Unpopular Opinion: Trump’s Job is to Investigate Corruption!

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A Clear Backhand to the Establishment

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The mainstream media has turned from character assassination to complete satire along with the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi announcing the impeachment inquiry before the famous transcript was declassified says a lot, but also will be their overall demise. Let me explain.

Why does a nobody like myself have to report this?

It all started because of the election of Donald Trump. It was a clear backhand to everything everyday politicians are, or present themselves as. The American people are sick and tired of the lies of corrupt politicians making promises they never adhere to. In addition, Americans are now aware of this deeply rooted system that has invaded our democracy.

Before Donald Trump even won the election, Washington Times states he was being spied on by the former administration 100 days before his victory. On election night, the mainstream media was visibly in shock and horror because of the outcome, with “journalists” from MSNBC saying it feels like the end of the world. Rachel Maddow was recorded as saying, “You’re awake by the way, also you’re not dead and going to hell. This
is us, this is our country.”

Almost every media outlet is internally, and externally, screaming everyday Trump is in office. There have been more false stories from our “top” reporters because they are trying to find absolutely anything to pin on Donald Trump. Even if someone is not a supporter of Trump, he or she would still agree the left-wing news sources have spent the majority of their time investigating, analyzing, criticizing, and even making up or reporting false stories.

Even Obama administration appointees in the intelligence agency were leaking classified information to media outlets to smear Trump. Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, met with Bruce Ohr, a then high-ranking DOJ official. Then came Russia.

The Investigation of President Trump

As a refresher, Fusion GPS, a private investigative firm that was hired by both Obama and Clinton campaigns to get dirt on political rivals, got a 35-page dossier written by Christopher Steele, a former British spy. Steele used connections from Russia and Ukraine to gather his “evidence”. These documents called the “Steele Dossier” implicated Trump in scandalous activities.

There are new reports that the U.S. government was warned up to six times that Steele was an unreliable source and that the dossier was also politically motivated. This unreliable dossier was given to Fusion GPS, which was working with Nellie Ohr who had given the research to her husband
Bruce, which was then given to the FBI. Bruce was allegedly demoted for meeting with Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS. Bruce has done work with them for years.

Bruce then gave the unverified dossier to the FBI. The dossier was then leaked to Buzzfeed. The Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan group, filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that Hillary For America and DNC failed to disclose the funding of the Trump-Russia Dossier by using the law firm Perkins Coie. Hillary For America paid Perkins Coie over $11,000,000 dollars for “Legal Services” and “Legal and Compliance Consulting.” Perkins Coie then used this money to hire Fusion GPS as a subcontractor.

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The result of the Mueller report now speaks for itself. President Trump exited the three- year investigation virtually unscathed. I say virtually unscathed because the mainstream media barraged the American people with false information over and over to sway public opinion. Once a story was proven false, the damage was already done, and those headlines and fake outrage are all people can remember.

The pundits took off their journalist masks and showed the American people their clear bias towards the Democratic Party. Our minds were being conditioned for one singular moment. Impeachment.
After all the dust has settled, Donald Trump is still standing. When the Mueller investigation ended, Trump declared on many occasions that he will make sure this never again happens to a sitting president.

Justice Delayed

Trump later announced in May, that Attorney General Barr is investigating what happened in the 2016 election. Specifically, Barr is investigating the origins and extent of foreign influence in the 2016 election. Barr is most
likely looking into Ukraine’s influence in the election. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, and John Solomon, an award winning investigative journalist have uncovered a massive amount of documents that may be the key to revealing a large cover up of corruption by the former administration. The documents are just the tip of the iceberg.

Glenn Beck, a journalist from the Blaze TV, has created an entire timeline implicating the entire Obama-Biden administration in massive corruption. The documents suggest the Obama administration pressured Ukraine to help influence the 2016 election, drop an investigation into Burisma Holdings, and keep corrupt Ukrainians from going to jail.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had served on the Board of Directors for Burisma Holdings. John Kerry’s son works with Burisma Holdings. Mitt Romney’s top adviser also worked with Hunter Biden on the Board of Burisma Holdings according to The Federalist. Barr is currently overseas investigating the matter and has been investigating for a couple months now.

If Barr has found things of great significance to prove the intelligence agencies lied, and had clear intent to destroy Donald Trump’s credibility, it would have a profound impact on the already crumbling public view of these agencies. Rudy Giuliani has come forward with a plethora of documents implicating Joe and Hunter Biden. Many people may not be aware that Giuliani has a record of taking down organized crime. Giuliani is not just some crazy old man.

