Pimping Socialism to Teens

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Same Bad Ideas With a Modern Spin and Selective Facts

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The youth of today are more vulnerable now to bad political information than they have been in 100 years. During most of that time, they had lots of negative information in the news. The USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, all were officially “Communist”, all were enamored with Karl Marx. He was the creator of Socialism. Apart from a few subtleties, there was little difference in application. As Chairman Mao said, “Power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

Teen Vogue magazine published a rosy article about it. They touted it as “…exploring the growing interest in socialism among young people seeking alternatives to recovery in this pivotal moment in global history. ” They neglected to bring up a few things…like 80-100 million dead victims of Communism/Socialism since 1917. Apart from that though, it sounds great!

Flowery language like “empowering people” and “economic democracy” is used to paint a picture. One of a society free of need or wants, where everyone gets “free” stuff. Health care, food, housing, even a “stipend” each month on the State, so you can live “with dignity”. Of course they don’t say how exactly to pay for it. Presumably something about taxing the wealthy.

They point to examples in Scandinavia on how to “do it right”. Realistically, even places like Norway aren’t Socialist. In that case, income from energy reserves is being drained faster and faster. Now they find they must keep up things by adopting more capitalism. The story is similar all over Europe. Now the influx of immigrants there has caused their systems to break down at a faster rate.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

As stated in a good (but long) analysis by the Whitehouse, Socialism cannot work here, or eventually anywhere else. It hasn’t worked for long anywhere it has been tried. The costs required to provide every citizen with all the desired benefits, far exceed the income generated. “Tax the Rich” supporters say. If you look at all the billionaires in the world, and ruthlessly confiscated all of their wealth, it would be about 1.4 Trillion dollars. The US budget for 2020 alone is $3.8 Trillion.

That’s about 4.5 months for the US alone at current spending levels. For the full agenda of Democratic Socialism put forth by Sen. Sanders (D) VT and Rep. Cortez (D) NY, it has been estimated to cost $42 Trillion (in America only) over 10 years. You could confiscate most of the wealth of America’s 1%, and still not have enough. Where do they expect the money to come from? Especially with the economic body blow the world has taken with the Coronavirus. Thanks again, China.

If it follows a model similar to Venezuela, it would go something like the following:

  • Declaration of a Socialist State, private companies still exist, but Government is now in all Boardrooms
  • Wages get raised by law, businesses complain but comply, even if force is involved
  • Lack of profits causes inflation
  • Inflation causes calls for price controls
  • Businesses shut down as they aren’t making any money, Government runs them.
  • Less efficient supply chains and low-profit production causes scarcity of goods
  • Inflation happens again, but since Government is now the major employer, wages raise but so does inflation…again.
  • The currency has to hyper-inflate to keep up, goods are rationed.
  • Taxes go up but are worth less, less things get done
  • People riot in the streets for food…Welcome to Socialism’s end game!

Hollywood Looks to the Pandemic to Install Socialism

Many actors and actresses, plus some directors and other celebrities, think they know what is best. They bemoan Capitalism, even though they owe most of their money to it. Liberals can’t get their chosen ideology enforced on everyone else by supporting a candidate and winning an election fairly. They call to fundamentally change our society, because they want “dignity and coherence”. This from their guarded mansions and personal jets.

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Historically, Socialism started in Europe. Karl Marx was bumming around France, developing his philosophy with support from his friend Freidrich Engels. He eventually chose to live in London, as his radicalism got him exiled from Germany, France and Belgium. Both Marx and Engels became influential authors to later tyrants.

“The less you eat, drink and read books; the less you go to the theater, the dance hall, the public house; the less you think, love, theorize, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save-the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor dust will devour-your capital. The less you are, the more you have; the less you express your own life, the greater is your alienated life-the greater is the store of your estranged being.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Lenin studied them before organizing the takeover of the recently established Bolshevik revolt in Russia. His works were also evaluated and modified some by a disgruntled WWI veteran in Germany named Hitler. They were both Socialists, but Nazis were National Socialists, while Communists were effectively International Socialists. They disagreed on how to run their States, but adopted similar principles. This is something the left will deny, always.

Propaganda: The Choice of a New Generation

Ignoring all the history, the gruesome details of tyrannical socialist regimes past, is the only way to market and sell Socialism today. Supporters claim that few countries have “done it right”, and beg for just one more chance. It is good for a young person’s self-esteem to think they are doing their part for social justice and ending poverty. It is sad that charlatans and brainwashed youth coax so many minds to reject rationality or from doing serious research into the truth of things.

I hear anecdotes from friends who are parents that there is hope. Not all the young are willing to follow the Pied Piper to Socialist Hell for promises of positive change. Mentor the kids you interact with, your own or sympathetic friends’. Basic history and facts are not as well taught as when we were in school. Hopefully there are enough “Doubting Thomases” out there to save humanity from the 1000 years of new Dark Ages that a World Socialist State would bring.

Ada Nestor
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