The Curious Case of Jussie Smollett

The Legend of the MAGA Hate Crime

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So, lets start here. Legend has it Jussie Smollett (‘star’ of the ‘hit’ Fox series Empire) was out for a stroll in -20 weather in THE WINDY CITY itself, at two in the morning. A time of day most midwesterners avoid being awake at. So he proceeds to the local Subway not too far from his hotel. On one of the very few video cameras (only 35 thousand) available, we see Jussie in Subway in hot pursuit of his sammich.

The story goes that Jussie (in -20F polar vortex weather no sane midwesterner would be out in) takes his sammich and goes strolling in one of the most dangerous liberal cities in America at 2 am (typically dark as pitch in the midwest) on his way to his hotel. What supposedly happens next would be chilling if it were not staged.

This Is MAGA Country!

According to Jussie, two white men (apparently as dumb as he is, considering he should not have known their race if they were dressed appropriately.) were lying in wait for him. See, he is so famous (I had to google him) they knew who he was even though he was covered from head to toe in winter garb (we hope). So they scream “It’s that (insert epithet here) from Empire!” and “This is MAGA country!”

In Chicago. At two in the morning. During a polar vortex. They started hitting him in the face, tossed a noose around his neck, and poured bleach all over him. Here is a photo to prove it!

Bodybuilders arrested for Jussie Smollett attack work out ...
Courtesy of Daily Mail.

He looks beat down, doesn’t he? This picture should get folks asking a LOT more questions than they actually did. It is probably one reason the Chicago Police decided to take all the time they needed to flesh this out. Look at what you do not see. There is no injury to his nose. Nor is there one to his mouth.

HIs chocolate eyes are perfectly normal. There is merely one tiny scratch on his right cheek just under his eye, and one tiny scratch on his left cheekbone right under his temple. There are no bruises, nor is there any rope burn. The amazingly good shape the actor was in following his harrowing experience wasn’t the only thing that stuns about this case.

The Amazing, Magical Subway Sammich

The Subway Sammich came through completely unharmed, as we see in the only other video involving Smollett in this sparingly surveiled area. The man should have used that thing as a club, since it is that indestructable. This is one of the things that had people who possess a modicum of common sense to start scratching their heads.

Here is Smollett with his sammich. He is jumped, shoved to the ground, had people hitting him in the face. In addition, they managed to slip a noose around his neck and pour bleach on him. But he didn’t let go of that sammich. In fact, when we see him in the lobby of the hotel, that sammich is intact and bleach free. Still not the strangest thing about this whole debacle.

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For arguably the strangest thing, folks may wish to take a look at the two ‘White Supremacists’ who ‘attacked’ the poor marginalized minority gay dude. Brace yourselves, because this will shock you.

Holy Smoking Dumpster Fire Batman!

Those are two of the blackest White Supremacists I have ever seen. It’s pretty bad in LeftyLoonieTown nowadays, guys. They have to resort to hiring Nigerians to oppress them, because they can’t find any good racist Americans to do so. This should remind people of the many crimes that have been attributed to white people at first, and then it is revealed the purp is actually black.

Whether these brothers can properly be labeled purps or not, we can see that they are involved. They said they were involved in it themselves. They produced things that proved they were planning and orchestrating this hoax with Jussie. However, others may find this next fact more baffling.

That one equally weird thing is the deplorably under surveiled area. There are only 35 thousand public and private cameras on scene. They were all examined. Hours and hours of footage were combed through.

Not one of them caught the attack, the attackers, the actor, or the sammich, in any situation matching the story Smollett told police. Add to that this one curious fact: Just 8 days beforehand, a letter was sent to Fox in which there were several homophobic slurs and death threats addressed to the actor himself. All in letters cut out of a magazine.

The Police Come a Knockin’

Guess what they find in the appartment of the two Nigerian White Supremacists? Magazines with pages missing. Not to mention copious amounts of bleach, a black ski mask and a red hat. There is also a receipt from the local #CraftyBeaver (LOL) hardware store that matched up to the rope around Smolletts neck. Movie props are a tax write-off, dontcha know.

It can now be conclusively proven that the rope police found around Smollett’s neck was purchased by Smollett’s two cohorts. And there is now evidence that Smollett and the two actors he paid rehearsed the whole thing beforehand. The legal term for that used to be premeditation. From the New York Times:

“We do not yet know the full truth of what happened on that night in January. But on Saturday, local law enforcement sources told CNN that investigators now believed that Mr. Smollett paid two acquaintances to stage the attack. Chicago authorities told a local CBS television affiliate that the acquaintances, brothers who appeared as extras on ‘Empire,’ had even rehearsed the attack with Mr. Smollett.”

