The War On Youth: The Social Media Phenomenon

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Retweet, Anyone?

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A big problem with social media is that ages old problem of gossip. It is not a new problem. People will take salacious gossip and spread it far, and spread it fast. They do not care what is or is not true. They just wish to make a splash.

The most devastating aspect of that is that the retweets for said gossip are astronomical while retweets of corrections are not so much. No article or video of the effects of social media is as profound as one created by Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

In this video, a fictitious Rabbi is purchasing a rack of lamb. No one knows why, least of all the lady behind him. She happens to be a parent of one of his students. Immediately she takes offense at what he is doing, without even caring what he was doing it for. She sends a text to a friend that reads, “Can’t believe my son’s Rebbe is buying a rack of lamb. No wonder tuition is out of control.”

And They’re Off!

It is off to the races then, with social media messages rocketing around the internet condemning the Rabbi for excess. The video ends with people choosing to take the Rabbi’s supposed excess to the principal of his school. It is only after the damage has been done that people find out he bought the rack of lamb for a family celebrating sheva brachos, which is a week long wedding celebration.

The damage was already done though. The Rabbi’s reputation is now in nearly irreparable tatters. Because one woman did not stop to find out everything she needed to know to form a cogent opinion of what she was seeing. This is the problem with social media.

Meanwhile, IRL

Carry it forward to the Covington Catholic boys. A mere snippet of a two hour long video was passed around the twittersphere, treated like gospel, and picked up by media and celebrities calling for physical violence and doxxing. The most stunning aspect of their vile behavior is that it was perpetrated on a fifteen year old boy who had just endured two hours of racism spewed from the mouths of grown adults.

That snippet went viral. Ask yourself two questions. Did the two hour video go viral? Did the proliferation of retractions at least match the intensity of the proliferation of the lie? Liberty Writers, in an article on Maggie Haberman’s propensity for tweeting fake news, puts it like this:  “But the damage is done. For just one example, take a look at Maggie Haberman’s tweet of Trump using “us” versus her retraction tweet. The “us” tweet has 1,565 retweets and 2,844 likes, and the retraction has 406 retweets and 728 likes.”

Be Best

This is the issue at hand now. News outlets, celebs on social media, and social justice warriors everywhere spread bullshit with unmitigated glee, thinking they have just found the vehicle with which they can paint all MAGA with the tainted brush of racism. All of them knew exactly what they were doing.

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Congresswomen and men are not exempt from the shame of this social travesty, and neither is the Church itself. Every so called adult who should have been careful and checked everywhere for as much fact as they could find rushed breathlessly to condemn these boys out of hand. It is that condemnation that is seen more so than any retractions.

Negative Twenty Degrees

The worst part is that the media has learned nothing from the Covington scandal. Proof is in the pudding. Their next attempt at painting MAGA racist involved an actor named Jussie Smollett. The star of the hit series “Empire” claims he was attacked by racist homophobic MAGA people walking around at two am during a polar vortex. In Chicago.

No one stops to question that. The night in question sported a temp of -20 degrees. NEGATIVE TWENTY DEGREES. Perfect weather for MAGA to go stomping around a deeply liberal city carrying a rope and some bleach, screaming racist and homophobic slurs and beating up a random passerby. Without damaging or contaminating the mans Subway sammich.

It is a very bad idea to do any more than take allegations of any sort seriously and investigate them thoroughly.

Come on, people. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that one must first know what color another person’s skin is (not to mention their sexual orientation) in order to be so specific in their insults. That means that if he was attacked, it was targeted, not random. Which in turn means they knew who he was. This in turn means they were stalking him. Because how did they know elsewise he was out and about in -20 degree weather (cuz Subway) if they were not?

Stop and Think

The thought process involved in Smolletts story leads rational people to believe there is something rather hinkey about it. One cannot blame them for their skepticism. Follow the logic in that story out to its full extent, and you will be skeptical too. However, all the left (and those on the right with less brain than God gave a flea) will believe is that here is another attack on an innocent person by racist and homophobic MAGA people.

It does not even matter that the Chicago Police could find no video footage of Smollett’s alleged attack. Just a still photo of two people whose genders could not even be identified. There are nearly 34,000 (thirty-four thousand) cameras in the area. None caught a glimpse of the attack, the perpetrators, or any witnesses. Just Smollett and his sammich.

Because Trump

In a rare show of honesty, The View host Joy Behar admitted that the reason the Covington fiasco got so out of hand is because they are so desperate to get Trump out of office. This is beyond doubt why the Jussie Smollett fiasco could have gone nuts, if it had not been for a certain Virginia governor centering the public eye on his infanticide loving self.

Think of it. If it had not been for that Governors racist photographs, which the school he attended said he personally picked for his yearbook page, and the subsequent sexual assault scandal embroiling his Lt. Governor (not to mention the AG’s own blackface incident.), Jussie Smollett’s case would have took off like a shot.

It is all Trump’s fault. If he would just stop trying to make America great again, these poor fools could stop making asses of themselves and the liberal flock which follows them. He never thinks of anyone else. Trump Derangement Syndrome has absolutely nothing to do with it.

A Few Thoughts

In the next article, we will look at the incredible response to this travesty. We will talk about the amazing people in MAGATwitter who stood up for children and fought back. For now, a few thoughts. What happened to Justice Brett Kavanaugh was reprehensible. What happened to Judge Roy Moore was reprehensible.

If it is true that Justin Fairfax is being cruelly smeared by democrats just when it seems he will take over the Governorship (which is how it appears), that is reprehensible. No one should be believed out of hand. Regardless of their gender, people do lie, or in the very least misremember.

Be Careful

It is a very bad idea to do any more than take allegations of any sort seriously and investigate them thoroughly. What is equally beyond reprehensible is to use the same tactics employed to take grown men down on fifteen year old boys. In a civilized society, there really are some things that should be off limits. Children should be one of those.

I find it utterly disgusting behavior to call for their personal information to be made public, even if they were not misrepresented. They are children. It is also utterly disgusting and beyond unthinkable to advocate physical violence and even death for these boys. Especially after one finds out they were the actual victims of racism.

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