Exclusive: Juvenile Immigration Worker Breaks the Truth on the Border

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Government Insider Speaks Up on the Burden of Illegal Alien Juveniles

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For confidentiality and the sake of the individual’s safety, we will give the person interviewed the alias Andrea Romero. She works for a government agency which assimilates asylum seekers and illegal alien juveniles into America’s welfare system and schools. Her identity shall remain anonymous at the individual’s request. The following are excerpts taken from NRN’s exclusive interview with Romero.

Americans Wait Longer to Adopt Children

Of the individuals who go through the juvenile immigration system, 60% are those within weeks of ageing out. They’re children, but just barely. Romero states, “Their files are all identical. All that changes is a name and an age. They have the exact same story with the exact same exhibits.”

Illegals just come pouring in. There is far more than just a steady trickle coming through in some places.

From this information, it can be concluded that the files they have on Special Immigrant cases are copied and republished. Exhibits are literally downloaded off the internet. That is perfectly legal. Because of the timing of these cases, people who actually pay for adoption services find their court cases regularly postponed.

American citizens trying to adopt and build their families (trying to give a home to American children, or adopting from overseas) are having their cases pushed back in order to facilitate child immigrants being processed through the system before they age out. Things are increasingly problematic, as there are so many steps needed, workers feel overwhelmed. Her department follows federal guidelines “even though they know the guidelines are screwed up.”

What ends up happening- a lot is that these kids who enter under Special Immigration Status, end up on a completely different court docket, two or so months later. Mostly due to gang violence, these kids waste no time racking up charges like rape, molestation, and illegal handguns. A lot of it is family on family. So they are no better off now than when they were in their home country.

Many American School Children Do Poorly in School

“They bring the culture with them, make no effort to integrate, and years later they’re still coming in here and they don’t know a lick of English.” says Romero. She finds that so much of the time they don’t do things for themselves because they are too used to being catered to. This poses a great burden and stress for America’s black community, she says.

“Black children so often are from broken homes,” she says, “so they’re already in a bad situation. Then when they go to school, the teachers are too busy catering to immigrants who won’t learn English. Immigrant students arrive too old to be in ESL, in which they are taught in Spanish how to speak English”

So much time is spent accommodating foreigners that American children across the country are being left behind.

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Flooding Prison System: From Illegal Entry to Organized Crime

Romero argues in favor of a barrier along our southern border. She knows first-hand the trouble, burden and enormous complications that illegal border crossings cause Americans.

“Illegals just come pouring in. There is far more than just a steady trickle coming through in some places.” She says, “the wall may not stop them all, but it will slow them down enough to allow border agents time to grab them.”

Romero wants Americans to know that although some people feel compassion for these children, the stark reality is in huge contrast to the picture currently painted by the Democrats.

She states: “Most of these children go straight from Special Immigration Status to Juvenile Offender in no time at all.”

These ‘kid’ illegal migrants get juvenile offenses, with juvenile consequences, then age out and continue a life of crime. This means now there are 21-year-old criminals walking the streets with no other life prospects.

There is an imperative need for improved border security and a reformed immigration plan that works.

Immigrants are being put before American children- in adoption, education and now even security. This is a frightening image of the potential future of our country and just one facet of our broken immigration system.

This article was updated on 2-19-2019 at 3:00 pm est. An earlier version stated adoption cases were being dismissed. They are being postponed.

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