Will You Take the #MAGACHALLENGE?

Drop a Beat to Compete

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President Trump tweeted on Friday that he would be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and they would be invited to the White House to meet with him and perform their winning rap. For the last few months, the #MAGACHALLENGE videos were all over social media, where fans of President Trump would create their own unique lyrics to a beat and through those lyrics, talk about what it means to support President Trump and be part of the MAGA movement. 

If you aren’t aware of the #MAGACHALLENGE, it’s likely because mainstream media hasn’t uttered a word about it, which is of course expected. No matter, those in the MAGA movement have created and uplifted the challenge themselves, with some of the most creative jams.


There is no shortage of Trump supporters that share their sentiments about the president, as there are more #MAGACHALLENGE entries than one could count. People from all over the country dropped a beat to show support for the president, and to let everyone know how they felt. 


Everyone has their own message but there was an unmistakable communication of independent thought, no matter where the individual came from, whether they were white, black, brown, woman, man, or whatever. America gives us all the right to vote for whoever we want, even if it goes against what society expects. 


Of course with the #MAGACHALLENGE, like anything else related to Trump, there were some serious liberal meltdowns. Aside from the usual vile insults and cursing, there were a few replies that were giggle-eye-roll worthy, to give them any credit at all. 


A few Twitter accounts just couldn’t help but feed on the hate.


There was even one guy so horrified by cute videos of American’s supporting their president, that he decided to archive them in a Google Drive, for whatever strange reason. Some folks seem to have a little bit too much time on their hands. 

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