The Suppression of HCQ

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Medical research and support from established professionals suggest HCQ is an effective treatment for Covid-19 and provides promise.

Censorship in America

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  • Reading time:5 mins read

There is a dangerous trend happening in America today. Right now our country is in danger of losing the rights and freedoms that make America special.

Medical Debt Plagues the US

Medical debt comprises about half of all debt affecting consumers and their credit score and is one of the greatest causes of debt in the US.

Food and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips and tricks to staying safe at the store and at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Develop strategies by understanding the virus and its attributes.

The Cruise Industry and Covid

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The cruise industry has slowed to a halt because of Coronavirus. Businesses are failing along with them, taking local economies down!

The Cruise Industry and COVID

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The cruise industry is doing a lot to keep you safe during your stay, to include new precautions put in place for Covid. But you can help them!

Grow Your Own

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In uncertain times, it makes sense to learn at least a bit on how to garden and preserve food. Anyone can do it if they want to.

Be Patient To Avoid Becoming A Patient

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Recent numbers involving COVID 19 have this guest contributor, a nurse on the frontlines, feeling hopeful. He encourages us to be patient.

Psych Drugs Don’t Work—Going Within Does

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Anxiety and depression are real, but normal mental responses to events in our lives. There are ways of managing and overcoming these which do not include dangerous psychiatric drugs.