DISGUSTING!: Carpe Donktum Doxxed by BuzzFeed!

In a despicable act, a reporter at BuzzFeed news has informed popular memester Carpe Donktum they have found his private facebook profile, and have not only run a background check on him, but have his real name, which could lead to other personal information. They tell Carpe they are planning on releasing his name to the public though he has no criminal background and there is no newsworthy reason to do so. 

The popular meme meister has been labeled in recent days as White Supremacist and racebaiting, just to name a few. He joins a long list of those being slandered for supporting the president. Political Cartoonist Ben Garrison had been invited to President Trump’s Social Media Summit, but the White House had to rescind the invitation due to a slanderous piece done on a cartoon Garrison drew which labeled it anti Semitic. 

Carpe Donktum has long maintained his anonymity for his family’s sake, and rightly claims the move by BuzzFeed to release his real name will put his family in danger. “While I realize that I have become somewhat of a public figure,” he states, “ My family are not.” Far from the last of his concerns about BuzzFeeds unethical decision, the meme maker knows the decision will trigger a cascade of articles and reports by MSM following suit. Stay tuned to New Right Network for updates. 


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