Californication: California is Screwing Millions of Voters

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The Largest Voter Suppression Scam in History

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Since its creation, California has gone through 220 attempts to break the state into more manageable pieces. Time and time again, these efforts have failed because the political oligarchy (whether it was Republican or Democrat at the time) has resisted the efforts to break up the state. The reason for this is simple, the party that controls California controls nearly one sixth of the United States electoral votes- which in turn makes managing national elections that much easier. 

Overall, this would stabilize the voting.

However, when we look at the reality behind the “California, one and Indivisible” policy, we tend to see that this is one of the greatest voter suppression efforts in the history of the United States. The three main initiatives to break California into multiple states have been the six state plan, the three state plan and the two state plan. Each of which has its own merits and detriments and it should be left to the people of California to choose which plan is best.

Here is an overview of each of the plans:

  1. Six State Plan – In the six state plan, California would be broken up into Jefferson (the area bordering Oregon), North California (a swath of land north of Silicon Valley), Silicon Valley, Central California (the inland east of Silicon Valley), West California (Los Angels Valley) and South California (the area near San Diego East).  This plan would be the best for the United States as it would break up the electoral clout of the state and allow more access to government for the people of California.
  2. Three State Plan – The three state plan (which would have been on the ballot for 2018 had it not been struck by the activist court) consists of California (the Los Angeles Valley), Northern California (the North half of the state) and Southern California (the South Half of the State).  This plan tends to be the plan favored by liberals as two of the three regions would be Democrat dominated.
  3. Two State Plan- The most recent plan (From 2019) separates out the major cities from the rural areas.  This creates California (Los Angeles/San Francisco Region) and New California (The rest of the state).  This plan, as with many compromises, does not deal with the issue of massive voting blocks and still suppresses a lot of the vote for many people.

The Hang-up in the Break-up

Each of these plans has been very popular among the people of California- especially the disenfranchised rural population. The hang-up in the breakup is the political elite, which through its legal branch has stopped the initiative from being placed on the ballot, thus depriving Californians of their self-determination. Of the three plans, the six-state plan seems to make the most sense- although in the formation it will give a slight advantage to liberals.

So what is the hold up?  The court ruled in 2018 for an emergency injunction preventing the question from being on the ballot because they did not know whether the question should be answered by the legislature before it was entered into the ballot. Using uncertainty and ambiguity as a tool, the court ruled that the change “may” be a change to the state’s constitution, which would require a two thirds vote of the legislature- except it does not.

It’s Federal

This is a federal constitutional issue, under Article IV § 3 C(1) it states “[N]o new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other state… without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States as well as of the Congress.” This means a simple up down vote of California’s Assembly, if the proposition would have passed the ballot measure.  Then the idea would be passed on to Washington for review of Congress, which as we all know is a coin toss as to whether they would do any actual work in the era of investigations.

So why are liberals (and some conservatives) so afraid of this ballot measure? Well if it passes, it will break up the electoral calculous of the country. People make billions of dollars each election cycle because consultants, lobbyists and other outside firms (some even foreign) know who to bribe/donate to in order to have their voice heard. This is a method to silence the people while supporting the “elite.”

Further, if the state is broken up into 6 (which seems to be the best solution), then there will be 10 new senators in the Senate, which will throw off the majority and filibuster rules. This would also break up the California congressional districts, which are carefully gerrymandered to ensure Democrat power across the state (which has been mitigated by a new initiative to allow people to draw the lines, not politicians and lobbyists).

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Democrat Oligarchy Effectively Suppressing 5 Million Voices

The reason why this is such a grave issue is because under the current system, 8 million Californians control the massive block of electoral votes representing 39 million people. While California has the most registered democrats in the United States, people also forget that it has the most Republicans too, edging out Texas by nearly 1 million voters. This means that the Democrat oligarchy is effectively suppressing the voices of 5 million Americans. 

The suppression is not through the vote, which is standard in a republic, but through the obstinate refusal to allow the people to break up the state. Large states, such as New York, Texas and Florida are already a threat to the republic because of the undue power that they possess because of the large populations It only stands to reason that we can help bridge the monumental divide in our country by breaking up these partisan strongholds.

Stabilizing the California Vote

A problem proposed without a solution is simply whining, therefore, I propose the following. I propose we establish a rule, by Amendment to the United States Constitution, that no state shall ever have more than 25 electoral votes. In the case where a state is exceeding the number of votes, the state will be broken up into three or more states, each with their own legislature.  This will guarantee the maximum efficacy of each person’s vote. For California, the six state plan is a valid option under this model (the two and three state models still have at least one district with more than 25 electoral votes). 

For Texas, the state could be broken into the Rio Grand Region, West Texas, North Texas (Basically all of central Texas) and East Texas (from the border of the shore up nearly to Texarkana, a small section of shore would be left for North Texas).  As for Florida, the I-4 Corridor makes an excellent boundary. Overall, this would stabilize the voting, eliminate the “we know the result at 7 PM when the eastern states are done voting on election night, and make sure that every vote is counted across the country.  Voter suppression is a problem, but the liberals keep us so focused on micro-instances (which are still important) that we ignore the macro-instances of institutional voter suppression.

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