Pornography: The Left Wants You Wasted

Don’t Be A Coomer

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No, not the kind of wasted that leaves you disoriented with no recollection of the previous night’s debauchery. Pornography, the kind that takes away the essence of your life force. Your seed. This is quite poignant if you are a man.  A biological man (still can’t believe this needs to be clarified and qualified in 2019) is what this is an attack on and it’s the kind that tends to do more damage than good.

November brought about many different movements for the male demographic. “Movember” is where men capable of growing facial hair let it all grow for the month. It is to bring awareness to all the cancers men face, from testicular to prostate cancer. It also affirms the glaring issues of mental health and suicide among men, which are high.

Statistics indicate that there are over 123 suicides a day, and 7 out of 10 are white males committing suicide. There is even a gender disparity in the realm of suicide where men are 3.54 times more likely to take their own life than women. Still no word, though, from feminists who fight for equality. 

Then there is this movement among young men known as “No-Nut November.” It is an online pledge from Reddit to abstain from viewing porn and engaging in masturbation for the month. The notion of the “Coomer” is essentially where men who partake in self-pleasuring must change their online avatar to that of a “Coomer,” a porn-addict rendition drawn in MS Paint. Here is what that looks like:

So basically, you fap and make your sock all crusty, you must change your social media avatars to this monstrosity.  The most famous Youtuber of all time, PewDiePie, even took on this challenge!

What’s the Point?

There have been various online anecdotes of former fappers and porn-addicts who replaced such “activities” with something else and found a massive change in the way they are. Most porn addicts tend to be bored men with nothing to do and no passion in life and for life. So they waste their time watching hardcore pornography while wasting their seed.

These former fappers all found themselves to be more active, with increased strength, more drive for success, and a greater sense of confidence in every aspect of their life after nixing the fapping habit. Obviously, this is all anecdotal; what is more powerful is all of the corroborating anecdotes that say the same thing.

Men who were once bored, lazy, with too much time on their hands and not enough activity or responsibilities tend to fall prey to the allure of PornHub. Five hours later they are spent, with tendonitis in their wrist and forearm. But once they stopped, even for the month, the change is so dramatic that after a week, it became a way of life for these men. Powerful accounts of changed lives and the community of no-fapping have grown.

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So Why the Vitriol?

Obviously when there are movements this unconventional to the way culture thinks, it stirs the pot. Enter the absolute hatred from the Left regarding all of this No-Nut November. Tweets that not only show the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left, but the utter stupidity of such professions as this guy.  But it isn’t just Twitter losers and the Blue Checkmark Brigade that are hating on this movement. Everyone else in the media industrial complex is hating on it too. 

VICE is crying about it, claiming it’s been “co-opted by misogyny and the far-right.”  Rolling Stone picked on it while harping on the “Coomer” meme.  Yes, the same music magazine turned Far Left political activist trash bag that published a very untrue story alleging that a campus fraternity gang raped a girl, which was proven untrue. Even women editorials who have no male genitalia are putting in their unwanted useless tidbits. Take, for instance, Sarah Manavis of calling #NoNutNovember “insidious”. 

Why the hate? It is the Left’s war on men, basically. First, they came for the straight white males, with Don Lemon calling them “terrorists.” Then the Incels came next in the firing line, as these males exhibit frustration with their celibate status. It got to the point, however, that the Left began accusing straight white male incels of being so sexually frustrated that they’ll become mass shooters, or so the accusation goes. To relieve that, according to the Left, watch copious amounts of porn and nut all day long to ease that frustration; but does it really work?

The Real Effects of Pornography

While many are “reporting” the benefits of pornography, all that reporting is based entirely on subjective reasoning centered around how people feel about watching it. The way many of these “reports” work is they ask, “How do you feel about porn?” and the response is, “It feels good…” So clearly there needs to be some viable metrics regarding porn and the effects of it.

For instance, erectile dysfunction rates went from 2-5% to a whopping 14-35% as the instant access to free hardcore pornography became widely available and accessible. One in ten kids as young as 10 years old are lying about their age to watch a dopamine releasing experience of sexual pleasure they are not ready for mentally, sexually, emotionally, and relationally. This percentage increase is about 1000%, which we can consider a significant increase.

How bad is it? Japan is currently facing a sex crisis as of 2010. 36% of millennial males ages 16 to 19 had no interest in sex. You can read that report here. Japan is inundated with hyper-sexualized content, from hentai in the form of publicly available manga to hentai in book form found at the local 7-11!  Another statistic of early porn exposure indicates an increase in sexual violence, whether they become a victim or the perpetrator.

Effect Like Cocaine

But the most glaring issue is as dopamine is continually released, it creates a neural pathway likened to that of cocaine.  Pornography creates that same addictive path that cocaine addicts have in their brain. Only the substance is not a white powder from Columbia, but the raunchiness of naked bodies engaged in repeated sexual acts that are both not realistic and very addicting.

Unfortunately, it creates a generation of lazy men who do not exhibit any sense of drive and generally have a low confidence factor. So they would rather enjoy the digital representation of loveless and sometimes violent usury of women than risk their heart to love and join with a real woman. To use the pleasure hormone as it was meant to be experienced. They feel no need for the bliss of a real live partner after a sexual experience was had. It is this experience which is supposed to bond individuals together.

Better Men Means Trying

No Nut November is about men who are awakening to be better.  Men who do not want to waste their time watching filthy raunchy material that leaves them wanting more till the notion of a relationship is void in their minds. It is about men who desire to rise above the cultural expectations and do better, be better. This rising community wants to be able to love, be passionate about life, pick yourself up when you fail, and take responsibility.  

If there is a point about conserving anything, how about conserving your own essence of life? Do that which will change the trajectory of a culture by using your energy to MAKE life, which means risking the heart; the end result will be better than anything PornHub has to offer. Trust, there’s nothing there for you but misery, defeat, loneliness, and frustration with no remedy other than unresolved expectations that will never be met. 

Such is the essence of No Nut November, and one that we in the Conservative movement should champion. Because it means men are trying to preserve their own identity as men. Who are in turn trying to be better men. God knows, this culture and this world needs better men who are better employers and employees, better husbands, better fathers, better brothers, better sons, and all-around better members of their community.

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