How Photogenic is General Soleimani Now?

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The Rules of the Game Have Changed

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The main topic of discussion after the termination of Soleimani revolves around the question of whether it was legal to wipe him off the face of the Earth without violating international laws. However, that is not the point at all.  It is not a matter of international legal norms.

The story of the termination of Soleimani is not an isolated incident. The story is a continuation of the history of a battle on February 7, 2018, near the city of Deir ez-Zur in Syria. A detachment of American servicemen (several dozen people under the leadership of the lieutenant) defeated a motorized battalion (about 600 people), reinforced with tanks and armored personnel carriers, of the Russian military. Only one Russian armored carrier left the battle, and several hundred mercenaries were killed in a short 4-hour battle. Not a single American was even injured.

How was such an outcome possible?

“The battle was made possible by the fact that President Trump canceled Obama’s rules of engagement with the enemy. The decision on the use of weapons is now made by the unit commander on the spot (as it always was throughout military history) and not a military lawyer in a cozy office in the Pentagon.”

Gary Gindler. Trump’s Military Budget: Seventy versus Seven Hundred

Trump has changed many established US rules of the international game, including militarily speaking. The Russian and American soldier’s military training is not the only factor at play. For more details, see my article, devoted to comparing the military budgets of Russia and the USA. If the military budget of Russia is ten times less than the US, then Iran’s military budget is 25 times less.

Decisions Now Made by Field Officers and More Quickly

At a conceptual level, Trump reduced the requirements for point, or laser, target designation from “complete certainty” (under Obama rules) to “reasonable certainty” that a given target will be in the right place at the right time. At the same time, he excluded the huge bureaucratic machine of the National Security Council from the operational decision-making process on the attack. 

In addition to this, Trump severely and painfully suppressed the interagency wars between the Pentagon and the CIA, which went on for decades. Finally, Trump returned to the American armed forces what is called in the corporate world “delegation of authority” – now the right to use weapons, the right to open fire, is given to those who historically must have them – the military officers in a field. For the officers, this is an enormous responsibility. Now those officers will be responsible for any mistake they make, not some Pentagon lawyer.

Butcher of the Middle East

Over the past year, we had witnessed three episodes when commanders in a field made decisions that radically changed the entire strategic situation in the region. In addition to the defeat of Russian mercenaries in 2018, we witnessed the termination of the head of the Islamic Caliphate al Baghdadi in October 2019 and the termination of the Iranian general Soleimani in January 2020.

However, the title “general” was just the official military rank of Soleimani. This title does not reflect what his actual position and significance were. By using an analogy of Reinhard Heydrich, “The Butcher of Prague” during World War II, Soleimani should be called the “Butcher of the Middle East.” The parallels here are very clear: both butchers played a key role in the “final solution of the Jewish question” by the best representatives of the “Aryan race.”

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We know that the landing of Soleimani on a plane in Damascus was detected. We know that his arrival in Baghdad was detected.  Despite those two truths, we do not know and probably will never know the names of the agents who did this. Then, Soleimani’s entering into one of two cars that met him in Baghdad was detected. Furthermore, only then, laser illumination was aimed at the cars to accompany the target.

Photo credits: Soleimani (l): ZUMA24 Carnage (r): Iraqi Prime Minister Press Office / AP

We do not know who carried out the laser illumination – CIA agents or special forces soldiers. What is known is these fearless guys were in the immediate, visual proximity of both cars. Using the powers received from the president, they decided, requested then quickly got approval to launch a missile strike on both cars. Most likely, they were the first to arrive at the site of the strike. 

The Trump Doctrine: Simple, Rational and Understandable

Opinions in the Middle East on the question of the destruction of Soleimani were divided. A week has passed since the destruction of Soleimani, but so far, only one country – Iran – threatens Israel. No other Muslim country threatens to bomb Israel. It seems that Trump’s policy in the region is bearing fruit: the Middle East is approaching the realization that Israel is an integral part of the Middle East, and its indivisible capital is Jerusalem.

Trump’s foreign policy is a denial of both previous presidents. Obama’s doctrine centered around constant flirting with terrorist regimes, their tacit encouragement and financing. Bush utilized a bribery on a particularly large scale to the country’s elite to establish friendly relations.

Trump’s Message…

Improve the Middle East yourselves.  America is not interested in you and your problems. Most importantly, America will no longer pay for your welfare.  Not a cent.  America has reliable friends in the Middle East – for example, the unsinkable aircraft carrier “Israel” with a team that consists of guys and gals with the highest IQ in the world. We will always support them, and they will always support us.  If you want, join America and Israel, if you don’t want to, then simply don’t join.  Do what you want – cut each other throats, as you have done over the millennia. If you want, stop cutting and killing each other. Either way, we are not interested.

After America has become the world leader in gas and oil production, the Middle East is no longer interesting to us. America is rapidly moving towards becoming not only the world leader in energy production but also the world leader in oil and gas exports. Everyone who interferes with us will pay the consequences. Yes, this also applies to the Kremlin, where General Soleimani was a frequent and welcome guest.

Trade Markets Galore for the US

Moreover, we no longer need the Middle East as a market for our goods. We have enough markets, especially after the adoption of the new trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico (USMCA). The trade agreement with China is coming, which will finally begin to open China for American goods. After Great Britain leaves the cabal European Union, America will also ink a separate trade agreement with her. This will make us the envy everyone else.

After Trump untied the hands of the American military, Iran’s impunity to commit terrorist acts around the world ends. Iran’s economy is ruined thanks to US sanctions (inflation is over 30%), and the political influence of the theocratic regime is weakening.

Thanks to Trump, the US is Winning

Without exception, all the countries of the hostile to America Russia-Iran-Syria-North Korea axis are trying to emulate WWII Axis powers. They are finally beginning to understand what the impeachment is and what its real, not theoretical, consequences are. They seem to have spent too much time watching some propaganda channels like CNN and came to the rash (and deadly wrong) conclusion that Trump is over and should no longer be reckoned with.

Nevertheless, thanks to Trump’s policies, several courageous American officers turned the number one Iranian terrorist into dust. Moreover, the other photogenic leadership of the Aryan Islamic “republic” came with a clear understanding that they are all in the crosshairs. 

Gary Gindler
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