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Uncovering the Coverup

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In May of 2019, Attorney General William Barr assigned a top notch Federal investigator from the State of Connecticut named John Durham to do an investigation into the origins of the Russia Probe. 

Barr announced this in an interview on Fox News with Bill Hemmer much to the displeasure of the Democrats and the mainstream media. As soon as Barr announced he would be looking into the origins of the Russia probe, MSM howled. They complained all of this was due to Barr catering to President Trump’s personal vendetta against the people that accused him of being a Russia agent working with Vladimier Putin.

Recently released documents have proven it was nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by his  political opponents: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Before the investigation started, President Trump gave Barr the ability to declassify any documents deemed necessary, whether it be top secret or classified. This is highly unusual. When he did it, people such as former DNI Director James Clapper and ex head of CIA under Obama, John Brennan, appeared on their respective news channels, CNN and MSNBC, and protested. Both of them immediately pointed the finger at Bill Barr, accusing him of politicizing the Justice Department to do the bidding of President Trump.

Those involved with the Russia Hoax never thought any of their illegal deeds would ever see the light of day because they were confident that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election. They knew she would help them bury it because they had just cleared her. She had used a private server to store classified information and, then, obstructed justice by using a hammer to destroy her phones that were under subpoena at the time. She owed them a favor.

The History

In 1999, then Deputy US Attorney Durham was appointed special prosecutor and, in 2002, helped secure a conviction of John Connelly, the disgraced FBI agent that allowed crime boss Whitey Bulger to commit crimes with impunity. Crimes that included murder. Connelly was sentenced to ten years in Federal prison for federal racketeering and for warning Bulger to flee before the gangster”s 1995 indictment.

US Attorney John Durham has a long history of being a tough but fair investigator, respected on both sides of the aisle. He is the 52nd US Attorney for the District of Connecticut. He graduated with honors from Colgate University in 1972, receiving his law degree from the University of Connecticut in 1975. In 2000, he released secret documents that convinced a judge to vacate the 1968 murder convictions of four mafia hitmen because they had been framed by the FBI, much in the same way they set up Michael Flynn. In 2007, he also aided the families of the released men and helped them win a $101.7 million lawsuit against the government.

The Investigation

As noted above, it was announced in April that Durham had been assigned to review the origins of the Russia probe to make sure everything was done appropriately. Barr and Durham had both disagreed with Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s conclusion that there was no conspiracy between the people investigating Trump.

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To date, Durham has been extremely tight lipped about the investigation. About all that is known so far is that the investigation started out as an inquiry but has shifted now to a criminal investigation, giving him the power to convene a Grand Jury and issue subpoenas. We also know that Barr traveled to Italy and the United Kingdom to introduce Durham and to facilitate cooperation with him regarding the CIA’s actions. The CIA only operates in foreign countries; investigating US citizens is the job of the FBI.

Durham’s investigation, while not yet completed, has resulted in a rash of previously classified documents being released. The documents show sworn testimony by top level people under Obama, including Brennan and Clapper. They had all testified that, at the time (June of 2017), none of them had seen any evidence there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. This is a far cry from the things they stated on television.

Clapper, who secured a position as a regular on CNN and Brennan, who got the same deal with MSNBC, have repeatedly appeared on television, saying that it was very possible that Donald Trump was a Russian asset being controlled by Putin.

Time after time they appeared on television, talking about collusion and possible money laundering issues between Russia and the Trump campaign. We now know that they were lying due to their sworn testimony before the House Investigatory Committee back in 2017.

June of 2017 was only three months from the conception of the call for a Special Counsel, headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. It appears Mueller was just the face of the investigation, chosen because of the bipartisan respect he had obtained over his years of service. With zero evidence available of any type of collusion, there was no legitimate predicate to launch a Special Counsel investigation in the first place. Normally, a special counsel is formed when there is evidence of a crime, where worries exist that the investigation may become politicized, but in this instance, there was no evidence.

For 22 months, the country was subjected to a non-stop tirade of constant bombshells that led nowhere. Every hour of every day, for two years, CNN and other similar news sources reported on a conspiracy theory cooked up by Trump’s political enemies. The SC investigation may also have been responsible for the regaining of control by the Democrats of the House of Representatives in 2018. It is highly suspicious that they kept the investigation going until 3 months after the midterm election even though, by that time, Mueller’s team knew there was no collusion.

Where Do We Go From Here?

So where do we go from here? All we can do now is wait for Durham to finish his investigation. According to William Barr, he will not write a report to give to congress as Mueller did but will, in fact, bring criminal indictments to whomever he determines has gone beyond the limits of their duties, going after the President. No one knows the scope of the damage done by this unfounded investigation into Russian meddling. Who knows how many opportunities were missed by foreign leaders who wondered if President Trump would remain in office to complete his term. We will never know the full extent of damage done.

Last month, the documents uncovering the exculpatory evidence for General Michael Flynn were released, proving that former President Obama and former Vice President Biden, now the presumed Democratic nominee, were directly involved with the decision making in these matters. Many assumed that criminal charges would be brought against both men. Unfortunately, Attorney General William Barr announced that from what he has seen from Durham, he didn’t expect any charges would be levied at either man, both shocking and disappointing to anyone who has been following this story carefully.

It is obvious that both Obama and Biden are, at the very least, guilty of obstruction. The public will have to wait to see if Durham is as reputable as they say he is or whether he will cave to political pressure as so many have done before. We will just have to hope for the best and pray he does his job. Most importantly, we need to get to the bottom of what happened, to ensure that no other American president will  have to go through what President Trump has gone through.

Tom Roberts
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