Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver Arrested

Millie Weaver, an investigative journalist, was arrested hours before releasing a documentary on the Shadow Government/Deep State. It has been released and disseminated despite this, but Millie is a political prisoner on a fake charge.

Get Ready for John Durham

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US Attorney John Durham began an inquiry, now a criminal investigation, into the source of the Russia collusion story, as all await the outcome.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison Life

Ghislaine Maxwell's privileged life dissolves before her eyes as she's processed into prison and the transition for the former socialite will not be easy.

Michael Flynn, Guilty Or Innocent?

As the FBI's actions in Crossfire Hurricane become exposed, the question of whether Gen Michael Flynn is guilty or innocent becomes more relevant.

What was Roger Stone’s Real Crime?

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Obama-era holdovers in the US Justice Department recommended a disproportionately harsh prison sentence for the former Trump campaign advisor.

Hillary’s Emails: Justice Needs to Be Served

The Fight Against Double Standards: Hillary Clinton Recently disclosed emails show Hillary Clinton had classified information stored and communicated through an unsecure computer system. According to documentation released by the…