A Reflection of 7/4/20: Time to be American Again!

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1776 was the birth of a new nation, where the concept of it was based primarily upon a system of government that was more representative by the people than a single leader or heads of state. These men during this time rebelled against a monarch who was too power hungry and screwed over his subjects thousands of miles away. These folks had enough and said, “We’ll do it our way thank you, now get off our lawn!”

The United States of America was born and for what it’s worth, it’s still ticking. We have had our ups and downs socially, economically, historically, and currently. If people remember that and are patriotic, and realize we live in one of the greatest nations the world has ever seen, there won’t be enough fireworks to equal the joy it is to be an American. This is just as true now as it was 244 years ago.

From Then to Now

It’s just not enough today to say, “We got it wrong”, since cancel culture is such a prevalent thing. Especially when free thought and free living has been the means on which this nation was built. Rest assured that when the framers drafted the Bill of Rights, they understood from the Judeo-Christian perspective. This was that open dialogue of ideas was a necessity for the growth of its citizenry. Remember the roots of the Founding Fathers.

They came from a religious background that not just was a monarchy, but a monarchy that took over the theocracy. Instituting that the king is the voice of God on earth and any other thinking process is in direct opposition to this king. Baptists, Anabaptists, Quakers, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, Muslims, Jews, and a slew of other ideologies that were opposed to the Church of England or Anglicanism were “heretics”. This was the reason for the freedom of expression and freedom of religion ideas.

The founders understood them to be vital threads that shape the lives of individuals. Fast forward to today, and you can be ideologically ostracized for saying something “wrong” from 12 years ago. It is such actions that impede on freedom of expression. Any speech that placates the Left, but doesn’t line up with the talking points of the Right, they will also do the cancelling as well. We can see that also happening in Liberal Inc., but visa-versa. Anything that impedes on the freedom of individuals, is against the Constitution.

Championing Freedom

We do need to recognize that amidst all of this coronavirus pandemic, freedom needs to be valued over everything. Being fined for masks, being denied service because you’re not wearing one, and a slew of other infringements, are all diametrically opposed to individual freedoms. The entire notion of the Constitution is a rebellion. America was built on rebellion. America is a statement, a nation built on the idea of rebellion.

It’s not rebellion for anarchy, but a rebellion for the sake of the freedom of the individual. The Fourth of July, regardless of all the nuances few really care about, was a fight to ensure that we celebrate the ideas that all men are created equal. Sure, initially that didn’t happen, but you don’t judge the sins of the fathers with the actions of the sons. Freedom is freedom and America is the nation that rebelled against tyranny for the sake of freedom.

As law-abiding citizens, you must obey the law.  When a governor decides to infringe on a freedom, such as “no fireworks for 4th of July”, that’s where people need to disobey. There’s a point to law and order, but when law and order becomes the cudgel to greenlight tyranny, people need to stand up and say, “No government!” A fantastic display was in Los Angeles, liberal Democrat mayor Garcetti banned fireworks.  The people said “No.”  This is the spirit of America.  When a law official makes things “illegal”, when a tiny little tyrant decrees something as “against the law”, the American throws tea overboard.

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We Can Never Forget

If these last 9 months have proven anything, it is that the American spirit, and the love of freedom, the ideas that built this nation, are in fact under attack. The ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are basics for a prosperous and thriving citizenry. Ideas do not separate skin tones, ideas separate lifestyles. Ideas build people up or tear people down. America is the propagation of good ideas as opposed to bad ideas.

Any proper objective observation of our history, as stained as it is, shows that we’ve gone through great lengths to rectify our sins. Slavery was bad.  Segregation was bad.  Jim Crow laws were bad.  Yet, we’ve made those things all illegal in every sense of the word. 

Mission: Exorcise Marxism

So there is an anti-American spirit born out of a foreign idea that is not rooted in faith, family, and freedom as the Constitution basically promotes.  We have in our midst and culture, a Godless, nihilistic, and authoritarian idea. One that is rampant in our politics, our news media, our entertainment, and our society. Rather than unity, this anti-freedom demon is causing disunity. As opposed to dialogue, it is instilling a cancel-culture ideal. Rather than the health and well being of our neighbors, we are snitching on each other, thinking we are doing good. That is not what will help anyone or anything that America was built upon.

A Call to Arms: Live your Life and Fight!

So friends, laugh, live, love, play. Speak your piece. Worship loudly the God you believe in. Make your money harming nobody, doing honest labor or business. Set off your fireworks, because you are an American. If you live in the country as an immigrant, and understand the values of what our founding document presents, wanting to protect those ideas for you and yours, you are an American. 

You are part of the family, we celebrate you because you love freedom. This is patriotism. It is what it means to be a “nationalist”. This goes beyond skin color, and it goes beyond faith systems. It is what it means to be an American. We hold onto our own, protecting what’s ours, and then we protect others. We definitely oppose anyone or anything that comes against it.

So it is time to make clear where we stand. If the Left has their way, kiss your freedoms goodbye. Watch the Left “Thanos” your ability to make money, marry your sweetheart, adhere to your faith system, and ultimately squelch your ability to celebrate. You couldn’t marry during quarantine.  Mourning during quarantine wasn’t allowed either, that breaks hearts.

This is the vision of the Left. It is not America. This is the normal they want and this is the idea we need to fight. The gloves need to come off.  It’s time for nationalist Americans to rise up and push back (non-violently, unless defending ourselves) against the soyboys and the socialists and the Marxists. The time for being polite is over.

It’s time to market things harshly, use offensive rhetoric that quiets the ANTIFA (Vegan ISIS) thugs. Bring back faith, family, and freedom to the heart of our nation. Work from the top down to exorcise these demons. This is how we will celebrate. This is how we’ll party when we deflate the Marxism and let ‘ole Glory fly high once again!

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