Trump: We Are Living in a Communist Country

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As Trump noted in the speech, a telltale sign of a Communist nation is the lack of a free press. All but a few of the media networks suppress coverage of the findings of the Arizona Audit. All but a few media sources publish the shocking revelation of the FBI’s involvement in the January 6th Capitol protest and the fake kidnapping attempt of Governor Whitmer of Michigan, almost wholly perpetrated by the FBI and its informants.

Meet the GOP Women Who Challenged the “Squad”

Republican women will be serving in Congress in record numbers this session in what has been dubbed the “Year of the Republican Woman.” These women, who won in record-breaking numbers, ran on an emphatically anti-socialist platforms. Female GOP women Congressional candidates were fired up to run, in part, because of the progressive policies such as defund the police and the Green New Deal pushed by the Democrats and especially of the Squad (AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, and Omar).

Trump Resets the American History Standard

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The president announced he will sign an executive order to establish the "1776 Commission" to reestablish an emphasis on patriotic education

The Marxist Insurgency

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The Marxists and Democrat Party setting up the nation for election fraud. A Biden win means shift toward Chinese domination of global trade.

These Five Leaders Prove Socialism is Evil

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With people from all walks, from politicians to university students, extolling the virtues of Socialism, this list of five leaders proves it really is evil.

Pimping Socialism to Teens

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Taking advantage of a missing Soviet Union, a more Capitalist China and Cuba, teens today are vulnerable to the political snake oil that is Socialism.

Big Government: When Hypocrites Overreach

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When hypocrites overreach, the whole country suffers. We must remind ourselves why the Founding Fathers did not want big government in America.

Uncle Sam’s Funeral Dirge

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Uncle Sam has apparently passed away and nobody noticed his funeral procession. Have we traded a distant uncle who helps out occasionally for a Daddy Sam?

Labor Unions: Traitors of All Tradesmen

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It is time workers begin to look out for their own interests as employees and citizens rather than relying on what union bosses tell them to do.

The 2019 Impeachment Hoax Will Fail

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The impeachment hoax has been around since before Donald Trump took office, taking many different forms. This latest shapeshift is all about Ukraine.