Recap: How the DOJ Entrapped Donald Trump

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C is For Confidential (DOJ)

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To truly understand how all of this got started in the DOJ, you need to go back to where this thing went off the rails. The whole thing started with the investigation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for storing potentially confidential information on a private server and the sham of an investigation that then ensued. As I researched this story I was shocked to see the extraordinary steps that were taken to make sure no charges would ever be brought against Mrs. Clinton, especially when  you compare it to the way President Trump was investigated in the Russian collusion hoax.

The email probe started when questions arose from the Benghazi investigation. At that time, it was discovered that Mrs.Clinton had been using a private server to conduct official government business. Some of this business included transferring classified materials, which is against the law, and anyone in her position would know it.

DOJ: Circling the Wagons

Naturally, this situation  turned into a political battle, with the Democrats circling the wagons as they always do, and the Republicans going on the attack. The bottom line is that the FBI made sure that Hillary Clinton would never face any charges from the day they started this investigation. Now that’s a bold statement. Let me explain how I arrived at my conclusion.

There are so many circumstances that lead me to believe there was a clear double standard from the way Secretary of State Clinton was investigated, to the way the President of the United States was investigated. None of these things are normal. First off there was the fact that she was ordered under subpoena to surrender all of her laptops, cellular phones, and any other electronic devices, but she didn’t do that.

Instead she deleted 33,000 emails also under subpoena and took hammers to all her blackberries. Not to mention using a bleach bit program to destroy the evidence that they held. This is called “Obstruction of Justice.” Then there was the “Special Status” announcement by Andrew McCabe. I also found out that then FBI Director Comey wrote the conclusion letter weeks before interviewing 14 witnesses, including Clinton herself.

Gross Negligence, or Extremely Careless?

How do you draw a conclusion when you haven’t talked to the main subject of the investigation? Then we find out that in that letter, Comey changes the wording from “gross negligence” to “extremely careless,” something a prosecutor might not consider an indictable offence. And it was none other than Peter Strzok who encouraged this change in language. 

Then there were the immunities. Several people close to Clinton were given immunity, Including the man who admitted destroying her devices. He even lied to the FBI twice, although he was never charged with it unlike General Michael Flynn or George Papadopoulos. All of them were given immunity without any requirement of testimony against the subject of the investigation. Normally immunity is granted in return for testimony, but these people got their immunity and walked away Scot-free without saying a word. That isn’t normal.

Attorney/Client Privilege

When investigators finally got to the actual interview with Mrs. Clinton, they decided not to record it. The only record were the notes taken by the interviewer, only later to be transcribed into the official report. Mrs. Clinton was also allowed to have her personal attorney Cheryl Mills attend the interview to establish a shield of attorney client privilege between them.

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It was later revealed that both Mills and  Huma Abedin lied to the FBI about their knowledge of her private server. The FBI found data on Congressman Anthony Wiener’s laptop stating otherwise. I wonder what would happen If Robert Mueller had used these same techniques to investigate “Russian Collusion? I don’t think the Democrats would approve of that at all.

Liars and Leakers

Finally, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix, Az. Ms. Lynch claims it was only a friendly chat about golf and the grandkids, not the investigation. Many have speculated they more than likely discussed the fact that she knew no charges were to be brought against his wife. We know she knew this from some of the Strzok & Page text messages recovered by the Inspector General.

The Inspector General released his report publicly Thursday June 14, 2018. He had been looking into DOJ handling of the email investigation since January 2017.  This report showed improprieties by James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Andrew McCabe. That notable was fired from the FBI without his pension for lying to them about leaking information to the press regarding the email investigation. As of yet he also has not been charged with a crime.

Tom Roberts
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