Wake Up From the Lies: Let’s Call Things by Their Rightful Names

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Let us recall Kathy Griffin’s stunt two years ago

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Now let us imagine if a comedian held up a severed head of Barack Obama instead of President Trump. His bloodied, severed head is being held up by a mediocre comedian or a cartoonist depicts Obama being impaled by Nancy Pelosi’s heel. Would the Democrats wail and scream? Whom would the liberals sue? Pretty much everyone who allowed such a thing to be done to the holy liberal messiah: Barack Hussein Obama. Outrage would be heard in all of enlightened Europe, in Canada, and even Australia and New Zealand.

“But why Obama?” Right, dear liberals? Why would he be depicted with a bloodied and severed head? Was it not Barack Obama that allowed Benghazi to happen, which was essentially an attack on the US because of the murder of an American ambassador? Was not Obama the one who gave Iran millions in cash, for who-knows-what? Was he not the one who pressured Israel, who grew and nurtured a wave of racism, and who meddled in an investigation with, “Trayvon Martin could have been my son”?  

Was it not under Obama that Fast and Furious allowed weapons to flow to drug cartels? Was it not under him that Biden pressured and milked Ukraine, taking advantage of his official position? Was it not he who said that the economy could not grow any higher than it was under him? Was it not under him that the Clinton Foundation received $145,000,000 from Russian sources or under him that the Uranium One deal happened? Was it not Obama’s campaign that was financed by foreign money? Was it not Obama who lied about Bill Ayers – in whose house the first Obama campaign fundraiser was held – saying that he does not know him, but he has heard of him, and they are just?

Was it not Obama who attended Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years but “did not know” and “had not heard” any of the anti-Semitic garbage that Wright openly spewed. He just did not know. Or maybe he did not actually go to church?

Furthermore, as soon as he found out, he, of course, immediately distanced himself from his spiritual father. Of course. How could he not? He needed American Jews to pump more cash into his campaign. He needed their support. Moreover, later, might threaten and pressure Israel, but for now, let them breathe. Let them enjoy their illusions.

Was it not Barack Obama who propped up horror stories about the climate and the oceans which, any minute now, or maybe in another month, or year or two, will drown coastal cities. Was it not Obama who bought a home in one of those very same coastal towns for $15 million? He is brave. He fears nothing, not even drowning. Though what ocean would dare rise when Obama himself bought a house there? And speaking of which, where did he get the dough? From his president’s salary? No. From his Nobel Prize for doing nothing? Also, not enough.   

How does one earn tens of millions of dollars in eight years? Maybe Biden gave him kickbacks? I’m just asking…

I do not know about you, but I am very interested to see his tax documents. Show me the money. Where did it come from? Maybe Michelle Obama toiled for it? Do you know where it came from? Me neither.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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So why would anyone hold up a replica of Obama’s severed head, right?

Now, Trump, that makes sense. He is the greatest criminal of all time and across all the lands of the Earth. He does terrible things: under him, unemployment fell to record lows, and the economy is improving (something impossible, according to Obama).

And what is falling unemployment, really? It is a liberal’s nightmare. Why wouldn’t the Democrats want an army of people eating from the government’s hand, relying on the government for everything, and voting liberals into power. It is another thing entirely to have people earning money for their own food, enjoying a sense of self-worth, and daring to ask questions. It is a nightmare. A total liberal nightmare.

So today we see ads where a tied-up person is lying on the ground getting his head stepped on. A person! Getting his head crushed! Think about it, reader.

We see cartoons where a sharp heel impales Trump, with blood oozing out of him: a slow and torturous death. This is a savage, unthinkable hatred and cruelty, which is hard to compare even to something from the Middle Ages.

This is so utterly shameful, America. This is mayhem, which no sane person expected to see. And where? Not in Zimbabwe or North Korea, but the United States.

People who do these disgusting things – who draw cartoons where someone is horribly murdered, who symbolically (for now) behead someone and photograph themselves with the head, who create photoshoots with a hog-tied president whose head is about to be crushed or who’s about to be strangled – these people are the ones accusing Trump of being a dictator.

Would you like to know what would happen if you tried to get away with just one of those disgusting things under a real dictator? You would be six feet underground by now. Alternatively, you’d have died from a sudden heart attack, despite never having had any heart issues before. Or you could be quietly losing your mind, imprisoned somewhere in a windowless hole that no one knows about, subsisting entirely on dry bread crusts, or maybe just dying of hunger.

You and any memory of you would be erased from the face of the earth. Your children and family would be stripped of all their rights. That is how dictators work. And you, liberals, do your disgusting things and accusations precisely because you know that Trump is not a dictator and you’re in no danger of windowless holes. Meanwhile, you are escalating a level of public cruelty without understanding that even you will not be able to control it. No one will.

You are demonstrating to us – to all people who think differently – that you are inhuman and you are showing us what we can expect from you – you who publicly talk about raping Ivanka and Melania Trump, who are ready to destroy Trump’s teenage son, who will not hire people if they voted for Trump.

You are so inhuman that the response to you has to be reciprocal. It is not a pleasant thought, to be honest, but it seems like the only conclusion for people who do not want to queue up to be shot or to ask whether they need to bring their own rope for the hanging. The punishment must fit the crime. People will defend themselves from the plague of liberalism.

The Truth Will Set America Free

And I still believe that a generation – your children’s children – will grow up, and they will understand what is happening. A generation who will be ashamed of the “Witch Hunt” forced upon President Trump, who will call things by their rightful names.  I believe in it because to live in a lie is to die slowly. It destroys the soul. It is spiritual death, and a physical death inevitably follows. And people will understand that.

Because even after Russia’s bloody revolution in 1917, after repressions, famine, arrests, and torture, there were people who grew up and understood what was happening, who chose not to take part. Even if they were not brave enough to talk about it openly, this was the silent resistance of so many people. The bravest took to the streets.

And while we, we the witnesses to liberal beastliness, are alive and can still do something and say what we think, all is not lost. We need to talk about it openly, to burst the rotting abscess of political correctness.

It is not night, yet. Let us call things by their rightful names: traitorous Obama, a traitor. Thieving Biden, a thief. Raping Clinton, a rapist. Hillary Clinton, a bribe-taker and a liar. The Communist Sanders, a Communist. Omar Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez the bartender, anti-Semites.

Yes, I’m also frightened. But what can we do? There is no other choice for those of us who do not want to eat from the government’s hand. No other choice.

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