Hate Hoax! Smollett 2.0: The Curious Case of Erica Thomas

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Erica’s Side of the Story

Erica Thomas, a Georgia lawmaker living in Cobb County just outside of Atlanta, posted a video on her Facebook as she cried tears of angst and pleaded for the public to get rid of the hate while condemning “white privilege”.  What posed to be yet another racially charged account simply needed 24-48 hours to bring to light the real story behind the weeping lawmaker. It is yet another hate hoax.

Victimhood narrative is more important than truth.

According to the Facebook video, Erica Thomas, along with her daughter, went shopping at the Mableton Publix over the weekend. They grabbed their items and went to the express checkout lane. As they were checking out their groceries, a “white” man came up and called Erica an “SOB” and allegedly told her to, “Go back where you came from!” Erica defended herself by saying that she is 9 months pregnant and is unable to stand for very long.

Her argument was that the amount of items should not be an issue. The express lane she occupied, however, limited patrons to 10 items, and she apparently had more. Her daughter asked why this was happening to them, and Erica told her that people are just nasty at heart. She then proceeded to record the account for her Facebook and Twitter followers, tears. brokenheartedness and all, in a video message and tweeted it out to her followers. And so began the hate hoax.

Eric Sparkes’ Side of the Story

While all of that seems just heinous at face value, it seems that there is more than meets the eye. A few things just did not add up in Mrs. Thomas’ account. Enter Eric Sparkes, the man responsible for Erica’s video. Mr. Sparkes side of the tale goes as follows. On the same day Mrs. Thomas was shopping, Eric also needed some things and went to that same Publix. 

He saw more than 10 items in Erica’s possession while she was in the express checkout lane and found it a bit annoying and selfish, considering there were two empty lanes she could have used but did not for whatever reason. Eric checked out his three items, then went to the Publix customer service desk and asked if there was a policy that could have prevented Mrs. Thomas from doing this.

Publix policy states that associates are not allowed to get involved but customers can voice their concerns to each other. Mr. Sparkes states that he took a step outside, paused for a brief moment, went back and approached the GA lawmaker. At the time, he did not know who she was. As he approached Erica Thomas, he said, “Ma’am, not to be rude…” as he points to the sign stating 10 items or less for the express check out.

He was sure to clearly point out the very thing Erica did not regard.  Surveillance video shows his actions clearly according to Sparkes. He recounts that she in fact stepped into his face and began berating him. It became so heated that he flat out called her “a selfish little b****”. He then stormed out of the store.

Hate hoax exposed. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes clash again.

Hate Hoax: Smollett 2.0

Consider for a moment as you read both accounts and view the 11Alive news reports regarding the outcome of this event, that we have seen this manufactured race baiting from Leftists. Between the “This is MAGA country!” hate hoax of Jussie Smollett to this wild ride of a tale, it’s clear that the Left desires to ignite a race war. Erica Thomas definitely decided to use the twisted rhetoric the media and the Left accuse the President of using when he tweeted that these Progressive politicians should “Go back to where they came from, fix the issues in that nation, and come back to tell us what to do!” 

Anyone who has a 3rd grade reading level will know there is nothing racist about the tweets he fired off over the last week. Thomas decided to use the narrative as a springboard. She chose to launch herself into the public eye and use the racial tensions manufactured by the Left to do so. It is literally Smollett 2.0 in this case! The most telling thing here is how the entire story was, again, a lie cooked up by some greasy politician looking to win the outrage ponzi scheme and gain oppression points. 

The Truth is Revealed

When pressed again, Erica Thomas walked back her accusation, saying Sparkes didn’t say to go back to where she came from. The lone interview of her shows it all; you can watch it here. This is where the hate hoax gets real rich.  They had a showdown days later when Mrs. Thomas called for a press conference regarding this interaction. Sparkes also shows up to give his side of the story amid a very real and fiery stand off with Thomas; you can watch that here

Aside from Thomas thinking Sparkes is a Trumper and white, he is in fact NONE of those things. Eric Sparkes own Facebook account shows status after status spitting out DNC talking points as he continually spews anti-Trump rhetoric. He calls himself a Democrat through and through, and he states he votes along party lines. And the final nail in the coffin of Thomas’ story is that Sparkes is a Cuban. 

So Thomas is essentially the one who told a Cuban American man who is on her very own team to go back to where he came from in the interview where she attempts to walk-back her accusations. Video of the interview reveals that Thomas was not telling the truth, and manufactured the whole thing. Even now, Thomas is pushing to get Sparkes incarcerated on one count of “civil assault”.

