The New Slavery: 3 Reasons Democrats Don’t Want to Deport Illegal Aliens

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“Section 1.  The Secretary of Defense, or the Secretary of each relevant military department, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, shall order as many units or members of the Ready Reserve to active duty as the Secretary concerned, in the Secretary’s discretion, determines to be appropriate to assist and support the activities of the Secretary of Homeland Security at the southern border.

Section 2.  The Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and, subject to the discretion of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of the military departments, shall take all appropriate actions, consistent with applicable law, to use or support the use of the authorities herein invoked, including, if necessary, the transfer and acceptance of jurisdiction over border lands.” – Declaration of National Emergency, President Donald J. Trump (Feb. 15, 2019)

The Scope of America’s National Emergency

Illegal immigration is a national emergency for the United States. We know that nearly 1.55 million pounds of illegal drugs are seized each year crossing the southern border of the United States and that the drug dealers are caught at ports of entry. While the majority of drug dealers that we catch try to move drugs through ports and checkpoints, millions of pounds of drugs are smuggled into the United States across areas of the border that are not walled and sparsely patrolled.

Dozens of news sites suggest that because “most drugs come through ports of entry, we do not need a wall.” They ignore the fact that just because most crime is in a specific area does not mean we should do nothing in the other areas still affected by crime. 

Additionally, diseases thought to be wiped out in the United States like measles, mumps and whooping cough are making a comeback. Though liberal news outlets try to blame it mostly on the anti-vax movement (which is problematic), insufficient immunity, drug resistance and climate change, they refuse to address the millions of white elephants in the room– all the areas with major outbreaks are sanctuary cities or sanctuary states (California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York City and Baltimore). But, the biggest reason that illegal immigration is a national emergency, specifically at the southern border, is the humanitarian crisis it is creating. Democrats are maintaining our broken system of entry because it allows for the new slavery to exist.

The Democrat party needs illegal immigration to survive.

The Democrat party needs illegal immigration to survive. The fruit lobby donates $3 to $5 million each year to politicians, an industry that says they ‘need’ cheap labor to maintain their cost effectiveness. The textile lobby, another industry that relies on cheap labor, donates millions to politicians on both sides of the aisle each year to keep cheap labor flowing into the factories. The tourism industry, you guessed it, another industry known for hiring illegal workers, tops the list in this area with over $14 million being given to political causes alone.

While pundits around the country can argue that much of our illegal immigration problem comes from people overstaying their VISAs, the truth of the matter is the people who are being abused the most, the real humanitarian crisis, are people from poor Central American and African nations coming to the United States by the southern border. To deal with this humanitarian crisis, we need to shut off the sign that says ‘free stuff’ in the United States and also take off the blinders and deal with businesses oppressing the rights of these illegal migrants.

Three Reasons the Democrats Perpetuate Criminal Illegal Aliens in America

Slavery in the United States was allowed to exist because of several ‘social conventions’ that slave owners in the South maintained. The only way something as evil as slavery could exist is if there is some form of cognitive dissonance that prevents people from standing up for what is right. In the case of the new slavery, there are three key reasons that we have not put an end to which contribute to this process. The process that is devastating the economy, costing the taxpayers billions while allowing drugs and disease into our country in endemic proportions.  

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1. Maintain Control Through Politically Correct Culture

The first reason that we do not want to talk about illegal immigration is the Politically Correct (PC) culture. The PC culture has been around a lot longer than people like to give it credit for, mainly because liberal institutions like the public schools push back the ‘start date’ every few years.

First, the PC culture started in the 1920s when we realized what Hitler was doing to the Jews was evil. Next, the PC culture ‘start’ was moved to the 1960s because we could not give ‘the old white men’ of the 1920s credit for protecting minorities. The ‘start’ of the PC movement was later moved to the 1990s because the people of the 1960s were not including some of the newly formed political ‘identity politics groups’ that the Democrats needed to garner votes in the elections.

Now, they are talking about how the PC movement got its ‘start’ in the 2000s when, supposedly, the Democrats fought back against the ‘racism’ of the Republican Party in the 9/11 aftermath. The truth is that the PC movement has been a tool of the Democrat party since its inception, but the PC movement did not really get going strong until slavery.

During the pre-Civil War South, it was politically incorrect for a white person to come out against slavery, and, it was a crime for a black person to do the same. We even see the term ‘PC lynch mob’ which got its name from actual PC lynch mobs that lynched thousands of whites and blacks who were speaking out for Civil Rights before Civil Rights were even a national issue.