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

The two men who helped Smollett had no idea why they were persons of interest to the Chicago police. Why? They were friends of Smollett’s who worked with him on the set of Empire. They thought everything was copacetic between themselves and Smollett.

However, Smollett’s newest statement claims the actor is “angered and devastated” to learn these two men played a role in the ‘attack’ on his beautiful, gentle soul. Now the Police want to talk to Jussie… again. This time, he has some explaining to do. Also, he may just be doing 3 years in Stateville.

But Jussie doesn’t want to talk to Police. Well, no one in their right mind (Stop laughing) would. They have him for filing a false report in the very least. That is a three year stint. However, if Trump supporters have any say at all in it, there would also be hate crimes attached to it.

The Fallout

Did you catch that? Jussie Smollett believed the police would find some type of footage from some camera of two innocent white men. He was all in for prosecuting two innocent bystanders who had lives of their own to live. Then he found out the police are not dumb as he believed them to be. When he found out they had the RIGHT men, he refused to press charges.

Many are trying as hard as they can to defuse the amped up tension in the real world, while Smollett plays at victimhood

The definition of a hate crime is a crime committed against a person or a group of people specifically driven by a bias against them. Such as being black, or being gay…. Or white. Furthermore, there is no exception in the dictionary when it comes to racism. It is hatred of and disdain for a person of a different race.

What seems to have happened here is that the people who were peddling hate against blacks and gays have suddenly turned into the people peddling hate against whites and heterosexuals. And men. So as white people finish successfully weeding out racism in their ranks, the peddlers switch groups.

The Reality

During the investigation into the Smollett hoax, there was a one year old baby boy somewhere in Chicago on life support after being shot in the head twice. Raise your hand if you knew. You didn’t know, because ‘journalists’ were chasing hate hoaxes.

They have as of yet to find the man or men who shot at the car the baby was sitting in. Because the police were set up to be humiliated by Jussie Smollett. This is yet another attack by the left on law enforcement. Smollett’s motives may be unclear to those in D.C. and Hollyweird, but one needs only to check his Twitter account to find one.

Shut the Hell Up You B**** A** N*****

Jussie Smollett hates the President of the United States, y’all. Is it not weird to read such hate from such a loving, gentle person? Of course, to hear the left tell it, Trump is deserving of the hate, and so are his supporters. Because the media says so.

Not a good look for Lizzo. However, this is a perfect example of the reality of the repercussions of Smollett’s hoax. People who cannot control their emotions and haven’t had to use critical thinking skills in years have a bad habit of engaging in violence. Smollett put countless lives on the line for his one day in the sun.

Helter Skelter

Remember Charlie Manson? Remember the reason he brainwashed people into murdering others and smearing racial epithets and other divisive jargon on their walls in their own blood? Charlie Manson wanted a race war. This is what we see here. Jussie Smollett did not care that what he was doing had the potential to ruin the lives of the hapless souls caught in his hoax.

He cared that this would further divide America, splitting it up into marginalized versus MAGA. The whole idea was to get the thugs on the streets who have been rioting about nothing for two years to riot on his behalf. He really could have started a race war, and no smart person should rule out the possibility of that being his exact goal.

One thing that hits home for a lot of people is the fact that there are real victims of hate crimes nationwide. These people are already very afraid to come forward due to possible retaliation and a deep seeded belief they wouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. Jussie Smollett just made it a hundred times worse.

Will He Be Punished?

So much could be said about the Smollett case. This article could easily be it’s own series. But for the sake of avoiding droning on and on, a few closing thoughts for you. There are many good threads on the Jussie Smollett Hoax. I suggest reading them. Start with this one:

Many are trying as hard as they can to defuse the amped up tension in the real world, while Smollett plays at victimhood. Maybe that is one thing about Hollyweird. It desensitizes those in it’s reach. Jussie Smollett is used to everything being an act.

Smollett can portray any character he wishes, and there are no repercussions. He can act out any scene he wants and no one gets hurt. He does not live in the real world. Therefore he is detached to the point of sociopathy. He can not empathize with his victims.

All of them. From white male Trump supporters, to the LGBTQ community, to the Black community. The scope of Smollett’s reach enables him to victimize millions. He, however, is too indoctrinated by the media, and too radicalized to understand that.

There are many people out there who believe Smollett will never be charged. They see it every day. There are plenty of things like this happening, and at worse the purpetrators get a slap on the hand. True justice hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Maybe Chicago can change this troubling trend.

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