Nancy Pelosi: Speaker or Impeachment Mouthpiece?

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Background in Baltimore

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She was born in 1940 in Baltimore as Nancy D’Allesandro. Nancy was one of six children in a Roman-Catholic Italian neighborhood. Her father was a popular man in the area and served 3 terms as Mayor in the city, starting in 1947. Mayor Thomas “Tommy” Allesandro was also known for the colorful company he kept. So much so that the FBI file on him makes for interesting reading even today.

She attended a local school, Trinity College (for women), and graduated in 1962. Doing a stint as an intern for one of Maryland’s Senators at the time, she eventually got married to Paul Pelosi, a Georgetown graduate from San Francisco. They lived in NYC after that, having a family of five. In 1969 Paul got a job as a banker back in San Francisco and they all moved there. After a time being a homemaker, she worked for the 1976 Presidential Campaign of Jerry Brown.

California and Then Washington Ambitions

Nancy worked her way up the ladder in the California Democratic Party, holding many positions. Her hard work paid off in 1987. A political longtime ally, then dying of cancer, suggested she run for a special election..for Congress. She won that and never looked back. She challenged the outgoing Reagan Administration and the incoming Bush I’s on topics like AIDS funding, abortion, and the usual liberal littany.

In 2001 under George W. Bush, she became House Minority Whip. A year later Minority Leader Dick Gephardt stepped down. Congresswoman Pelosi then won that post, the first woman to do so. Changing political tides made her Speaker of the House in 2007. This first for women she maintained until another tide change in 2011. She recently resumed the position in 2019.

Side Deals and Fishy Business

Although her husband is a banker, that alone cannot explain her estimated net worth of $140 million. Certainly it isn’t from her speaker’s salary of “only” $193 thousand a year. It might be what is often called her “tuna surprise” and other deals like it. It goes like a bad movie plot..

Star-Kist Tuna has it’s headquarters in San Francisco, amazingly enough her home district. It is owned by the DelMonte Corporation, one of her larger contributors. Star-Kist has a big processing operation in American Samoa, employing 75 percent of the work force there. Paul Pelosi owned $17 million in Star-Kist stock. In 2007, when the minimum wage got upped from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour, she made sure that American Samoa got exempted, giving Star-Kist a competitive advantage.

If that wasn’t sweetheart deal enough, on a later bailout bill, she added $33 million for an “Economic Development Credit” to American Samoa. She was leading at the time, an all-out attack on “Bush Corruption.” Pot, kettle, color, discuss. The main press outlets never covered it, of course. Sorry, Charlie.

Latest Outrages and Impeachment

A lot of virtual and real ink is being used to cover the Joe and Hunter Biden shennanigans in Ukraine lately. Using the power of political office to get your son with no qualifications a seat on the Board at a big foreign energy company is criminal. Joe held a $1 billion aid package hostage to make sure that the prosecutor in a case involving that same company was fired. This is also criminal behavior. The prosecutor was fired, and Joe later bragged about it to his buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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It may be that they are trying desperately to distract from other stories that could be focused on. Have you noticed that Epstein’s legacy of debauchery and corruption is out of the news cycle?

Not many yet know that Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Jr. now sits on the board of an energy company that did business in Ukraine. NRGLab is a sub-company of Viscoil, LLC. Nancy even appeared in a commercial for the company! All is well as long as Democrats are doing it apparently.

In the latest attempt to impeach President Trump, Speaker Pelosi isn’t holding a vote yet on the process. That would allow a defense to subpeona witnesses, and clearly they don’t want that. Her father would be proud. The President will not cooperate with the Speaker until they have the vote, as is legally required.

With a new “whistleblower” (probably a disgruntled CIA asset) that no longer needs first-hand witness information to make a charge, there is much chaos and accusation going on. Senator Adam Schiff made the stupid mistake of improvising a “parody” on the House Floor of a recently released call transcript between The Presidents of the US and Ukraine. Speaker Pelosi said it was genuine. She either said this because of ignorance that it was fake, or complicity in trying to make people believe it was real. The President may bring a lawsuit over that libelous claim.

This whole rat-circus has the people wondering how low will they go in their Trump Derangement? “TDS Limbo” seems to be a popular game in Washington of late. It may be that they are trying desperately to distract from other stories that could be focused on. Have you noticed that Epstein’s legacy of debauchery and corruption is out of the news cycle?

It could be a last-minute hail Mary to get rid of President Trump, as the Democrat candidate field has yet to produce a viable choice. It could be that there are a lot of activities behind the scenery that we can only guess about. Be alert for anything that serves their “by any means necessary” narrative. In the mean time to pass the popcorn!

Karl Donaldson
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