Hate Hoax! Smollett 2.0: The Curious Case of Erica Thomas

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Erica’s Side of the Story

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Erica Thomas, a Georgia lawmaker living in Cobb County just outside of Atlanta, posted a video on her Facebook as she cried tears of angst and pleaded for the public to get rid of the hate while condemning “white privilege”.  What posed to be yet another racially charged account simply needed 24-48 hours to bring to light the real story behind the weeping lawmaker. It is yet another hate hoax.

Victimhood narrative is more important than truth.

According to the Facebook video, Erica Thomas, along with her daughter, went shopping at the Mableton Publix over the weekend. They grabbed their items and went to the express checkout lane. As they were checking out their groceries, a “white” man came up and called Erica an “SOB” and allegedly told her to, “Go back where you came from!” Erica defended herself by saying that she is 9 months pregnant and is unable to stand for very long.

Her argument was that the amount of items should not be an issue. The express lane she occupied, however, limited patrons to 10 items, and she apparently had more. Her daughter asked why this was happening to them, and Erica told her that people are just nasty at heart. She then proceeded to record the account for her Facebook and Twitter followers, tears. brokenheartedness and all, in a video message and tweeted it out to her followers. And so began the hate hoax.

Eric Sparkes’ Side of the Story

While all of that seems just heinous at face value, it seems that there is more than meets the eye. A few things just did not add up in Mrs. Thomas’ account. Enter Eric Sparkes, the man responsible for Erica’s video. Mr. Sparkes side of the tale goes as follows. On the same day Mrs. Thomas was shopping, Eric also needed some things and went to that same Publix. 

He saw more than 10 items in Erica’s possession while she was in the express checkout lane and found it a bit annoying and selfish, considering there were two empty lanes she could have used but did not for whatever reason. Eric checked out his three items, then went to the Publix customer service desk and asked if there was a policy that could have prevented Mrs. Thomas from doing this.

Publix policy states that associates are not allowed to get involved but customers can voice their concerns to each other. Mr. Sparkes states that he took a step outside, paused for a brief moment, went back and approached the GA lawmaker. At the time, he did not know who she was. As he approached Erica Thomas, he said, “Ma’am, not to be rude…” as he points to the sign stating 10 items or less for the express check out.

He was sure to clearly point out the very thing Erica did not regard.  Surveillance video shows his actions clearly according to Sparkes. He recounts that she in fact stepped into his face and began berating him. It became so heated that he flat out called her “a selfish little b****”. He then stormed out of the store.

Hate hoax exposed. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes clash again.

Hate Hoax: Smollett 2.0

Consider for a moment as you read both accounts and view the 11Alive news reports regarding the outcome of this event, that we have seen this manufactured race baiting from Leftists. Between the “This is MAGA country!” hate hoax of Jussie Smollett to this wild ride of a tale, it’s clear that the Left desires to ignite a race war. Erica Thomas definitely decided to use the twisted rhetoric the media and the Left accuse the President of using when he tweeted that these Progressive politicians should “Go back to where they came from, fix the issues in that nation, and come back to tell us what to do!” 

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Anyone who has a 3rd grade reading level will know there is nothing racist about the tweets he fired off over the last week. Thomas decided to use the narrative as a springboard. She chose to launch herself into the public eye and use the racial tensions manufactured by the Left to do so. It is literally Smollett 2.0 in this case! The most telling thing here is how the entire story was, again, a lie cooked up by some greasy politician looking to win the outrage ponzi scheme and gain oppression points. 

The Truth is Revealed

When pressed again, Erica Thomas walked back her accusation, saying Sparkes didn’t say to go back to where she came from. The lone interview of her shows it all; you can watch it here. This is where the hate hoax gets real rich.  They had a showdown days later when Mrs. Thomas called for a press conference regarding this interaction. Sparkes also shows up to give his side of the story amid a very real and fiery stand off with Thomas; you can watch that here

Aside from Thomas thinking Sparkes is a Trumper and white, he is in fact NONE of those things. Eric Sparkes own Facebook account shows status after status spitting out DNC talking points as he continually spews anti-Trump rhetoric. He calls himself a Democrat through and through, and he states he votes along party lines. And the final nail in the coffin of Thomas’ story is that Sparkes is a Cuban. 

So Thomas is essentially the one who told a Cuban American man who is on her very own team to go back to where he came from in the interview where she attempts to walk-back her accusations. Video of the interview reveals that Thomas was not telling the truth, and manufactured the whole thing. Even now, Thomas is pushing to get Sparkes incarcerated on one count of “civil assault”.

Sparke-ing Leftist Cannibalism

The sad part is the media still made a concerted effort to push the narrative of a racist white Trump supporter even after Sparkes told his side of the story. And he states he has video evidence of the entire confrontation. To further see the demonization of Eric Sparkes, YouTuber John Ward does a great job of casting the media’s attempt at demonizing a Cuban Never-Trumper Democrat, and you can watch that here

Unfortunately for Sparkes, the Left will proceed to make concerted attempts to get him to capitulate and apologize for a hate hoax. Prepare to see him become another one to #WalkAway and pull the lever for Trump in 2020, catapulting Sparkes into the arms of the Conservative or Libertarian party.  Which is great news for the Right, but it does show the very haunting reality that to the Left, victimhood narrative is more important than truth. In the case of Eric Sparkes, we are seeing that play out in real time.

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