TikTok: Leftists Exploit Teens to Embarrass Trump

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Tik Tok: Extreme and Traumatic Duress

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TikTok, the Chinese app that millions are using, is the new Vine. It is an app which mainly teens have been using to post themselves dancing, lip-syncing, collaborating, and getting famous on. It is also an app that sells your data to China. Unfortunately, many a pedophile has used this app to gain the trust of underage girls, and many have collab’d with these walking perversions.  As of late, the app is being used by medical professionals who are under extreme and traumatic duress from the amount of stress they have been under with all the CoronaVirus cases that have flooded their wards.

Then there is K-Pop, affectionately known worldwide as Korean Pop. Well established in South Korea and made popular in the wider view by PSY, whose single, “Gangnam Style” broke YouTube. Millions of views rendered it the most-watched video of all time. Exploration into this genre by the West has served to develop acts like BTS, as well as the classics like Girls Generation (SNSD) and SHINEe. The genre has garnered a massive global following of K-Pop “stans.”

If you don’t know what a “stan” is, you actually have a life. But because we care about your understanding of how to navigate this clown world, we’ll take you back to the days of Eminem and his song “Stan.” It’s basically an ultra-fan. Someone who is filled with adoration to the point of unhinged obsession. Is the Left now recruiting TikTokers and K-pop stans to ruin Trump re-election efforts?

Tik Tok: Trump Rally in Tulsa

Even with the continual hypocrisy of the Left and corporations all saying a rally is a health hazard due to Corona, President Trump announced that he would hold one in Tulsa on June 19th. But many asked that the day (affectionately known as Juneteenth, which was when Gordon Grainger let slaves in Galveston, TX know they were free and no longer slaves) be honored. So Trump decides to postpone and hold the rally the day after in honor of Juneteenth. 

June 20th comes around, and the buzz from everyone is electric. The energy felt by many Trump supporters was one of massive anticipation. Still others are stoking the fires of hatred fueled by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA (and yes this was redundant, this is why we are stars!). The BOK Arena holds over 19000 seats, and there had been over 800000+ ticket interests generated. Outside, the air was filled with fun and excitement.

BTS and Twice: President Trump’s Bane?

It was then reported K-pop “stans,” through the use of TikTok, “reserved” tickets and did not show up.  Apparently so many on K-pop Twitter (because that’s a thing in 2020) are applauding these “stans” for inflating attendance numbers. Some even state the arena was not full because of these thousands of “stans,” and that ruined the rally numbers. Many are reporting that Trump inflated the number of attendees. 

Officially, the Tulsa Fire Department states that only 6200 were in an arena that can fill 19000. Secret Service also stated it broke up outside events as well due to the nature of Black Lives Matter protests that invariably clashed with those who came to the rally. But we can all safely agree that TikTok tweeners and K-pop “stans” had nothing to do with the low attendance inside the venue. Some have reported that by the time the President was due to come out, the venue filled out to 12000, but they capped it there due to Corona concerns.

Irrespective of Reality

One sad thing when it comes to the reality of how metrics and rally tickets work is simply lost on the Left. Regardless of the numbers, the rally spurred support for the President, who clapped back at everything going on today and placed the full weight of responsibility on the Democrats. The metrics for rallies are as follows (and this is something the Left is not very keen on). 

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Tickets are given at will. If you buy a ticket, you simply bought a ticket. But the spots are on a first come, first served basis. The sheer irony of this, regardless of whether or not these tweeners who use mommy’s credit card to buy in-app stuff on their TikTok are aware, is that they contributed to Trump’s campaign by purchasing said ticket. Attendance is not mandatory for a ticket, as all Trump really needed was the purchase. Now sit back and laugh, as this money will be used to fuel the Trump Train these “stans” and TikTokers all contributed to.

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