Sparke-ing Leftist Cannibalism

The sad part is the media still made a concerted effort to push the narrative of a racist white Trump supporter even after Sparkes told his side of the story. And he states he has video evidence of the entire confrontation. To further see the demonization of Eric Sparkes, YouTuber John Ward does a great job of casting the media’s attempt at demonizing a Cuban Never-Trumper Democrat, and you can watch that here

Unfortunately for Sparkes, the Left will proceed to make concerted attempts to get him to capitulate and apologize for a hate hoax. Prepare to see him become another one to #WalkAway and pull the lever for Trump in 2020, catapulting Sparkes into the arms of the Conservative or Libertarian party.  Which is great news for the Right, but it does show the very haunting reality that to the Left, victimhood narrative is more important than truth. In the case of Eric Sparkes, we are seeing that play out in real time.

John Lee
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  1. I think the simple fact that Mrs Thomas is pregnant with child has been overlooked. Most parking lots have priority parking for disabled people and women with child assigned parking.

    Please support the disabled elderly and expectant mothers respectively

    • I’ve had 2 children worked full time as a manager at Sears and yet have never used that as an excuse to label someone as racist, masigenistic and white priveledge. Just because you are pregnant you are not allowed to break the policy.

    • Well to be honest with you you must have missed the part of the story where it stresses that there were two lanes which were entirely empty and she could have used one of those Lanes. Mr. Sparks himself said he was bewildered as to why she did not go to one of the empty lanes

    • Pregnant people are not allowed to lie. Neither should she have gone to the express lane.

    • Being a pregnant black woman does not give her the right to manufacture a hate story

    • You miss the point.Wake up.

    • What does that have to do with ANYTHING? This originated in the grocery store, her having more items than she was suppose to in the line she was in he confronted her she called him a White, racist…Maybe read the story!😉 Shes full of B.S!!!!!!

    • She stood in a driveway for hours to do the interview and lied her ass off.
      So her being pregnant has nothing to with what she said. She should resign or is that only for white people.

    • Mary Magaline July 25, 2019 at 4:22 pm

      So she had the right to lie because she is pregnant? Not that he should have done anything he did….

      • What did he do? Point out the fact to someone that there are rules and you really should follow them. Guess he should have kept quiet and minded his own business. As long as he was not threatening or degrading, if you see an issue then speak up. This lady, pregnant or not, taught her child a horrible lesson and I would bet this wasn’t the first lesson taught like this. Racism..yes it’s real. We all have it to a degree whether it be stereotypical or not. The fact is what do you do and how do you deal with it. You sure don’t promote it to your children.

        • Or perhaps since he was done before she was, he could have just left it alone. They were both wrong.

      • I agree…no right to lie just because she’s pregnant, but a man going out of his way to tell a 9-month pregnant woman she is in the wrong line? Really?! Who raised this tool? Bad example of an American man. Too bad because otherwise I agree with the over-sensitivity and victim mentality, but a man who sees himself as a victim because a full-term pregnant woman cut in line is pretty hard to defend. Wah wah! Ironic HE called HER a whiny b****.

  2. I enjoyed this article john!

  3. Valerie Morrison July 25, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Tired of African Americans screaming terms of hate when someone a tone lighter than them say something they feel offensive. African Americans offend themselves every day by killing one another with drugs and guns. Clean that no sense up first before charging off into a heated hoax gate fight . political incorrectness.

    • Goodness, there is bigger issues to concern ourselves with than worrying about an express lane at a grocery store. It’s not like she had a grocery cart full. If she had a few items over…who cares! Why didn’t he take his ass to the empty lane if he was that freaking bothered. He intentionally went to the express lane just so he can concern himself about it. He felt the need to be the stand up guy to say something to her since the workers wouldn’t even bother themselves with something so petty and unnecessary. I bet you if she was white…he wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass if she was over by fifty items. He wasn’t bothered by the amount of items she had. He was bothered that it was an African-American woman with more items than she should have in an express lane. He was too eager to tell an African-American woman what she did wrong. Now, what she did wrong was exaggerating his response. She didn’t even have to do that because the situation spoke for itself. This people is covert racism at its finest. And I’m sick of it.

  4. Who has used this incident as a Critical Thinking Case to persuade the unaware?

  5. William R Leflet July 25, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Typical lying Democrat, woman who can’t stand up for herself so has use a the race card and then lies about the events. You bring disgrace too the African American community, i don’t understand how lying makes you a moral person, you could have just apologized and the people that really count would have forgiven you. Now you feel as tho you have to compound that lie with other lies. One day you’ll have to answer for your lies and the JUDGE that you will be standing before nows what’s in your HEART, if you don’t know his name i suggest you learn it YHVH.

