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Left-wing Ideology May Have Won the Battle, But Not the War

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For those who follow the Oriental calendar, the year 2020 will be the year of the Rat.  Many people, not only in the East but also in the West, celebrate the New Year in accordance with this 12-year Oriental calendar. Not in America, and not in 2020. The year 2020 in America will not be just the year of the next presidential election. This year will be the Boomerang Year for American Democrats (hat tip to @MikayesFiona).

Enter Demsheviks

Yes, we all know that modern American Democrats are practically Soviet-style communists. Let us call them Demsheviks. The Democrat Party of the USA is an anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-democratic party.

In the 19th century, the Democrat Party defended slavery, launched a civil war, founded the Ku Klux Klan.  In the 20th century, they transformed into a socialist party and fought against all basic acts in the field of civil rights and freedoms.  American Democrats are open enemies of not only America but Israel.  Nevertheless, these enemies have always been considered by us as smart, educated, fanatical, and therefore very dangerous and insidious.  Like the Communists of the Soviet Union, the American Democrats have always been a rather pragmatic party, a party that, in critical cases, is able to listen to the voice of reason.

However, in the last three years, the behavior of the Democrats is evidence that they have become corny stupid.  There are more than enough examples of this.

The Party of Stupid?

Who shouted the loudest on the eve of the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton has a 93 percent chance of winning? Democrats. The reality being, of course, Trump won. It was foolish to make such statements, right?

Who shouted the loudest that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? Democrats. What have they done for this? Nothing.  However, when Trump moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Democrats angrily condemned him, and not a single Democrat came to the embassy opening.  Stupid, isn’t it?

Who shouted the loudest that Trump’s tax policy would lead to the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, an economic crisis, and unheard-of unemployment? Democrats. As a result of Trump’s economic policies, the exchange is breaking records, and unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years. Silly-looking Democrats, right?

Who shouted the loudest that Trump is Putin’s puppet? Democrats. They even investigated this “Russiangate,” as a result of which it was once again revealed that the one who laughs last is laughing well. Democrats look stupid again, right?

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Who shouted the loudest that the withdrawal of American troops from northern Syria is a betrayal of the Kurds? Democrats. They even passed a congressional resolution condemning Trump’s decision. But then it turned out that the Trump administration invented this “withdrawal” in order to lure the head of the Islamic Caliphate out of his lair and provide him with the opportunity to move to the territory where there are supposedly no American troops.  As a result, the head of the Caliphate al-Baghdadi is no longer alive, and the Democrats again look stupid.

The latest information from the impeachment front is an excellent illustration of the political degeneratism of the demisheviks on an especially large scale. From the point of view of the demsheviks, Donald Trump committed a terrible crime – he dared to win the 2016 election. Therefore, the House of Representatives, where the majority belongs to the demsheviks, impeached him.

Clumsy Impeachment

Did the House of Representatives have the right to impeach Trump? Yes, it did. Under the US Constitution, impeachment that occurs in the House of Representatives, generally speaking, does not require a clear violation of any particular law, because impeachment is a political process, not a legal one. However, the trial of the president, which is held by the Senate after impeachment, in contrast to the House of Representatives, mandates a specific violation of the federal law.

Therefore, formally, the House of Representatives can impeach the president, that is – produce a vote of no confidence, just like that, without any formal violation of the law. For example, for improperly parking your car, or simply because he is red.

It seems strange, but the Founding Fathers thought through everything to the smallest detail. They established a two-phase, asymmetric procedure – first declaring impeachment in the House of Representatives, in which no formal violation of the law is required, and only then – the trial of the president in the Senate, where formal violation of the law is just what is required. 

The US Constitution provides the House of Representatives with ample scope for impeachment, but these broad powers rest in the narrow scope of the Senate court proceedings.

Are Democrats That Stupid?

Did the Democrats know that the announcement of impeachment to Trump does not mean that Trump will leave the White House? They knew. Did the Democrats know that the announcement of impeachment to Trump will meet fierce resistance in the Senate? They knew. Did the Democrats know that the majority in the Senate belongs to the Republicans? They knew. Did the Democrats know that the Senate is guaranteed to acquit Trump? They knew.