Quid Pro Quo

The documents lay out how Joe Biden abused the power of the Vice
President’s office to pressure the former Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, to drop an investigation into his son Hunter. The prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings, a gas and energy company, that Hunter was on the board of, was fired. The prosecutor stated under oath that he had been fired for putting pressure on the company. Joe Biden is on video stating he told Poroshenko to fire that prosecutor or else he isn’t getting foreign aid.

Giuliani says he came across a lot of this while trying to vindicate Trump of the accusations he colluded with a foreign power. Biden’s campaign sent out a request to media outlets to not allow Giuliani to be on the air. The majority of the mainstream media is calling all of these documents conspiracy theories. I repeat, legal documents implicating a politician, running for the Office of Presidency, abusing his power as Vice President are conspiracy theories.

Why Now?

Why are Democrats just now calling for Impeachment of a duly elected President? They have been talking about it since Trump was elected. There is one year left of the Trump administration. If they had faith in one of their candidates to beat Trump would they still try to impeach? This is not a serious Impeachment Inquiry. This is an attempt to control the narrative.

The transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine doesn’t show Trump
pressuring the leader of Ukraine to investigate Biden’s corruption by hanging foreign aid over his head. The Ukrainian government did not even know foreign aid was being withheld until one month after the phone call. This is all political theater. However, Nancy Pelosi is now saying “Oh what a sad day for America” over the impeachment inquiry, as if they have not been publicly stating they want to impeach Trump since he was elected.

They chose this time for a reason. They know there are now investigations into the 2016 election by Barr. The Inspector General report on the Russia probe could also ruin the ongoing political narrative. There are physical documents and evidence that Giuliani, John Solomon, Glenn Beck and the IG have right now, and the media is worried about a whistleblower hearing second hand of Trump doing something so alarming as to investigate Joe Biden’s possible, and apparently evident, corruption while serving as
Vice President.

Literal proof is now considered conspiracy theories if you are alleging
things against the Democratic Party. The mainstream media has completely destroyed their own credibility to try and get President Trump out of office.
The truth is, Hillary Clinton was accused of funneling money through a law firm to gather dirt on Trump, which was given to them by a foreign government.

In Case You Missed It

Joe Biden is on video saying he actually used foreign aid to pressure the former Ukrainian leader to fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. President Obama’s Department of Justice spied on then candidate Donald Trump 100 days before his election. Bruce Ohr, of Obama’s DOJ, and his wife used a foreign government to gather political dirt to try and take down the President of the United States.

Adam Schiff, one of the main figure heads in the impeachment inquiry, tried to get “compromising material” on Donald Trump from what he thought was a foreign government. The Ukrainian government basically apologized for trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. We have a treaty with Ukraine to help each other investigate criminal matters. President Trump is an existential threat to what these corrupt politicians have created, a grotesque machine of mass corruption.

These people have subverted every facet of our government in order to enrich themselves and gain power and influence. They hate Donald Trump. He isn’t one of them. “A businessman who can do what we do, but better? Give me a break” they chuckled. But then he brought back jobs as he promised. He is building the wall as he promised. He cut taxes as he promised. He shook up trade deals that, as we have seen with Biden and Hillary, could put corrupt politicians at risk of losing their wealth and influence. At least the main promises Trump has made, he has lived up to.

Drain the Swamp

There is one promise he has yet to live up to though, and that is “draining the swamp” or getting rid of corruption in DC. The transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine in which the President of Ukraine was asked to investigate Biden being corrupt should not shock anyone. If Barr
had found evidence, if Giuliani has evidence, is it not the duty of the President to root out corruption? It is also a campaign promise of his one should expect he will keep.

Trump is being attacked because the media and the Democrats are trying to control the narrative. The counter-narrative, which hopefully comes out soon, is that the Democrats colluded with the former Ukrainian government and then cried Russia to point blame at Trump after the election. This is why the focus is constantly on him. This is why the media has been relaying the same tiring message of a racist traitorous president. They want you to believe he is the bad guy, when in reality everything they have accused him
of, they themselves have done.

Consider: You have been lied to for three years, wouldn’t the media and corrupt group of politicians and intelligence officers do whatever they could to keep a lid on this? We all know Trump. Love him, or hate him, both sides can agree when he is attacked, he does not just roll over. If Trump is truly innocent, he is not just going to stand by and allow his entire existence to be smeared.

The Barr investigation and IG report could potentially prove the entire Russia investigation was a sham. These investigations into the origins of the Russia investigation, corruption at the highest levels of government, and proof of a government gone rogue, could finally prove what most Americans have known for a while: Many individuals in the government are corrupt and use their power for personal gain.

Where is all the media attention for this? Why are these stories being buried? Why does a nobody like myself have to report this? Because what we have now is a corrupt media doing all they can to cover for corrupt politicians. We are in a war of information right now. Control the narrative and you control the public’s opinion.

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