Michael Flynn, Guilty Or Innocent?

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Unfathomable Federal Abuses of Power

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Sindey Powell, the attorney for Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, announced this week she has recently received declassified documents showing there were serious problems with the investigation that led to Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. The question remains, is Flynn guilty or innocent? 

According to Powell, Flynn is innocent of the charges to which he pled guilty. The entire operation into Flynn, know as “Crossfire Razor,” was tainted by corrupt FBI agents who tried to get Flynn to either admit  violating the Logan Act, an obscure law no one has ever been convicted of that’s been on the books for over two hundred years, or to lie and be charged with the crime. Crossfire Razor was part of the larger umbrella case which was the investigation of then President Elect Donald Trump, whose code name was “Crossfire Hurricane.” There are two other code names yet to be identified: Cross Wind, and Crossfire Typhoon.

Strozok Takes Aim For Flynn

On January 4, 2017, just fifteen days before Donald Trump took the oath of office becoming the 45th President of the United States, the FBI closed the investigation of Michael Flynn due to what was described as “A lack of derogatory information.” They looked into Flynn’s contacts with Russia and found no evidence of any crimes. Unfortunately for Flynn, that was insufficient for then FBI lead investigator, Peter Strzok.

Strzok was the lead investigator on the Hillary Clinton email investigation, code named “Mid-Year Exam.” He was actually the one who changed the conclusion of the investigation by reducing the charge of “Reckless Endangerment,” a chargeable offence, to the lesser usually not charged offense of being “Extremely Careless.” Strzok offered no explanation for the change at the time. The same day the FBI was closing the Flynn investigation, Strzok texted the Bureau, requesting that they keep the investigation open. His request was granted.

Comey’s Attempt to Clarify

The very next day was a busy one. Flynn was meeting with President Obama in the oval office, which is also the day Christopher Steele wiped out all of the information on his database. On January 6, 2019, then FBI Director James Comey, was dispatched to brief Trump on the salacious Steele Dossier, where Comey informed President-Elect Trump on some of the more salacious contents of the dossier, including an accusation that Russia had taped Donald Trump in a Moscow Hilton, where he reportedly hired Russian hookers to pee on him, or that he had them urinate on pieces of furniture that President Obama had sat or slept upon. Comey’s fear was if true, it would be possible for Russia to use the information to blackmail Trump.

At that time, the dossier was no more than an unsubstantiated rumor. We now know from recently declassified documents that the FBI knew this was likely Russian disinformation, but they used the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant on an ex Trump staffer named Carter Page. In recent years Comey, Ex CIA Director, John Brennan, and James Clapper, Former head of the NSA, have all perjured themselves by testifying before Congress they in fact did not rely on the dossier to obtain the warrant on Page. Thus far, no charges have been filed on the matter.

According to Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s internal Inspector General, Comey failed to mention to Trump or the FISA court judge that the dossier had been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. When Comey was asked if he told Trump, who paid for the dossier he replied, “No I didn’t, I didn’t feel it was necessary to obtain my goal,” which he claims, was to simply inform the president elect, and never even used the word, dossier.

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Comey and His Cozy Relationship with Fake News

Comey then felt that it was appropriate to give the dossier to the press and the next day it was reported by Buzzfeed News and CNN who ran fullsteam ahead with it. One of the ways the FBI got Flynn to plead guilty to lying was by threatening to go after Flynn’s son and prosecute him if Flynn would not agree to their demands. The whole investigation was tainted from the beginning with the way Comey handled the interview of Flynn. Andy McCabe, then Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI told Flynn it was just a few questions and that there was no need for him to have an attorney, thus violating his Miranda rights. In seeking to clarify whether Flynn is guilty or innocent, this would seem to tilt toward innocent.

Then Comey sent two investigators, one we know was Peter Strzok, into the White House without going through normal channels of informing the White House legal staff, who went straight to Flynn. When Comey was asked how he got the two FBI agents into the White House, he chuckled and said “I sent them, although under normal circumstances I probably would not have been able to get away with it under another administration, such as the Bush or Obama administration.

Trump’s Claims Against the FBI Come True

President Trump has long claimed he was set up by the FBI and possibly our own intelligence agencies and these recent findings go a long way towards his seeking truth and clarity to the inception of the Russia probe that morphed into a special counsel investigation headed by Robert Mueller and his staff led by Andrew Wiseman. Wiseman, has a long history of trampling on defendants rights. After the clear indecision displayed by Mueller when asked questions while testifying  before Congress, where he concluded that no American conspired or colluded with any person from Russia.

Many feel it was Wiesman who wrote the report from the beginning. Last year in April, Attorney General William Barr assigned a top Federal prosecutor from Connecticut named John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. Durham has a solid reputation and is respected on both sides of the aisle, although some Democratic Senators are accusing Barr and Durham of doing personal payback for President Trump. One advantage Durham has, is that last year President Trump gave Barr the authority to declassify any documents he sees fit to aid in the investigation. Durham has traveled to the United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia to find out exactly happened in the 2016 election.

Durham has been paying particular attention to John Brennan who was the CIA director under then President Barack Obama. Many people on the right have been waiting years for this information to come out, but until now it’s been a slow drip, drip of information. One of the documents Powell received was a handwritten note to Comey and McCabe presumably from Bill Priestap, former Director of counterintelligence. It read, ”What is our goal? truth/admission, or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him, or get him fired?” In fact, Comey admitted he “sent a couple guys over” to the White House without notifying President Trump of their actions. The goal was to trap Flynn in making perjurious statements. This seems to clarify the Flynn guilty or innocent question.

Set Up, Hoax, or Worst Presidential Abuses in US History?

When this information is connected to what is now known about the FBI’s conduct in the FISA application of Carter Page, it begs the question if this whole thing is just a set up or “hoax” as described by President Trump. Add in Kevin Kleinsmith who was the FBI agent who altered a document in the application for Page, which showed Page had been working with the FBI in matters of Russia and Kleinsmith changed it  to made it appear it was not him. What we now do know is it appears the answer to the question of Flynn guilty or innocent, is a resounding innocent as Barr seeks a dismissal of charges.

The media has been pushing back on every aspect of the FBI’s actions from the treatment of General Flynn to the surveinence of candidate then President Trump to “Russia Gate.” They labeling all deflections as “just another right wing conspiracy theory “ Finally we have proof that the Obama Justice Department and his FBI went far beyond normal investigation techniques. Based on President Trump’s assessment, where he has dubbed it “Obamagate,” when the results of Durham’s investigation is unveiled, it just might uncover a presidential abuses of power by then President Obama like this country has never seen nor even believed possible.

Tom Roberts
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