Dragging it Out: The Impeachment Debacle Continues

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The Cries of the Democrats

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Over the past month, impeachment has been the word of the day in the media and among the progressive socialists. The so-called impeachment inquiry that has not allowed the House of Representatives to vote for its implementation has degraded to a soviet Beria-type of search for a crime.

Adam Schiff is a Fraud

This whole thing eludes to an investigation in search of a crime. It has become a tyrannical show-trial by Adam Schiff, a highly contemptible legislator with his own ties to Ukrainian oligarchs. Schiff has ignored the rule of law and has shown his ignorance in disavowing the provisions traditionally followed in the impeachment process. Schiff has no conscience when it comes to lying, even going as far as making up a statement that was a total lie and reading his lies to the House of Representatives that aired on television in millions of homes in the country.

Adam Schiff has become an egomaniac obsessed with no other purpose but to remove President Trump from office. The two years wasted on the bogus Mueller collusion investigation would not have gone as long as it had. The people of our country would not be a house divided without Schiff constantly declaring that he had incontrovertible evidence of the Trump-Russia collusion. He lied. Schiff lied then, and he is lying now.

Transcript Shines Light on the Corruption in Ukraine

You will never hear mentioned that President Trump was inquiring about Crowdstrike and the ties with the 2016 election. Crowdstrike was the same company that completed the forensics for the Democratic National Comittee (DNC) and claimed that it was the Russians that hijacked the election.

It must be understood that the intelligence agencies in our country never did any investigation on the server because the DNC refused to turn it over to the intelligence services. This was the basis for the entire collusion narrative. Even today, there is no evidence of Russia hacking the DNC.

A Corrupt Press Taking Part in the Impeachment Push

The talking heads who are nothing more than a cadre of progressive socialists and an adjunct part of the Democrat Party have blared forth a continuing barrage of innuendo and talking points leaked by Adam Schiff. Once again, we’re back to “bombshells” breathlessly reported by the press, which are later debunked by facts. They all talk as if President Trump is a liar, a racist, and a lawbreaker. Turn on any fake news show, and you will see the false outrage that they want the American people to believe.

The impeachment is predicated on written testimony from a CIA based entity, who worked with Joe Biden, and spoke to Adam Schiff before filing this report. Adam Schiff lied about this as well. He is being called a “whistleblower” to assure that he has protection for his actions. A great deal of what he has stated has been debunked, but the progressive socialist media will continue to push this charade as long as it can. Statements like the President asked eight times for an investigation into the quid pro quo of the Bidens, which proved to be false. After President Trump released the transcript, Schiff then changed his talking point.

Adam Schiff then claimed the quid pro quo was there, and after that was shown to be a lie, Schiff changed his story again, claiming no quid pro quo was needed for impeachment. Every time the braying Adam Schiff blurts out another lying statement for the adoring press it has been proven to be misleading, and in many cases, as a totally fabricated lie. It is Schiff that now wants the informant to give his testimony in writing. This precludes cross-examination. And when that failed, he stated he refused to let the informant testify at all.

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Chuck Schumer pushed the narrative that the whistleblower needed to remain unknown because President Trump said that he had the right to “confront his accuser.” What President Trump actually said was that he had the right to “meet” his accuser. The use of the word “confront” by Schumer is just another lie being used to paint President Trump as unstable and easily angered.

The Authority of Congress Must be Based on the Constitution

While they may disagree with the policies of the President, the matter of the administration of his policies is not an impeachable offense. The tenure of the president has never been a matter of the political will of Congress to agree. It also isn’t based on secret testimony that no one but the progressive socialists get to see and selectively leak to the press.

Congress is not above the law as they are very vocal about when it comes to the President. Someone needs to tell loudmouth Maxine Waters, that no, impeachment is not about whatever Congress says it is. There was no quid-pro-quo that anyone could find, and even if there were, it would not be an impeachable offense.

You will hear the progressive talking heads say that the President should be impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden debacle. It is not an investigation of a potential adversary in an election, but an investigation of corruption in the Ukraine of which Joe Biden was a large part. The investigation is looking at the past and not the future of Joe and Hunter Biden, as bleak as it may be.

There is nothing in the Constitution that compels the executive branch to cooperate in an impeachment investigation.  If they need the documents from the executive branch, they must go through the judiciary. Impeachments should not rest in the hands of a few partisan, dictating to our President of his administration. The letters sent to the personnel that the Schiff led inquisition has sent out are not subpoenas, and can and should be ignored. The press has bent over backward to call the subpoenas, and if not followed, will lead to counts of obstruction. It is all just a clown show.

Selective Investigation Not Warranted

The impeachment process, now being held in secrecy by Adam Schiff with only his selective leaks, is to keep the information from the American public. It has even gone so far as Adam Schiff attempting to pressure the United States special representative Kurt Volker to say the there was a quid pro quo. When Volker refused to agree, Adam Schiff stated:

“Ambassador, you are making this much more complicated than it has to be.”

Is this a statement that would be made by anyone looking to find the truth? Does an investigator pressure witnesses to state claim that they know not to be true? Does an investigator leak what is of substance in a partisan witch hunt?

It is not proper for a witness to be browbeaten, to have his testimony purged in the fashion of Soviet trials. In totalitarian socialist countries, the citizens are kept in the dark, and all trials become show trials of lies, innuendo, and leaks. This is not the way our Congress should be done.

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