Did the Democrats Provoke the Attack on US Bases?

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Power-Mad Leftists Undermining the Security of the Country

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It is hard to understand the motivation of the left. If you weaken the leader of a country, you run the risk of a foreign power thinking the nation is vulnerable. By the Democrats running their sham impeachment, our enemies believe we are fractured. They see it as a sign of weakness, using this as motivation to step in. 

By trying to cut President Trump off at his knees, the Democrats run the risk of a total meltdown. Will the American people stand for this behavior?

Article II, Section 2 of the US Constitution

Until President Trump is no longer in office, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and The Squad have little or no power over the U.S. military. Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution gives the president ultimate authority over the armed forces as the commander in chief. He has taken an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the United States. He must stand true to his oath.

Section 2 reads as follows:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States. when called into the actual Service of the United States

The President Decides When to Deploy the Military

Until this moves to full-scale war, the president as the commander in chief has absolute control over where to deploy forces and how to use them.  Congress can vote to defund the military; that process takes some time, however.

The entire Democrat Party is lost in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It will take votes in both the House and the Senate, and while Iran might be raining bombs on our military bases in Iraq, the people will not stomach the lack of fight by Congress. Their pure partisan show will change quickly to the cowardice they have been exhibiting. General Soleimani was a terrorist, and the response by Iran proves it. 

Congress is going way out of its way to push the electorate away.  Similarly, Mayor Pete blames Trump for the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane by saying Trump provoked Iran. 

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Nancy Pelosi called it reckless and has submitted a resolution to limit Trump’s constitutional powers, which the House approved. Nothing is enough for the Democrats, and for the last three years, they have been trying to undermine the presidency.  

Democrats Are Sore Losers

AOC and The Squad accused our President of war crimes, for example. Where is this going?  It is all premised upon the fact that the Democrats have never accepted their loss in 2016 and they never will.  Congresswoman Omar is crying over the loss of Iranian lives, claiming PTSD, but says nothing of the people who died from the original attack on the embassy.

The entire Democrat Party is lost in Trump Derangement Syndrome. Democrats seriously hoped that the storming of the American embassy in Baghdad would turn into Donald Trump’s Benghazi.

They also thought the impeachment hearings would unravel the Trump presidency, with the press as their propaganda arm.

The Left Is Throwing Away the 2020 Election

If they continue, the Democrats will run the risk of alienating the entire electorate. Not only will they lose 2020, but I believe that the Democrat Party identity will be irreparably damaged. There are just not enough Rose McGowans in this country that will choose to run and hide when confronted by our enemies.

I do not believe the American people want their leaders blamed for protecting the country against terrorists.  I don’t watch polls, but there has got to be a groundswell of support, similar to the groundswell that brought out the Republican voters during 2018. While it was too late to save the House, the GOP retained control of the Senate, where President Trump focused his campaign energies, and thanks in part to Democrat overreach in the Kavanaugh hearings. 

Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi is under a delusion about her constitutional role.  The Speaker of the House is impotent. She is not the co-ruler in chief. While there are three equal branches of government, each branch has been enumerated by the Constitution with specific responsibilities. 

Separation of Powers for a Reason

The Congress legislates, the courts interpret, and the Executive Branch executes the laws as written. As alluded to above, the president as head of the Executive Branch, not Congress, controls the military. The framers designed it that way for a reason. 

In war, decisions need to be made, and not focused-grouped or based on polls. Decisions cannot go back and forth for debate. During a time of war, they need to be made quickly, and that was why the founders sought to give that power to the chief executive of the country. 

Again, the commander in chief is in charge of the armed forces. All the speeches, the Michael Moore apologies, or the apologies made by by lawmakers in Congress will not change that. The president directs the armed forces, and the military is trained to follow his orders. Anything less is a court-martial offense, and justice in the military handled quickly. 

No whistle-blower will be heard until after the conflict is over.  What happened last summer with Ukraine will not be tolerated by the military.  We may not see it, but military court martials will happen. The President is in charge, and the chain of command is followed.

The Fake News Media Continues the Fakery

The press has spent the last three years disseminating false information to the people. This has forced American citizens to look elsewhere than the mainstream media for their news and data. 

The people have learned to get their information from other sources. Websites such as NRN will be relied upon to tell the truth. 

Iran clearly made the first move. That cannot be disputed. No matter how the press spins it, If they want to maintain any credibility, they had better start reporting the truth and not their opinion.  

Sending the MAGA Message

The American people at this point have a clear choice. In the age of social media, this can be done rather quickly.  They must compel their elected officials to stand up for our country. The voice of the governed must be expressed loud and clear. The people will need to make their voices heard. They need to march on their state capitals and on Washington, DC, and tell our leaders that they have had enough of the charade, and the coup against the governed must end now.

The people need to send the message to all that US citizens want their government back. We want the rhetoric to stop, and we need to stand behind our president. This is not a partisan fight; this is not a fight among siblings. At this point, we must unite as a country.

If the Democrats don’t stand down their impeachment charade, they will be done. They are now hamstrung. If they continue in this course of action and go against the good of the country, they will look weak. They will be risking losing everything at the ballot box in the next election, and for years to come.

However, there must be a clear message sent from the American people.  It must be loud enough for the world to hear. Like in the 1976 film Network, for lack of a better example, every American can shout from their window “I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take this anymore.”

We must support our commander in chief. Come November, we need to make sure that everyone who supports our country is voting. If not, we may be looking at a very bad result in 2021. 

I believe that the conservative right will win, and I am part of that team. Who is joining us?

Frank D'Onofrio
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