REDDIT QUARANTINES THE_DONALD! If This Doesn’t Wake You Up to Anti-Trump Censorship WHAT WILL?

More Conservative Censorship, This Time on Reddit

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Reddit has long been a Leftist vacuum as well as being one of the top 10 viewed websites in the country. The community with over 700,000 members was given the Reddit equivalent of a shadowban today. It is a truly flagrant move to silence what the overwhelmingly Liberal folks in Silicon Valley view as online wrongthink.

The_Donald is a community of MAGA supporters that share news, memes, and jokes that support our current president, Donald J. Trump. The rules on the subreddit state plainly that they do not condone calls to violence, doxing or racist content. This is a prime example of Liberal media looking for any reason to shut up Trump supporters online ahead of the 2020 election. It’s hard to describe how personal this is as I spent the entire 2016 election moderating there. To all the mod team and CENTIPEDES we here at NRN SALUTE YOU.

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