De-Platforming: Back to the Future (Satire)

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The year is 2029. The most popular social networking site in the world, “Rightbook,” has de-platformed most Left-wing propagandists (formerly known as journalists). Rightbook was founded by a group of Conservative students shortly after their candidate won the 2020 election. The site overcame Left-leaning social platforms such as Facebook in 2024, and Twitter in 2023.

It would be an understatement to mention that the Left-wingers did not like it.

Leftists created several hashtags on their tiny Twitter platform, which purged most of the Right-wingers a long time ago, from 2018-2020. Since then, Twitter has become a cesspool of neo-Marxists of various types (from moderate Socialists to Fascists and Communists), intolerant to any form of dissenting thought. However, due to the low-popularity of Twitter, nobody paid attention to these hashtags.

A lot of accounts got created on the even smaller Facebook platform, protesting the purge of the Leftists. Russia, as usual, decided to sow chaos in American political life and purchased a whopping $1,984 worth of political advertising on Facebook. However, this amount was about 1/1024th of the total Facebook ad revenue, so practically nobody clicked on them.

After the purge of Leftists, some Right-wingers enjoyed the party. The prevailing mood among them was: “It is payback time!” The House Judiciary Committee, with Democrat Socialist majority, conducted a series of hearings on the matter. The representatives blamed the Rightbook for violating the First Amendment; they also attempted to revitalize the Fairness Doctrine, abolished in 1987.

The issue in due time reached the Supreme Court, and the Court ruled 8-to-1 that private company Rightbook, like Facebook and Twitter before, has a right to de-platform any user for any reason rather than solely based on race, place of birth, or nationality. The only opposing vote was Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s; she is still alive.

The rationale behind the decision was similar to abolishing the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine was introduced at a time when even though most of the TV sets in the United States had 12-channel tuners, only one or two channels were available (only New York City had three channels). However, at present even rural counties in the United States have more than a thousand TV channels, and the number of social networks on the Internet has skyrocketed since the purge of conservatives and other violators of non-conforming thought crimes in the years before 2020 elections.

That was the end of that. It took another decade or so for the Leftists to die their painful political death. They had built two digital concentration camps – Facebook and Twitter – and volunteered to condemn themselves to them. While in a state of digital self-imprisonment, Leftists witnessed terrifying events happening in real life since 2016: a massive exodus of their electorate to the other side of the political spectrum. African-Americans were the first to leave the political plantation; Latinos followed shortly. Both groups followed the money, jobs, and prosperity. Who can blame them for that in an economy with less than 3% unemployment and more than 3% growth?

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Eventually, everybody who benefited from the booming American economy abandoned the Leftists, and the bloody, misanthropic, anti-Semitic, and totalitarian ideology crossed a point of no return.

Gary Gindler
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