TikTok: Leftists Exploit Teens to Embarrass Trump

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Leftists have revealed recently that they had exploited K-Pop teens on Tik Tok, encouraging them to reserve rally tickets, in an effort to embarrass Trump.

De-Platforming: Back to the Future (Satire)

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The year is 2029. The most popular social networking site in the world, “Rightbook,” has de-platformed most Left-wing propagandists (formerly known as journalists). Rightbook was founded by a group of…

Silicon Valley’s Techno-Fascism, Part 2

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Silicon Valley's techno-fascism is silent-warfare censorship. Patreon controversies have users looking for better alternatives.

Silicon Valley’s Techno-Fascism

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Silicon Valley's techno-fascism has been revealed in the form of deplatforming content creators on Patreon. Patreon gives no warning.

Reddit-Style Free Speech: Quarantine

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The revamped "Quarantine Function" suppresses free speech on Reddit... On Thursday, September 27th, the Reddit admins quarantined a number of subreddits to go along with its revamping of the Quarantine…

Tamara Leigh, Censored By Twitter

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Recently, Twitter restricted Tamara Leigh's account with accusations of bot activity. Social media censorship is getting out of hand!