How Democrats Really Feel About You

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SciFi: You Wake To Find You Are Deplorable!

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In 2016, you voted for Donald J. Trump as the next President.  You didn’t express it but you were one of the many that wanted a brand-new change.  One that wasn’t from a career politician. A guy who spoke about promising and delivering on those promises.  And your guy won.

The next thing you know, people from out of the woodwork all started vilifying you. You heard it from Hillary, who called you one of those “deplorables”. From that moment on, Democrat friends and co-workers all of a sudden turned up their entitled elitist noses at you. You didn’t realize that voting for a guy who offered policies that helped you out would be so detrimental to your friendships.

Then you turned on the news and it’s nonstop.  The economy is up. Immigration is being tackled and more people you know whether white, black, brown, Asian, straight, gay, male, female are all getting jobs. Median income spiked $5000 on average, even! So why is it that the media is continually telling you this President is a racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobe?

You just want to work, make the most of your money, keep your money, and live your life. Live with policies that are in fact working for you. Yet you’re now lumped in with that whole racist sexist phobic line, because of the accusations these people making against your President. Day-in and day-out, you hear it from everyone you’re around.

You hear it in church, at work, at the grocery store, the college campus (especially), and in the media.  It starts weighing on you till you snap and clap back. You feel good about it at first, but things get even more heated with your interpersonal relationships. At this point, you’ve been accused of so many things unjustly that it doesn’t make sense to fight back. You decide it doesn’t matter anymore.  Then, finally, you find a contingent of new friends, and a new sense of belonging with these other “deplorables”.

Don Lemon, Garbage Journalist

Then, a few days ago, you turn on CNN and find the worst journalist of the year, Don Lemon, revealing to you how he and his ilk truly feel. To call a person “trash” or “garbage” is a rather heavy statement to make towards someone.  The definition of garbage is waste material that is discarded by humans, usually due to a perceived lack of utility. Everyone for the most part has in fact some means of usefulness. Interpersonal relationships, community, connection points, love, and friendships are all necessary for personal growth and communal bonding with each other.  

If we have seen the habits of Don Lemon, he as a journalist is then garbage.  His career is definitely lacking any utility. Allegedly, the only reason why Lemon is on CNN is they want diversity, so they hired a gay black guy.  Of the latest Lemon debacle, he was seen with Wajahat Ali and former GOP strategist Rick Wilson. Wilson made a joke about how President Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map even if there was a U next to a picture of a crane. 

First of all, the joke wasn’t funny.  Second, Lemon was definitely being unprofessional.  Thirdly, who is Wajahat Ali?! Fourth, as they continued, it escalated, not just mocking and poking at Trump, but his voting base as well.  This was so egregious that it garnered some very interesting responses from Conservatives like Crowder and John Ward. Even the President responded. It is in fact rather telling that Lemon was so embarrassed by the President’s response that he needed to “clarify his behavior.”

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The Democrat Party Has a Bad Attitude

This is the attitude of the Democrat machine. If you do not get in line with them, they demonize you and call you “uneducated rubes”. If you don’t vote for their ways, you’re deplorable. You can choose what you want just so long as you choose from the choices they give to you. This is how the Left and the Democrat Party behave.

It’s as if the Left and the Democrats think of themselves as the parents of sick children in a world where the parents are the ones who are sick. They accuse us of being fascists by proxy, but instead they are the real fascists! Do what they want, or else! If you don’t, then well, you have the worst journalist of the year Don Lemon, laughing at you with his smug elitism! We all love being laughed at by an hypocritical gay black “journalist”!

A journalist who allegedly shoved his hands down his board-shorts, rubbed his genitals, and then shoved two fingers up a bartenders nose! One that apparently gets blackout drunk during New Years Eve telecasts! A journalist who apparently basically hates white men, has even called them terrorists. Inexplicably, he is planning to marry one.  

If the Democrats want to win in 2020 (and hopefully they will not), dissociation with CNN would be their best option! CNN is failing the DNC big time, which is especially apparent with Don Lemon. Lemon, embarrassingly for himself and for CNN, has provided a clear vision of how the Left really feels about everyday Americans who disagree with them. Alienating potential votes is not a good strategy, Don!

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