressed to find another reason to make it look as if Covington Catholic High discriminated against a gay teen. When the facts surrounding said teen were gathered by more sane minds, they show the reason he was denied had nothing to do with his sexuality.

Facts are Not Important to MSM

They do not care. That is as honest as it gets. All the facts that were found by those who waited for all to come in could have been found by the ‘professional journalists’ at MSM outlets. They deliberately chose not to do so. This speaks to a disturbing (downright frightening) image of MSM as a flesh eating monster who would spare no one, not even children, in their quest to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

It also speaks to a species of desperation creeping into the hallowed halls of ‘News’ networks. One must ask what is at stake for those who would lower their standards so much so they feel no compunction against attacking and smearing children. Couple that with the fact that Nathan Phillips then attacked the National Shrine. You then get the impression no one is safe from this virulently malicious beast.

Nothing Off Limits

There really does not seem to be an American institution (or indeed, an American citizen) MSM will not seek to destroy in their quest. From MAGA hat wearing children to the Church itself, the media’s push to destroy all things MAGA is a voracious, insatiable juggernaut that needs to be dismantled before it ends up destroying too many more innocent lives.

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It would seem the only impetus for this salacious and frankly libelous smear campaign is a red hat on white skin. The term reverse racism, though a stupid one, works best here. A disclaimer: Racism is racism. Whether you hate black people because they do not glow in the dark like you do, or you hate white people because they have always been the oppressor. It makes no sense to hate. It is not reverse racism. It IS racism.

Instead of trying to switch places, how about both skin colors stand together in the same place? One wonders why this seems so hard for all these SJW groups to grasp. However, I digress. The main idea behind this vicious attack on children was to foment more racial hate, in addition to fomenting hatred for the Church.

How Far Should We Go?

I had a conversation online with MAGA supporters who took issue with the fact that I defended a liberal woman against a man (who happened to be MAGA) who taunted her with sexually based filth (but that is a separate story I will tell later). The points I made were threefold.

1: You hurt your own cause (the plight of the White MAGA hetero male) when you act the very way they accuse you of acting. 2: No one deserves to be spoken to in that manner when they have done nothing to deserve it. It does not matter how stupid they are. 3: Surely MAGA dignity would compel people who claim MAGA to put a limit on how far they will go to ‘own a lib.’

These are the very points we need to forcefully impress on the media. When they attack children and churches, they hurt their own cause, and they will implode from it. They should realize that people they are reporting on should only have what they deserve heaped on them. Not something NO ONE deserves. They should have enough dignity and pride in their work that they would do nothing that is beneath those virtues.

However, as is evidenced by first the Trump smear campaign, and then the Moore and Kavanaugh smear campaigns, the media has not only lost credibility, they have lost objectivity. Ultimately, though, they lost their dignity. They donned their best three piece suits and wallowed in pig muck. Witness CNN and the Roger Stone debacle.

Right Place, Right Time?

Come on now. No one is that stupid. Which is why Americans are asking how CNN knew Roger Stone was going to be arrested. Especially when you stir in the fact that Grand Juries are conducted in private. They are not to be released at all to the public at large, including CNN. The Stone scandal proves beyond doubt the news is manufactured.

One big lesson we can take from this is that the media cannot be trusted. Nothing that is sensationalized specifically to cause breathless outrage can. Consider the fact that the video widely distributed on Twitter and Facebook had OVER an hour and a half cut away from it. They trimmed the context down to what they wanted you to see. That is not news. That is propaganda.

What Did Media Learn?

The video of the Covington Catholic crock of crap was shot by a BHI protester. Think of that. If you view it from that standpoint, there is no other answer than that these protesters chose to manufacture negative news about the MAGA cause.

If conspiracy buffs are to be believed, it was also an attack on the Catholic Church geared to foment resentment of the Church in order to cast a negative light on a Catholic SCOTUS pick. If true, this means the media knows where Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, and they are trying to get ahead of things where her replacement is concerned.

While people like Greg Gutfeld willingly admitted gullibility and spoke of refraining from judgment til the facts are all in, there are other media outlets and personalities which learned nothing but how to double down. They keep coming around with stories which they feel lends the original creedence despite the full hour and 45 minute video proving it a lie.

Blackout Media Smear

Not only did they report on the gay teen denied speaking privileges, they dug up a photo or two of Covington Catholic students in blackface jeering at a black basketball player. What they neglect (once again) to tell you is that this is a common practice with ball games and is called ‘black out.’ Students of every skin color under the sun smear blackface all over their bodies and wear black clothing in a show of school spirit.

From The New York Times 2008 article (Yes. Two Thousand Eight): “In the past few weeks, several teams have promoted ‘blackouts,’ urging fans to dress a bit like Johnny Cash in an attempt to create an intimidating atmosphere, build camaraderie and, basically, look cool for television viewers. No team has pulled off the blackout with as much aplomb as baseball’s White Sox last Tuesday night — the same night that Middle Tennessee State’s football team celebrated an appearance on ESPN2 with a blackout of its own. Fans flipping channels might have thought the color had gone out on their flat screens.”

Adam Fatkin, who is friends with the black kid in a photo Tariq Nasheed swore was a display of full blown racism, had something to say. Adam had the stones to challenge Nasheed’s perception of that picture on Twitter, stating for one thing that the kids in blackface and black clothing are not harassing the player because of his skin color. They harassed him because he was on the opposing team. Were they supposed to cheer him? That is my question.

Some Thoughts for Now

In the next article, we will explore social media’s involvement, and the overwhelming response of the MAGA movement. For now, some thoughts. Why? Why did this happen? Surely grown adults know better than to engage in smearing school children. Nick Sandmann is 15. He is a baby faced kid who did nothing but stand and smile at someone he could not figure out.

Why did the school chaperones leave these children in a vulnerable and potentially violent situation with no protection whatsoever? Not a counselor in sight in any of the footage. Jim Wilson, a Covington Catholic chaperone who was there, outlines what was done, but does not answer where they were when these boys experienced bullying at the hands of grown adults. The idea behind chaperonage is to keep one’s charge out of messes like this one.

No one did

NO chaperone interfered. NO chaperone pushed back at adults intent on intimidating a bunch of school boys. NO chaperone did their duty toward those kids. Instead, those kids had to start up their school cheers to try and drown out the racism being spewed at them.

Still, they were left to their own devices while dealing with (and I cannot stress this point enough) grown adults. In short, every adult involved in that particular event failed the Covington boys. Every Last One. This makes me weep inside.

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