    • It’s not that she couldn’t stand up for herself, it’s that she wanted to play that victim card. This is what’s sad. And although I hate to point to the right or left on this issue, the majority ARE Democrats. Why is this? People are people and should be able to speak their mind, it is in the constitution, but it seems like every time this happens the person that initiates this garbage is doing it only for sympathy and attention. It makes me sick and definitely unfair to the individuals that actually do go through these issues and so when they come out it has less of an impact because of all the crying wolf.

  6. My takeaway from this and other similar recent events is that it seems like Democrats and far-left people of all types believe so deeply that there Viewpoint is correct that they are willing to lie, cheat, steal, assault, commit voting fraud, and probably even murder all to bolster their narrative to twist things around and get their people elected so that they can then control everything. Total control and a willingness to lie cheat steal and murder to get there is the most Nazi thing I’ve ever heard of. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work people are supposed to get elected based on the majority of the population voting for them of their own volition not to be tricked by fake news or threatened with violence at or after the polls. Remember all the people that took a beating after Trump won? Imagine what it’s going to be like next time or God forbid imagine what it’d be like if these people gain power.

  7. As a black male I can tell u there isn’t a day I go out in public that I don’t encounter some from of racism. Some are more overt, while others are straight up in your face actions. Those that are blatant I address accordingly. I see NO reason why anyone should or would seek attention by lying about the that of experience! If she indeed lied she about it that is disgraceful and she should resign. Wrong is wrong no matter the color of your skin!!!

    • It’s awful in this day and age that we still see and hear of our fellow black AMERICANS subjected to racism daily. I honestly see it getting worse not better. I’m sure I’m gonna get an earful for this comment but I think we need God back in our schools!!! I get on Twitter and read so much hate towards whites and blacks…it’s disgusting. I truly believe that our Lord and Savior is weeping as he looks at our daily actions towards one another. I’m so sorry that you endure racism every day. I wish I knew the answer.

    • Karl Donaldson
      Karl Donaldson July 26, 2019 at 11:44 am

      All customers should observe the posted rules in the store, race is an irrelevant factor.

      • She was in the wrong line and she knew it. She above all should be setting the example. Especially, in front of her child. Instead she lies when she gets caught and called on it. Give me a break. And, so what she’s pregnant. She needs to be resign and if not be forced to. What a disgrace.

  8. Ethics is not her best virtue. A fool will never know that they are fool. Karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon. You come and go, you come and go. Sad excuse for a person in her standing.

  9. Well though its not right to use the express lane for 10 items or more….it was mentioned that there were 2 other lines open no waiting…so whats the big deal obviously he was done before her. Just wanted to cause a problem. Where i live…i see it all the time

    • Think about it July 27, 2019 at 6:15 am

      I’m sorry but you see a drunk person driving down the road, but you just pulled into your driveway safely…. What do you do call the police to warn and get that drive off the road so they can’t do it again or just go inside.

  10. I just don’t understand the strategy of people anymore, especially politicians. Republicans are deemed to be blunt, uncaring, and racist. Democratics are deemed to be soft, over caring, and always right. I’m a registered independent. Call it riding the fence but I believe in policies on both sides and yes, when it comes to elections I have to “pick a side”, but I do that based on what believe not what someone else believes. I voted for Trump because of what I thought he could do for our country. I’m not overly happy with everything he says or does, but based on the candidates running, I thought he’d get more accomplished and thus far he has. Like many Americans, “the not being afraid to speak your mind and tell ya how it is”, this is what resonated with me during the election. Like I said, I’m not completely happy and agree with everything he does or says, but by god he you at least know where he’s coming from or you at least wanted to say some of those same things he was saying. Biden should have tan instead of Hilary, it would’ve been a tougher choice for me then. Not because Hillary’s a woman, before one of you DEMs hammer me, it’s because of her sketchy history. I guess what I’m trying to say is whether REP or DEM, we need to be blunt sometimes, we need to be caring, we need to respect one another but that doesn’t mean we’ll all get along. As in the case above, the lady broke the posted rules and the man called her on it. Instead of apologizing, admitting her wrong doin, especially with a child present and another on the way, she got angry and flipped it on the guy right in front of her child. Then to go on and make a public spectacle to prove what? She should resign. She is not fit to represent anyone and if her constituents continue to support her then they are just as bad. You want to clean up the political parties and the crap we see going on…let’s do it. Start there and initiate the movement.

  11. Kenyetta Carter July 26, 2019 at 12:34 pm

    She should have used the correct check out lane….If she can grocery shop Pregnant….then she can stand in the correct lane….Pregnant!

  12. Karl Donaldson
    Karl Donaldson July 26, 2019 at 11:42 am

    The store guy in the article said policy was not to confront, but customers were FREE TO. I guess they were exercising their freedom, sorry you don’t like it.

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