Extraordinary: Back to Back Trump Rallies Show High Energy

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Bringing the Heat

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A fired-up President Trump was in a fun, rare form the last two nights in Minneapolis and then Louisiana, as he shot out truth bombs during both campaign rallies. He gave the Democrats exactly what they deserved on both Thursday and Friday night, making it known to all, speaking to the face of the media who stood before him that both the Democrats and the media are extremely biased: Media assets who do not report on the truth only repeat talking points of the deep state swamp. Just think of all of the good for the country they could have created if they weren’t trying to build a one world government order and destroying America.   

Friday night, only a day after his Minnesota rally, President Trump seamlessly carried over that high energy in a Louisiana rally. On social media, I saw the same old critics waiting for anything he said that they could buck. One of Trump’s messages to the people of Louisiana was to vote to replace the Liberal Democrat governor, John Bel Edwards. And in a never-before-seen situation, the president invited both Republican candidates for Louisiana governor, Dr. Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone, both on stage at the same time, telling the people that they were both amazing men and that either would do a great job for the state of Louisiana. Trump even gave a ride to the Little League Champions on Airforce One, and brought them up to the podium to say a few words.

Democrats Have it Twisted

The battle is on! Thirteen months left before the 2020 election and the Trump truth-telling machine is on as he speaks truth with high energy like the energizer bunny and hammers Democrats. From here on out, it’s game on. Trump was sure to feed them brown crow times two.  It was exciting to watch as I sat admiring the substance of his rallies on my Iphone Facebook stream since I was wearing my soccer mom hat Thursday night. I sat in my car with the windows down in Glendale laughing while President Trump knocked the Democrats with truth bombs right out of the park. His very loud voice echoed out of my speakers. It was priceless.

Since the Democrats are still in the process of obstructing rather than crossing the isle and working together, they now pretend to impeach our president. Lets not get it twisted, they’ve had it planned since the night they lost and made it public just 19 hours after he was sworn in. They are in the middle of their “insurance policy,” trying to overturn the 2016 election because they know they cannot beat Trump in 2020. What sore losers they all are, these snowflakes. Listening to Trump act out his skit of Lisa Paige and Peter Struck during their texting love affair, not once, but at both rallies, was hilarious to the point that my belly hurt. These two morons believed that goodness wouldn’t reign and they were so wrong. 

From Mueller to impeachment, we are living in the manufactured hell the Democrats call their “insurance policy.” Wonder what else was in a folder on someones laptop referred to as, “insurance policy.”

“They want to erase your vote your voice and your future,” said President Trump. Anyone with a brain watching can see the deceit within the “swamp,” which is also called the “deep state” if you aren’t familiar with the lingo. Another term used synonymously is the “cabal.” So anyone reading between the lines or watching and reading anything other than CNN or MSNBC, can see all of this Russian/Ukraine talk is nothing more than a distraction from Trump eliminating their corruption.

Deny, deny, deny, and then distract, distract, distract, is Hollywood PR 101 and the name of their game. That is, until the indictments come rolling in and they won’t be able to walk down the street. They feel the fire surrounding them, burning the tunnel, and they are scared. They are trying to control the narrative when in fact they all should be investigated, and soon they will be.

Wake Up America!

Why hasn’t Pelosi signed the documents for impeachment for the House? I’ll tell you why: because this is all a boring, political theater with bad ratings. She went on TV and scheduled a press conference to announce impeachment prior to reading the transcript of the president’s call. What clearly happened is she most likely read Adam Schiff’s version and took his lying account as truth. What a purchased, corrupt, professional scammer who is the voice of the Democrats.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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The jaw dropping moment when President Trump said that, “the only reason why the former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was a good VP was because he understood how to kiss President Barack Obama’s ass,” was great! Someone finally said it. Joe Biden isn’t smart or lucky, he just allows himself to be purchased, making him their pawn-boy for deep state corruption, and is put in his place. Not this time. Not to mention, I believe there are a lot of videos of Joe Biden creeping out little girls out there in the internet world. It’s not okay and I often wonder where the #metoo movement is hiding out? Also, “where is Hunter?”

With sold out crowds inside huge stadiums both nights, protesters raged outside in Minnesota, causing havoc burning MAGA hats. It’s a damn shame these sheep are still stuck in the lies and so deeply programmed by the media assets that they have yet to free themselves. So much so, in fact, that they can’t see or don’t want to see the truth. Prayers go up for them and their Great Awakening.

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