Millie Weaver’s Prosecutor Has a History of Political Retaliation

Democrat Prosecutor Sued for Firing a Conservative Employee

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Investigative journalist Millie Weaver’s abrupt arrest the evening of August 14 raised more than a few eyebrows. Widely known for her Millennial Millie website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel, Weaver openly supports President Trump. Named one of the Top 30 most influential young conservatives under 30 by Newsmax, Weaver is a former model who has visited the White House and toured the West Wing. The arrest abruptly interrupted Weaver’s ability to release her documentary ShadowGate.

Tore Maras, a whistleblower featured in the documentary, released it to the public in lieu of Weaver. After a couple days, YouTube removed the film from her Tore Says account after it had been viewed millions of times. By then, ShadowGate had gone viral all over the internet and had been translated into other languages. Our very own NRN+ archived a copy at

Presumption of Innocence Ignored

Millie Weaver captured her detainment on video, which documents a process that’s neither a surrender nor an arrest. Inexplicably, the arresting officer did not present Weaver with the warrant. Nor did he read her the Miranda warning or handcuff her, but simply ordered her into a waiting car. If she wanted to know what the indictment said, he told her, she would have to read it at the jail.

Oddly, the deputy focused solely on Weaver even though the indictments named three individuals at the address. Caught unprepared, he had to order a second car to transport Weaver’s husband, who was also named in the indictment. In addition, the deputy seemed unconcerned that his actions terrified Weaver’s young son. Moreover, their arrest was ordered for Friday evening, when they would not have access to an attorney or a judge. Jail records show the booking process was not completed until nearly two in the morning.

As a result, Weaver and her husband spent the weekend apart in jail and separated from their children. These facts point to a callous disregard for the rights of the accused, including the constitutional presumption of innocence. To date, the prosecutor has yet to file a publicly accessible complaint or affidavit that justifies the criminal charges listed on the indictment summaries. In contrast, the US Department of Justice often includes the complaint with its press releases.

A news report from Portage County said that the prosecutor had released a sheriff’s report on an April domestic dispute between Weaver and her mother. An assistant county prosecutor, Steve Michniak, said the mother regretted involving the police and wanted to drop the charges. Yet the county prosecutor forged ahead with the case.

Prosecutor’s History of Political Retaliation

Could Millie Weaver’s arrest be politically motivated? The answer to that question is yes. The prosecutor who sought the indictments, chose “arrest” rather than “surrender” on the warrant and ordered Weaver taken into custody on a Friday evening is a member of the Ohio Attorney General’s Organized Crime Investigations Commission. He has been the Portage County Prosecutor since 1994. Clearly, he’s no rookie. He’s also a Democrat with a documented legal history of targeting the political opposition.

According to court documents, Victor V. Vigluicci, who was the elected Portage County Prosecutor, violated 42 USC 1983. Vigluicci allegedly terminated the plaintiff from her position as an assistant county prosecutor for exercising her First Amendment right to freedom of speech. In Marsilio v. Vigluicci, 924 F. Supp. 2d 837, 844 (N.D. Ohio 2013) “Specifically, on September 14, 2009, defendant told plaintiff, then a candidate for the elected public office of county municipal judge, to stop circulation of a proposed campaign advertisement that she had distributed among her campaign committee and her political party’s central committee, and to apologize to her political opponent or face termination.”

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Democrat-Dominated County

Vigluicci is up for re-election again this year. Nearly everyone whose name appears in documents involved in the Weaver case is a Democrat. Portage County Sheriff David W. Doak: Democrat. Jill Fankhauser, Clerk of Courts: Democrat. Court of Common Pleas, Laurie J. Pittman: Democrat. They’re up for re-election, too.

Federal Election Commission records document that Vigluicci donates regularly to the Democrat party and Actblue. He also contributes  to Democrat political committees in Ohio. Portage County campaign finance information shows that Vigluicci hasn’t filed a county campaign finance report to be re-elected as prosecutor in years. In fact, his most recent committee was terminated in 1999. Vigluicci has since run unopposed.

A former county treasurer, Janet Esposito, offered multiple factors in 2016 as to why Republicans don’t challenge incumbent Democrat candidates. Esposito is a former chairman for the Portage County Republicans. Esposito explained back then that there is a stigma to being a Republican in Portage County. That stigma helps explain why Portage county officials shrugged off their constitutional duty to treat the accused with respect and presumed innocence.

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant of Rebel News started a Go Fund Me page for Weaver to help with her legal expenses. Overnight, the page raised more than $30,000. Before Weaver’s release from custody, the account had grown to over $100,000. Weaver retained an attorney on Monday August 17. To date, the fund has grown to over $170,000.

Weaver’s next court date is a discovery hearing set for 9:00 am ET on September 9 followed by a pre-trial hearing on October 21. Her jury trial is set for November 3, which is also the US general election.

Cindy Puckett
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