Did the Democrats know that the trial of the president in the Senate would drag on for several months, and deprive the possibility of Democrat senators to participate in the primaries? They knew. So why the hell did the Democrats start this whole farce with impeachment that would not have any negative consequences for Trump?

What? Again the stupidity of the American Democrats is manifested? More proof of their political shortsightedness? These are all the symptoms of political degeneratism.  Well, they are just dumb, but not so much!

Party of Permanent Political Blackmail

I had to spend a lot of time analyzing this question.  I refused to accept on faith that our ideological opponents somehow very suspiciously quickly turned into a herd of brainless rams.

The first clue flashed when the Republicans demanded (on completely legal grounds) that they should be allowed one day of hearings in the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives. The fact is that according to the rules of the House, an opposition party has the right to one exclusive day of hearings in any committee before the final vote on any issue. This is done in order to enable the opposition to be heard.

However, they were denied.  The chairman of the Judicial Committee, demshevik Nadler, refused the Republicans on the grounds that the Republicans will receive their exclusive hearing day.  Not now, but then, after impeachment. What is it? Another manifestation of political idiocy? Is it really incomprehensible that you don’t wave your fists after the fight? Who needs impeachment hearings after impeachment has already been announced?

Nancy Pelosi herself provided the second clue.  She stated that she is not going to refer the Trump impeachment case to the Senate.  At least for now.  Perhaps she will transfer in mid-January next year.  So, demsheviks will initiate the trial of Trump on their own time.  In the meantime, they let President Trump live in limbo. And here’s the answer:

Demsheviks came up with a new, previously unheard of method of political blackmail – permanent impeachment.

In fact, Republicans will eventually be given the right to separate one-day hearings in the Judicial Committee, because from now on there will be many impeachments.  Recall that the Democrats have already tried several times to impeach Trump, for example, for “disrespectful attitude to the press,” and for “repealing the President Obama order on joint transgender bathrooms,” and for other, no less ridiculous reasons.

The Political Rubicon

The House of Representatives, under the leadership of Pelosi, will turn into a Perpetuum mobile for the production of numerous impeachments of Trump. But most, if not all, of these future impeachments, will never reach the Senate. In other words, the Democrats’ strategy, which is contrary to the Constitution, is to ensure that the trial of Trump in the Senate does not take place, and thus Trump does not get what he counts on – an acquittal. As conceived by the demsheviks, these numerous impeachments will hang over Trump, like Damocles swords.

What does the weasel population of the Washington swamp hope for? Do they hope Trump resigns? That will not happen – the Congress rating is currently half that of President Trump. Do they hope this helps the Democrat candidate win the presidential election against Trump? That will not happen either – impeachment made Trump’s election campaign only more effective (the first night after impeachment, donations to the Trump campaign broke all records, and his rating increased).

Do they hope that some of the Republicans betray Trump and switch to the Democrats? That did not happen. On the contrary, one of the congressmen in protest against the impeachment left the party of the demsheviks and became a Republican. Perhaps, for the first time in US history, a congressman left the majority party and joined the minority party.

Recall the Nixon epic – he was seriously aged by 1974 (the Watergate case lasted three years). Clinton looked so terrible during the impeachment of 1999 (his case lasted for two years) that it was even a pity to look at him. The clumsy and unconvincing process of impeaching Trump lasted only three months, and Trump does not look like either Nixon or Clinton at all – he is cheerful, energetic, and continues to troll the demsheviks.

On December 18, 2019, on Joseph Stalin’s birthday, the Democrats impeached President Trump, and thus stepped over the political Rubicon.

But their efforts are in vain.  Behind the Rubicon is a politically unchartered territory where boomerangs, launched by permanent impeachment, fly permanently.  Adherents of the left-wing, socialist ideology won this battle but lost the war.  Adherents of the right-wing, conservative ideology lost this battle but won the war for the US Constitution. Welcome to 2020 – the year of the sunset of the Demsheviks, the Year of the Boomerang.

Gary Gindler
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