Coronavirus: Changing the Narrative (Part Two)

It is Coronavirus, Not COVID-19

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Last week we examined the media’s narrative of the virus. They told us it is older Caucasian males with underlying health issues who are the most at risk. We also took a closer look at its impact on our health care industry. Perhaps most important, moving forward, a narrative needing changed is what we refer to the virus as. It has been proven to originate in China, but COVID-19 is a name given to deflect blame from China by the WHO. So we will call it the coronavirus in our Part-Two piece.

In part two of changing the narrative, we will look closer into the deaths of younger people. Also, the media is not the only issue, as left leaders prove their hypocrisy every day with what they call a “dangerous” virus. Lastly, today’s numbers from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are compared to previous figures. We have a lot of places re-opening public spots; and with the new CDC numbers, it is time to commence this further.

Coronavirus Narrative: Young Casualties, Explained

In Part-One, it was proven emphatically the most at risk are old, white males, with previous health concerns. In fact, in New York State, only one individual under the age of 19 had died at the time of the report. Only a small marginal percentage of people in the US aged 25-40 have died. Young deaths are treated with a certain degree of anonymity in most cases. These are three who did receive some media attention. With respect for the posthumous and their families, they will be known as Patient One, Two, etc.

Patient one was a man in his thirties with asthma. On its own, asthma is quite manageable, but when it is combined with an upper respiratory targeting virus, it proves deadly. In this one case, it likely was coronavirus which killed him. Although not a padded death number like many others, his death still had a lot to do with his underlying condition. The ability to breathe properly is essential when it comes to kicking this virus.

Patient two was from the Southern United States. He was in his mid-thirties, and although it is not known if he had underlying medical conditions, he did suffer from obesity. With obesity one could have conditions like diabetes and hypertension and be undiagnosed. More than likely, the experts found he had coronavirus and, like many cases, left it at that.

Patient three had a trifecta of issues. She had medical and neurological health issues her whole life, and was also obese. She was a young lady in her early thirties, and struggled with an array of other problems before contacting coronavirus. It should be noted this young lady dedicated her life to helping others, and it was a tragedy. However, how much of her death can be directly linked to coronavirus?

“Presumed” Deaths are Unscientific

If hypertension, diabetes, and the like did not kill these young people, obesity had a part. Purely antidotal, as someone who used to weigh 325 pounds it is almost impossible to breathe. Even now, at 185 pounds, jogging is a challenge. Obesity has lifelong health effects, particularly when it comes to breathing. So, coronavirus, an upper respiratory targeting ailment, could have proved fatal for the above mentioned. The CDC themselves say what the media does not; obesity causes a great risk when infected with the coronavirus.

Pennsylvania recently dove back into their coronavirus labeled deaths in the wake of the “presumed” deaths approach. The state went on to denounce 200 coronavirus deaths. “Presumed” cases are not based on science. President Trump himself claims New York’s corona death toll are padded figures. Michigan followed New York’s trend by reporting their own list of “presumed” coronavirus deaths. It is almost impossible to keep track of the coronavirus death ratio to begin with; when you add in “presumed” numbers it is an unscientific free-for-all.

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The CDC claims it can take weeks to designate a coronavirus death properly. There have, however, been many occasions where the media has reported a death due to coronavirus the very next day. Furthermore, there are more pneumonia deaths still to date than coronavirus. Many deaths which involve coronavirus also died with pneumonia symptoms, which makes it harder to dictate what exactly killed them.

751,953 people have passed away thus far in 2020. Individually, pneumonia has killed 67,372 people, followed by coronavirus with 39,910 and the flu trails with 5,910 deaths. Now here is the amusing part of the narrative; 17,683 deaths were patients diagnosed with both pneumonia and coronavirus. Then 94,681 had a triple whammy with pneumonia, coronavirus, and influenza. More deaths than any have been caused by all three, and in this situation, how can you make a call on what was most impactful? Likely pneumonia had the most to do with it if we base it off the death toll of all three individually.

Leftist Hypocrisy During the Pandemic

We have seen many “experts” give stern lectures about social distancing during this pandemic. Leftist hypocrisy over the coronavirus is not just exclusive to the media. Many political figures and advisors broke “sacred rules” to live their everyday lives. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for one, broke the provincial border-crossing recommendation to visit his cottage with his family. While the Obama’s forgot about social distancing at their country club.

Perhaps most damning is hypocrisy from Boris Johnsons’ advising scientist Professor Neil Ferguson. Ferguson, who advised Johnson to lock down Britain, recently resigned from his advisory position. This decision comes after Ferguson, who was a vocal foghorn for the narrative, social distancing and stay-at-home orders, broke his own rules to visit his married lover. He advised the public to practice social distancing to decrease the spread, while he had a lover lay in his bed. This kind of hypocrisy is further proof that fear-mongering is an agenda with a hidden purpose.

President Trump, who is often called out by the media, has practiced necessary social distancing. His challengers on the left are not conscience free on their anti-Trump crusade. These were three examples of officials who were critical of Trump breaking their own rules. Perhaps, like a swear jar, we could start a hypocrisy jar to give back to a broken economy. Regardless of the hypocrisy, we listened, which resulted in good news today.

Changing the Narrative: CDC Delivers More Good News

On May 2nd, 2020 only 189 deaths related to coronavirus were reported. This is down 4,332 deaths (-95.81%) from an April 25th report. This is also down 12,439 deaths from the peak report on April 11th. However, with such great news it is confounding how protesters of stay-at-home orders are being chastised by media and Democrat officials. Only 19 percent currently in hospitals are expected to die, this is the lowest since the CDC has reported on the virus.

Based on this, one could argue plans to re-open the economy could begin almost immediately. If someone is showing signs, it is their responsibility to self-isolate. Quarantining the healthy is ineffective and causing cabin fever. Many places have re-opened public spaces already, and since then, the CDC has not reported a rise in cases. In fact, they have reported the contrary.

After two parts, this series can assure you of a few things. First, if you are young and healthy do not worry, you will be fine. Second, the media has tripped up when reporting on the virus constantly. Not to mention, many government officials have acted hypocritically. This is further proof these officials know nothing about being everyday people. Last, the CDC reports great numbers and we are back on the right track. The narrative all along should have been, “this too shall pass,” not “you too will pass.”

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