Deep State Showdown: Giuiliani Brings Promise of a Big Reveal

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Tweetstorm of Hints and Reaction to Biden Threats

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Presidential Attorney, former NY Prosecutor and Mayor Rudy Giuliani is bringing it. He says many things, foreshadowing near-future troubles for Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the big Deep State machine. He’s unphased by any implied threats or retaliatory actions. He is used to being threatened for seeking the truth.

“The Mafia couldn’t kill me so no, I am not worried about the swamp press!”

Rudy Giuliani on Twitter

The mainstream media is certainly clouding the waters by stating that Giuliani and his allies are throwing Trump under the bus, or are guilty of their own crimes, anything that distracts. Like the trooper he is, he soldiers on and promises, “it will all be revealed very soon.” The Deep State works in mysterious ways, especially against an existential threat that Trump represents, like the case of Dan Bongino. He is a pro-Trump talk show commentator.

He pointed out in a Tweet showing older links to prove that the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, colluded with foreign governments for political dirt. Of course the links are now scrubbed, and not even the Wayback Machine web page archives has a trace. Convenient. No matter, there is plenty of evidence left.

MSM Collusion

The MSM is busy ignoring evidence of Democrat corruption and casting shade on anyone investigating corruption in Ukraine. Like Saul Alinsky stated in his leftist screed on creating a social revolution, “Rules for Radicals.” Always accuse your opponents of what you yourself are guilty of. He was Hillary Clinton’s mentor and inspiration. She even wrote her senior college thesis on him titled, “There is only the fight…: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”

Even when Congresspeople like Devin Nunes want to get to the bottom of it, they report on his doing so as if he was committing a crime. The former Ukranian ambassador from the US, Marie Yovanovitch, was investigated by Mr. Giuliani, yet NBC portrays it as evidence of collusion to impede the impeachment investigation. To an impartial observer even, it appears like press bias. You can’t blame them for trying.

Two Realities, One Outcome

If all you see are MSM stories and narratives, even from like-minded foreign press, it’s no surprise that you are convinced that impeachment is just around the corner. Leftists have been wanting to get rid of our President since before he took office. On the Trump side of the equation, from independent sources of information, the story is a bit different. All that can be seen is a corrupt system fighting against change by any means necessary. Every avenue investigated seems blocked, either by complicit resistance within the government or propaganda by the MSM. There are also teams of “dueling lawyers” that fight to either impede or release information.

Every Executive Order is challenged by an Obama-hire judge it seems, needing more lawyers to take it to a higher court, where the hold will usually be overturned. You can’t get much done that way, which is the point of it. That begs the question, is Obama running the resistance ops from his phone? He also flies to many places that Trump is meeting with leaders, etc.

This is why the Swamp has not been drained. Trump is trying, but it is too large to do everything he wants to in one term. Even two terms will be a challenge, so lets hope the next President has similar ambitions. It’s mostly up to the people, if enough of them get even peripherally involved, it can happen.

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One future has the forces of the Deep State victorious, Trump defeated, the status-quo of corruption and business-as-usual restored. The next Democrat elected President may be this country’s last. By that I mean the Socialist/Globalist agenda will be the Order of the Day. The borders will practically cease to be, jobs will evaporate except for a few at lesser wages, and the Leftist agendas for education, laws, and “social justice” will be enacted. America will then just be the largest economic sector of the North American Union in the world collective. Soros’s mad dream would then be achieved. Eventually Venezuela for the world, no doubt.

Our last hope for a better outcome will be a successful prosecution of Deep State corruption, a second term for our President, followed by similar people running for office. When even a few of these arrogant abusers of the people’s trust and resources see jailtime or worse, the damage of generations can start to be healed. We cannot be the world’s police and piggy bank anymore, not with $22 trillion in debt. It doesn’t mean that we have to embrace isolationism, just conservative, educated engagement. We can still be the envy of the world, and should aspire to be.

Karl Donaldson
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