Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver Arrested

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Young Son Cried in Fear as a Deputy Sheriff Took Away His Mother

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Investigative journalist Millie Weaver and husband Gavin Wince were taken into custody on Friday August 14. Weaver live-streamed the arrest. Weaver is known on social media as “Millennial Millie.” A uniformed law enforcement officer, presumably from the Portage County Sheriff’s office, mentioned a grand jury indictment for burglary.

However, the deputy did not provide an arrest warrant or place the couple in handcuffs. The deputy told Weaver to collect her shoes and get into the waiting car. He seemed unprepared to take two people into custody. He radioed for a second car. Weaver’s young son sobbed in terror as she followed the deputy’s instructions. An older woman seen on the premises during the arrest may have taken responsibility for the child.

Probable Cause

Radio personality Tore has been collaborating with Weaver on a controversial documentary. Tore noted that the arrest came just as Weaver was about to release and upload the production. She further noted that their documentary uses publicly available records. In addition, Tore acknowledged that she previously worked in the federal government’s information technology sector.

According to their investigation, the previous administration still operates the United States government behind the scenes through clandestine information technology. Among other discoveries, the documentary demonstrates widespread collusion between government officials and social media to influence public perceptions. Tore explained that their investigation also uncovered more evidence about the Hillary Clinton emails and server. As Weaver was quietly led away, a court overturned Clinton’s deposition order to produce her missing emails.

Weaver recently released an investigative report that uncovered plans for a 100-day siege on Washington, DC come election day. According to Weaver, several highly organized, well-funded groups used the George Floyd death as a trigger event to launch protests. She also uncovered evidence that these groups work closely with the Democrat party. Tore also alleged that the burglary complaint used a law like that used to prosecute a Project Veritas investigative reporter.

The reporter, James O’Keefe III, was acquitted. Ohio state statutes on burglary suggest that an individual could be charged if they conducted an undercover research interview. Such lawsuits aren’t intended to uphold the law, but rather to discredit and bankrupt their target.

Court Date Pending

No bond or initial hearing information is available at Portage County for Weaver or Wince. When it is scheduled, the initial hearing will be held at the Court of Common Pleas in Ravenna, Ohio. If not released on bond, Weaver and Wince will be held separately in the Portage County Jail. Without the opportunity to obtain legal counsel, the couple is likely to remain in jail over the weekend. The Portage Court of Common Pleas will not reopen until Monday August 17.

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant of Rebel News has opened a Go Fund Me account for Weaver’s legal and other expenses. Levant reported that the Go Fund Me campaign raised nearly half of its goal just within the first four hours. Within 8 hours, the campaign received over $20,000 in donations. Weaver quickly trended on Twitter’s social media platform as accounts shared her live streamed video and links to her project.

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Weaver’s arrest illustrates the high price reporters and curious members of the public face. Revealing compelling public corruption allegations can often lead to arrest, financial losses and jail time, even if the allegations are true and can be proven. Whether new media like Weaver or established corporate press, journalists risk their personal freedom to get information for the public. Weaver joins a pantheon of press figures arrested or targeted for surveillance since 2012.

Cindy Puckett
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