North Korea Launches Second Missile Test of the Month

North Korea conducted a missile launch on Thursday, firing two projectiles into its eastern sea, which have occurred amid denuclearization talks with the US. The missiles were “short or medium-range ballistic missiles,” and were fired from outside Pyongyang. 

South Korea’s military described the missiles as short-range projectiles, and were said to have flown 230 miles across the peninsula, reaching a height of 55 miles high before falling into the eastern sea. 

The US is investigating the launch with allies South Korea and Japan, and had been keeping an eye on the launch test for the past few days. This is North Korea’s second missile test of the month, and only a couple of months before the end-of-year deadline set by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un to conclude nuclear talks with the Trump administration.

Senior North Korean official Kim Yong Chol made a statement Sunday that there has been no progress in U.S.-North Korea relations. He also warned that the cordial relationship between Kim and President Trump wouldn’t be enough to prevent nuclear diplomacy from possibly failing, and even made the threat that “there could be an exchange of fire at any moment.”

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