Identity Politics Fail: Homophobia on the Left

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Popular Anti-Trump Parody Site is Coming Under Fire for Being Anti-Gay

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There are few things as sacrosanct within the hierarchy of liberal policy as identity politics. Democrats and their ilk require the separation of peoples (with wedge words such as homophobia) to maintain their dubious hold on offices across the country. Woke “minorities” throughout the nation are realizing that the victim status granted to them by the Democrat Party is nothing more than an opiate for the masses. It is a tool for keeping them docile until they need to be used.

With the presidential election cycle in full swing, multiple minority groups have started a mass exodus from the Democrat Party because of the hypocrisy of the party of diversity having an “overly white” presidential slate. Now the self-destruction of the Democrat Party has taken a more dubious turn. They are attacking one of their core groups: homosexuals.

A New Target for the Democrat Party

Over the last 40 years, the liberal portion of the American political system has polarized the issue of homosexuality within the public space. By advocating for the most radical group among fetishists, pornographic entertainers and the QTIP community, the left has pulled a version of Trevor’s Axiom, forcing the religious right to take a virulently anti-gay stance. This is as opposed to a love thy neighbor approach.

As a result, this has caused screaming matches on both sides of the aisle as to whether the secular government should legislate morality. This dichotomy has paid off well for the Democrats, with approval ratings in the positive numbers in majority homosexual communities. However, throughout the course of this polarization, the homosexual community has often been the butt of the joke in elitist publications and leftist Hollywood.

Selective Hearing?

Whether the homosexual community is choosing to ignore these back-channel insults is up to them. However, when the insults come to light, then they almost have to take a stand, or their movement will be seen as a socio-political farce. Yesterday evening, one of the most popular anti-Trump pro-Democrat twitter accounts, the parody account of @RealDonaldTrFan posted the following:

“Dem candidate Pete Buttigieg is very attractive! With dreamy blue eyes! Bulging Muscles and Hot Body! I Can’t stop thinking about him! But Buttigieg is A Lier! He “says” he’s gay! He CAN’T be gay! Because if he was gay he’s say that I’m Attractive! Because I am. #Saturdaythoughts”

The irony of a “pro-homosexual” feed like @RealDonaldTrFan posting a tweet mocking an allegedly gay presidential candidate, is a slap in the face of a community that has been supporting him. Though I am not a member of their community, these types of slights are why many other minorities have changed their registration to either independent or Republican. The feeling is why support someone who thinks you are a joke.

It’s Not a Joke!

Offhanded jokes like this are the dividing line between liberal and conservative politics. Throughout the political sphere, we see that in conservative ideology if a person disagrees with you, they will tell you, discuss it (or argue with you), and then you can either still be friends or part ways. Within the liberal sphere we see competing ideologies working together to build “alliances,” which is a simple way to say that these necrosymbiotic relationships will last until one of the groups has enough power to stab another group in the back.

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With groups that are challenging their movement becoming more “core” to the Democratic Party, such as Radical Feminists, Alt-Islamic Groups and Neo-Socialist Groups who tolerate the LGB community and support fully the QTIP community (with the exception of the Alt-Islamic groups who barely tolerate any of them), the LGB community is being put on an island and most likely being set up as the scapegoat for this cycle’s failed Democratic campaigns (i.e. “Well if the gay community would not have been sulking about Mayor Pete not getting the nomination, we would have won.”#notmypresident).

Community Support a Must

As conservatives, we need to welcome conservatives in the LGB community into the political family. If you disagree with the morality of homosexuality then you do not have to support it, but forcing them to go to the other side (and likewise forcing them away from community support) simply perpetuates hate. One cannot support religious ideologies and support hate at the same time.

That type of hypocrisy lives within the liberal side of the aisle, not ours. If one of us follows Biblical teachings and believes that homosexuality is a sin, discuss it; even if both parties disagree and neither person changes stance- they do not have to hate each other over it. Hate is never a good thing. Hate the sin, love the sinner (if that is how you feel). It is love that helps people come together.

MAGA Means Everyone

To really make America great again, we need to take away the Democrat Party’s ability to depict us as the party of hate. Do not let the left force you to hate homosexuals, as no one should be hated. When we allow the liberal talking heads to tell us that we hate other people, then let them use that hate to divide us from our fellow Americans, we are letting them win.

Yes, the other side has work to do too, if the LGB community is going to come over to the Republican/Conservative side. Studies show that most homosexuals have a conservative economic policy, but someone has to make the first move. If it can be those of us who are straight, Christian, Conservatives taking the hate out of our lives and accepting other human beings politically, even while disagreeing with them morally, then I think that is a move that we should make to really MAGA.

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