Censorship in America

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A Young Man’s Heartcry

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There is a dangerous trend happening in America today. Everyday, I see conservative ideology being censored. This horrifies me. It should horrify every American. 

The other day a video went viral showing a group of doctors touting the positive effects of hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine has been on the market for years. It has been traditionally prescribed to treat Malaria and many medical professionals believe it is a useful tool to fight the Covid virus. The video showed a group of board certified doctors calling themselves “Frontline doctors.” When President Trump himself brought up the idea of using hydroxychloroquine at a press conference to treat the Covid 19 virus , the idea was immediately attacked by the mainstream media. They said he was selling snake oil. 

The video of the doctor’s press conference was declared fake just one day after it went viral and was removed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I posted the video on Facebook that night but, by morning, it was gone. When I expressed my outrage, some of my friends on the left explained to me that the reason it was removed was because it was fake. I explained to them that the reason I was upset was because I don’t want anyone deciding for me what I see or don’t see. 

Deciding for Ourselves!

I explained that I’m a big boy and completely capable of deciding what is real and what is not and I don’t want some left-leaning organization deciding that for me. I also reminded them that big tech companies are extremely left-leaning and that is why they probably agreed with them. Then I asked them to consider how they might feel if these companies were run by far-right people and were censoring liberal speech. I think that question made a point with them although it turned into a heated discussion. So, I ended the conversation by saying that maybe we all should just agree that censorship is wrong and people need to know it.

One of my friends then explained to me that it is wrong to publish things that are not based in science. To that I replied that religion is also not based on science. Suppose Google, Facebook and Youtube decided that religion is fake and the bible should be banned. I know that’s extreme but that’s exactly where censorship is leading. Next thing we’ll see are books being banned and thrown into the fire.

We know from our history books that censorship is one of the ways countries become dictatorships. When you censor what people see and hear, it’s much easier to control them. North Korea is a perfect example. Every totalitarian leader in the past has used censorship to obtain absolute power. People like Mao Zedung, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler, just to name a few.

Signaling Danger!

Right now our country is in danger of losing the rights and freedoms that make us special and set us apart from all other countries. Our freedoms are the reason millions of people want to come to America. These rights did not come easy. I’m a big history buff, especially about the American revolutionary war. I understand what it took to obtain our freedoms. Thousands of people, men and women, gave their lives so that we could represent ourselves in government. 

I’m shocked when I see people, especially young people, who are willing to give them up so easily. This is what happens when we stop teaching our children the history of the United States. They never learn how lucky we are to have them. Today’s youth have no comprehension of how precious these rights are and therefore are willing to give them up.

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It breaks my heart when I see young people in the streets raging against the country. History shows us this is a dangerous trend that is sure to end badly. Americans need to wake up and realize what is happening in our country today. As they say, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”. That is my biggest fear for this country that I love so much.

Tom Roberts
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