Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch July 23. Very Suspicious

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Epstein Suicide Attempt?

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Pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly found injured in his New York City jail cell Tuesday night, supposedly from a suicide attempt. Disgraced Epstein was at the center of a medical emergency inside a Manhattan jail — which one source has described as an attempted suicide. I would believe that to be true if Epstein was in solitary confinement. He is not, and so the suspicions rise.

Who is in charge and facilitated Esptein’s cellmate?

Nearly three weeks after he was first arrested for allegedly sex-trafficking girls as young as 14, the businessman was discovered lying in a fetal position with marks on his neck in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center. Epstein, 66, was said to have been semi-conscious at the time guards discovered him, according to local outlets.

Blue in the Face

Radar Online was the first to report:

“A source said prison staff were seen rushing through the well-lit corridors at around 1:30 AM EST on July 23. Screams were heard by other inmates, the source said. A witness described Epstein, 66, as being “blue in the face” and “sprawled out on the floor” while being tended to by prison staff. The situation was so dire, that at one point, Epstein appeared to have lost consciousness and was unresponsive. He was “carried away” by staff, the source said.”

According to other reports, the shamed businessman was discovered with marks on his neck, and could have been attacked by another inmate. Since there are multiple reports coming from multiple sources, it creates doubt for me about if the truth is being reported. Most likely it is not. I am skeptical to think he is being snuffed out by someone put in place to do so.

He is a golden goose of information and the longer he sits in that cell, the more singing he will do. Epstein is a wealth of information damning to droves of powerful men and women. They want him dead.

Billionaire sex offender Epstein attempts suicide?

Questioning Fellow Inmate Tartaglione

Authorities also reportedly questioned fellow inmate Nicholas Tartaglione, a former New York police officer who was accused of killing four men in 2016. Why is Epstein in a cell with another inmate who was a former cop with a life sentence? Tartaglione killed four men in 2016.

This may sound like a conspiracy, but perhaps the inmate had worked or is working for the Clintons? Who is in charge and facilitated Esptein’s cellmate? Why isn’t he in solitary confinement? Epstein is super important and we need him alive! It feels like someone wants (Clintons) Epstein to be killed. Today #ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter. Watch this documentary and you be the judge. 

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