Censorship in America

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There is a dangerous trend happening in America today. Right now our country is in danger of losing the rights and freedoms that make America special.

Leftist Media Inflamed Racial Tension

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In an effort to highlight stories about violence against minorities, the existing problems were worsened as the Leftist media inflamed racial tension.

#0and45vs45 — The Joke Is on Its Way, Media

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Just when the fake news believes they have caught President Donald Trump, they realize he sent a misdirection or joke is on its way leaving them confused.

Why Is the Media Ignoring Tara Reade?

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Does Tara Reade deserve to be heard? In light of recent allegations against Joe Biden there has been nothing but silence from the MeToo group and Democrats.

Recap: How the DOJ Entrapped Donald Trump

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Let's take another look back at how the DOJ entrapped Donald Trump and embroiled him in a mess to keep Hillary from being prosecuted for Benghazi.

The Curious Case of Jussie Smollett

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It is the curious case of a 2 a.m. outing, a polar vortex, Nigerian white bigots and an indestructible Subway sammich. And it could have started a race war.

The War On Youth: The Social Media Phenomenon

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Twitter can be a good thing. It can also have devastating consequences. We explore the phenomenon here in the third instalment of TWOY.

The War on Youth: The Media Lynch Mob

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Did the Mainstream Media learn anything useful to society after they botched the Covington Catholic High incident? Let's take a look and find out.

Trump Tower Meeting: Was it a Trump-Russia Setup?

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What went on at the Trump Tower meeting, June 2016? Was it a Trump-Russia setup by the opposition? You decide... On June 16, 2015, then billionaire and real estate mogul…


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Fake news taps Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Sarah Palin of the Left and the new face of the Democratic Party??!? Have you caught any one of the viral interviews…