Silicon Valley’s Techno-Fascism, Part 2

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The Implosion of Silicon Valley

December 2018, famed YouTuber Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad, was removed by the crowdfunding and donation site Patreon. Patreon is an online platform used by YouTubers and content creators to generate revenue and funding by promoting their own content. Sargon of Akkad had gotten accustomed to making over $12,000 per month on Patreon over the past few years.

Right leaning people to see the emergence of Freedom of Speech social media alternatives.

This ban is one more addition to the long list of controversial bans that include: Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos and James Allsup. Additionally, these notorious bans are Right-wing commentators or people who oppose the far-Left progressive movement. There is certainly a case to be made here. These bans are evidently politically motivated and continue to happen more frequently than not.

Patreon Exodus

An explosion of outrage by online content creators has come as a result of the bans. People publicly against the ban include Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Sam Harris, among many others.

Ben Shapiro devoted a broadcast discussing the issue. During the segment, he exclaimed “This shouldn’t be allowed,” and said instead of banning people you do not like, you should just explain why they are wrong. Sam Harris, immediately closed his Patreon account following the ban. He cited political bias on Patreon in the tweet below. This led to an exodus of content creators from the site.

Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin posted several videos that address the topic, including many in which they talk to each other about the bans. They have both railed against Patreon for their unjustified bans, and have accused them of political bias. On January 1, 2019, Peterson and Rubin posted a collaboration video. They explained why they were both leaving Patreon and mentioned alternatives to the site. They left Patreon on January 15, 2019.

Peterson and Rubin also countered criticisms, specifically referencing a specific New York Times article of people leaving Patreon just for financial gain. They explained most content creators revenue comes from Patreon, and that leaving is a huge risk to them. Peterson and Rubin acknowledged that half their funding comes from Patreon. However, they are committed to continue living their principles of free expression.

Later in the video, they talked about alternative ways to get funding. They are working on creating a crowdfunding site of their own. Peterson confirmed he has good people working on the idea. They continue to rely on donations to their websites while they figure out an alternative to Patreon.

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Fascist Social Media Platforms Push Users to Alternatives

Alternatives to Patreon has gained much support. The site has consistently been slammed for acting on political bias leading to censorship. Sargon of Akkad removal has seemingly sparked a new battle in the revolution against tyrannical politically biased tech companies.

Mainstream media platforms are accused of political bias every day, this is nothing new to Conservatives. A new social media site called has seen a surge in membership., championed by Conservatives, is an alternative to Twitter. Twitter is now known for its political ideology banning. Prominent members of include Ben Garrison.

It is no secret there is a huge bias in favor of the Left politically when it comes to tech. Google owns YouTube, so for the sake of this article, they are one and the same. During the 2016 elections, 97% of Google’s political donations from employees went to Democratic candidates. Additionally, the company fired an employee, James Damore, for perpetrating “damaging stereotypes,” after he created a memo attempting to explain the gender differences in employment at Google. Google has also recently been called to testify in Congress about their attempts to influence the 2016 election by manipulating search results.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on the Path of Extinction

Both Facebook and Twitter are owned by far leftists. The Proud Boys, James Woods, Talbert W. Swan II and 70 million accounts dubbed ‘fake’ or ‘malicious,’ have all had their accounts suspended or QFD shadowbanned by Twitter. Most bans are due to Conservative political views. Account holders are not given legitimate reasons and sometimes they get no reason at all.

Project Veritas has a channel on YouTube exposing the Left’s agenda to abuse the rule of law and destroy this nation, as seen during the Mid-term elections. These far Left employees have no conscience. They are on the record showing their attempts to control information and manipulate opinions being shared by the group they represent.

YouTube disproportionately demonetizes Right-leaning channels like Steven Crowder, and they outright banned the account of Gavin McInnes., Best Twitter Replacement

There has been a large amount of outrage by Conservative and Right wing people to this supposed bias. News sources like Fox News and The Daily Wire have been responsible for highlighting these bias issues, especially in cases like James Damore or the Twitter bans. It has been a growing desire among many Conservatives and Right leaning people to see the emergence of Freedom of Speech social media alternatives to these politically biased tech companies and platforms.

There is now much excitement among these people (including myself) due to this desire becoming more likely as a reality. There is already a Twitter alternative with, an alternative to Patreon proposed and it’s likely that alternatives to YouTube, Google and Facebook are next to come. While it is up for debate which will come next, it is certainly true that Patreon has potentially ignited the next battle in the ‘technological revolution’ being waged by Right wingers, those who believe in the free exchange of ideas, those who despise political bias, and those who believe all should be heard, and none should be silenced.

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