Minnesota Poll Suggests Trump Victory

Reservoir of Untapped Voters Could Deliver Minnesota for President Trump in November Poll Numbers From the Ground A recent Minnesota statewide survey suggests President Trump may take the lead over…

DOJ Sues Towing Company for Illegally Auctioning Marine’s Car

Marine returns from two year overseas deployment to find car missing. She had continued to make her monthly car payments. Towing company had illegally impounded, auctioned her vehicle while she was away. Department of Justice sued them for violating the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act.

Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver Arrested

Millie Weaver, an investigative journalist, was arrested hours before releasing a documentary on the Shadow Government/Deep State. It has been released and disseminated despite this, but Millie is a political prisoner on a fake charge.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison Life

Ghislaine Maxwell's privileged life dissolves before her eyes as she's processed into prison and the transition for the former socialite will not be easy.

Kanye for the West Wing?

Kayne West announces his run for the US presidency. Elon Musk endorsed him immediately. How will all this turn out?