In the modern era, the Democrats are using the same techniques to silence people who speak out about the abject abuses of illegal migrants. In the Trump era, those who are standing up for the rights of (legal) immigrants are criticized as ‘racist’ because they stand with the Latino community in the United States. People whose families took years to come the the United States legally should not be discounted because of the Democrats’ need for voters as more and more people are awakening to the voter fraud that goes on in heavily Democrat areas. 

By belittling people for their belief that the rule of law should be followed, the Democrats can place the title of ‘racist’ on a person, potentially ruining their career, their personal life and their finances. The truth is the best way to help the people coming across the border illegally is to repair the legal immigration process so that those who exploit illegal migrants: coyotes, drug cartels, the democrat party; can no longer trade a person’s rights for residency.

Much like in the pre-Civil War South, the Democrats are using the court of public opinion and their control of the media/industrial complex to tell people what is an acceptable opinion and what is not.

2. Keep Slavery-like Low Wages

The second issue we need to address is that the Party clamoring for a ‘living wage’ across the country is also the Party saying that fruit growers, hotels and the textile industry need ‘cheap labor.’ This is truly a Janus situation where the Democrat party is speaking out of both sides of their faces at once.

On one hand, Party leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are clamoring that the minimum wage should be as high as $30/hour. The Party’s more moderate wing and old guard are struggling to curry favor with their industry lobbyists who need the $1.21 slave wages that illegal migrants are being paid. 

If you account for food and shelter that slaves were given in the South, the wages of slavery (adjusted for inflation) were around $2.13/ hour! This is under what prisoners who are in work programs make which is a job that includes free room, board, medical care and education. When illegal migrants are being paid less than prisoners and less than the adjusted rate for ‘slave wages’ we have a major case of exploitation that needs to be brought to an end.

Most illegal migrants from the southern border do not cross the border alone. They are helped across by coyotes and drug dealers, who are not providing these services free of charge. Like the slavers of the age of slavery, coyotes and drug dealers are some of the worst people in the world.

One in three women are sexually assaulted in the migrant caravans coming to the United States. This number is thought to be even higher for the children traveling along with the caravans. For the people who do willingly come to the United States, it generally costs them their life savings to pay the coyote to transport them across the border, or they may be forced to smuggle drugs (like cocaine, fentanyl and heroin) across the border for the help of drug dealers.

Even worse are the children stolen from their families, sexually abused and then used as ‘props’ so vehicles crossing at points of entry look like families rather than just individuals, who are more likely to get searched. Just like the slavers of old, the coyotes and drug dealers use the people coming across the borders as tools for their own personal profit, which is something we stopped in this country over a century ago– but now due to lax immigration enforcement, we need to deal with again.

3. Increase Democrat Congressional Seats

The third reason the Democrats want to keep illegal aliens in America is to continue the foreign interference on American elections and the American political process. Democrat politicians have a vested interest in the sanctuary policy because these abused people are creating jobs for them. Since all of the sanctuary states have a Democrat majority, the illegal migrants coming into the states are used for congressional apportionment.

In California alone, it is estimated that nine congressional seats have been created because of the illegal migrant population. This means that just like the coyotes and the drug runners, some politicians rely on illegal immigration to keep their numbers up, so that they can keep their job. Without the illegal immigration, nine Democrats from California and dozens across the rest of the country would need to step down after the next census.

America Must Take Action

This article started with an excerpt from the Declaration of National Emergency by President Trump. In this passage, it notes that the president has used his Constitutional authority as Commander in Chief to order the military to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in dealing with the problem of illegal immigration.

If the DHS is serious about dealing with the problem of illegal immigration, they should activate the reserves, have the military arrest the illegal migrants in this country that have committed a crime and then allow military members who are experienced on tribunals to assist the immigration judges in ruling on deportation measures.

Angel Families Prove the Severe Problem of Criminal Illegal Aliens

There are thousands of Angel Families out there who have lost a loved one because of illegal immigration. Now is the time to end this new slavery and quit giving rights to criminal illegal migrants that they are denying to American citizens.

Each Angel Family has a family member that was denied their right to live in the United States by an illegal migrant. While we are willing to have mercy on these people, we are not willing to give them the right that they took away from another person and allow them to stay in the United States.

So, while Speaker Pelosi rambles on about how a wall is immoral, please do not forget that her seat is one of the seats supported by the surplus population of illegal migrants in California. Do not forget that she has a vested interest in keeping the numbers up so that she does not have to fight for a redistricted seat.

Do not forget that the tired arguments she is making from the highest seat in Congress, as Speaker of the House, are the same arguments made nearly 150 years ago by slave owners and Southern Democrats who said ‘mind your business, do what we tell you and if you disagree with us, you are the problem, not the evil in this world.’

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