Twitter Data Mining Reveals What Conservatives Do Wrong

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Twitter Plays to Win, Conservatives Don’t

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Twitter is a publisher, not a platform. Say that three times and maybe you’ll get it. The company knows what it wants and does not want on its site. While Conservatives decry free-speech, Twitter executives likely shake their head at our naiveté. Where Conservatives think Twitter should do what’s right, in all actuality, Twitter has become yet another tool for the Leftist agenda.

Twitter data-farmed during President Trump’s campaign and election.

Twitter data collection helps the platform suppress Conservatives every day. The valuable information and behavioral patterns they observe helps them hit Conservatives harder. At the writing of this article, James Woods @RealJamesWoods is in Twitter jail for who knows how long. Those who follow every tweet he puts out have said they never saw him tweet anything “bad.” Droves of followers disappear from Conservative accounts every day, some say 2,000 even 3,000 at a time. From Twitter’s perspective, it’s all about numbers and suppressing the impact of the Right. Jack Dorsey and his team can see the Right thrive at a certain rate and then watch every blow-back of censorship diminish its voice just enough (at a consistent pace and almost anticipatory pattern) to numerically reduce its messaging impact, networking abilities and MAGA coordination.

The Unintelligent Right

So does the Right become smarter since we know all of this? Yes, some do, but overwhelmingly… no. On Twitter, Conservatives tend to bear down, accept the fight, and just proverbially kick the football harder, hoping for two points. The problem here is, Twitter keeps moving the goal post. While the Twitter Left watches the Right wear themselves out, they throw their support behind each other more fiercely.

While Twitter data-farmed during President Trump’s campaign and election, they came upon an interesting find. Gizmodo reports, during an interview where kicking Trump off Twitter was discussed, Dorsey told Sam Harris on his February 5th podcast:

“One of the things that was very evident during the lead-up to the [2016] election was, just looking at our journalist constituency, which was—is one of the most important constituencies on Twitter, the amount of journalists on the Left who were following folks on the Right end of the spectrum was very, very small. The amount of journalists on the Right end of the spectrum following folks on the Left was extremely high.”

In Jack Dorsey and Tim Pool’s interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” one month after the Sam Harris interview, Dorsey reiterates his earlier assessment, “…on the Left end of the spectrum mainly follow folks on the Left, and folks on the Right followed everyone.”

Jack Dorsey has collected Conservative user data, so much so, that he can now reveal the online behaviors of the Left and the Right. In theory, each side behaves as a tribe to, seemingly, serve itself. In actuality, according to Dorsey’s Twitter data analysis, the Left plays to win and the Right “plays” fair. The Left is better at supporting their community than the Right.

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